Move: Complete!

I type this blog, while sitting in our new master bedroom (master suite as I like to call it–it just sounds fancy), listening to the soft rain on the garage roof, content as my 3 little people sleep soundly in the room next to us.  Just perfect…..

Now let’s step into the reality of what actually is at the project house, AKA Maple Street Estate, as of now.

I’ll start at the beginning.

3 weeks ago I coincidentally ran into a post on facebook in a local group of a family looking for a home to *rent* in Cedar county.  They came and looked, we liked them, they signed a lease. Awesome! Our home is rented out to a nice family and our prayers have been answered. We can now move into our new house! (ie the Maple Street Estate, as we like to call it).  Just one little problem; they need to be in before the end of September, and our  it’s still majorly under construction!  The 2nd floor of the home was 1 step from being 100% done, but the rest was a work in progress, to say the least.

2 weeks ago I frantically started packing, moving things into our massive 3+ car garage/shed at the new house. We could not move anything into the house yet due to the construction.

1 0 days ago the drywallers began hanging drywall.

7 days ago the drywall finishers arrived and began taping, mudding, texturing and priming the first floor of the house. We have done mostly all of the work ourselves and with some very talented family members, but we decided to hire this out due to the *ahem* time constraint.

5 days ago the carpet layers arrived, and had a showdown with the drywall finishers, who were both trying to complete a job simultaneously; one very messy, one not messy at all.  By the end of the day they had the drywall finished in the first floor and the carpet installed in the 2nd floor.  The 2nd floor was now move-in ready.

3 days ago we moved the remainder of our home into the garage and 2nd floor of the house.

2 days ago we gave the renters the keys to the old house and said goodbye to our house of memories. We were completely moved out. WE MADE IT.

So reality is this:  I sit in my newly remodeled master bedroom, with a heap of clothes in the one half of the room because we don’t have a clothes washer hooked up yet, although we have 3 possible hookups in the house, 1 on each floor. (side note, I LOVE our master bedroom/bath/closet! We have never had anything like this before!)  The rain is tapping on the roof of the garage that is full to the brim of our stuff, lumber, drywall. We have a makeshift kitchen as of now that includes a refrigerator, utility sink, crock pot and microwave. (side note, you have to switch out the extension cord to run the crock pot vs the microwave–just fyi). The kids are actually sleeping soundly in the room next to me. The kids will be the first to tell you that you have to wear your shoes on the first floor, but take them off if you step one foot on the new carpet beginning at the base of the stairs.  I cannot find much of anything.

Half of my current kitchen. Notice the carpet remnants covering the plywood  and lovely halogen lights ;)

Half of my current kitchen. Notice the carpet remnants covering the plywood and lovely halogen lights 😉

We still have a ton of work to do in the house.  We are hoping to get the downstairs painted this weekend so the electricians can return to finish the wiring job and we will hopefully have working outlets, switches, and lights/fans by the end of next week. After that will be getting the kitchen a bit more, modern?, shall we say, and getting the first floor hardwood floors figured out. One step at a time.  There are a LOT of steps to be done, but it’s a home that is going to be great for us!

It’s a mess. It’s an adventure. It’s a lot of work.

As Lucy said a few days ago, out of the blue, “Mom! This is a GREAT house!!!”

Agreed, Miss L. Agreed.

-The {remodeling} Costellos





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