Maple Street Estate Update: Getting there!

View from the landing of the stairs; don't mind the 5 year old rolling up carpet...

View from the landing of the stairs; don’t mind the 3 and 5 year old rolling up carpet, that’s their stage…

So we have some floor! The wood floor we chose to install was a bit more complicated and timely than originally planned (what isn’t?), so it has taken a lot longer than we had planned (again, what doesn’t?).  Of course you have to *nail* every board every 4-6 inches with a pneumatic nailer and lay each piece one by one by one and painstakingly make sure they are not even 1/8 in off……..but hey – it looks nice, right? We don’t yet have any living room furniture as we got rid of what we had at the other house, so the kids love having all the open space to play tag, run races, or play soccer. We may/may not have family indoor soccer matches a few nights a week. So far, so good 😉  We still have about 2/3 of the kitchen to go.  It’s getting there!

The electricians came 2 weeks ago and gave us light! I cannot tell you what a difference this has mad in the functionality of our house! Yes, we have a fully functioning upstairs, but downstairs we had a lot of dropcords and lamps working. It was a bit of a hazard with 3 littles.  We still need to buy/install the light for above the island, but that may be awhile. The one we have picked out is a bit on the over-priced side….but isn’t it sweet?!  One can adjust the height using the ropes and pulleys by the handle on the bottom.  I’m just hoping the kids don’t figure out how to swing from it.

Farmhouse 44" Kitchen Island Light Fixture - Adjustable Pulley Pendant Fixture

A glimpse of some of the lighting

A glimpse of some of the lighting

And a bit more

And a bit more

We also have 6 cupboards in, with many more to be added. These have also made a big difference in the functionality of the house. The kids were getting into everything before the cupboards were installed. I had few places to keep kitchen things and many ended up in totes on the floor = play kitchen for kids.  It’s much better now 🙂  The lower cabinets are in progress.

This past weekend we had a huge house breakthrough. Get ready for it…..WE CLEANED THE GARAGE. I know, epic, right?  Well, it was.  When we first moved in, we put almost all of our belongings in our 3+ car garage due to the remodel and whatnot. It was stuffed, to the point that you had to walk the perimeter and finding anything was like a needle in a haystack.  My rule is that nothing comes into the house until it has a place to go, so there’s still a ton of stuff out there.  So Saturday, while J and L were staining cabinets, myself, G and A took to the garage. J and I decided that we did not need the majority of the stuff that was in that garage. After all, we have gone 5 months without it, and did just fine. We ended up keeping about 1/3 of it, the rest was taken to either a consignment shop or Goodwill.  A few things were put out for trash pickup.  So much less STUFF.  The best part? I can park my Expedition inside now and won’t have to scrape windows any more! Yes!

In other Costello news;

Gabriel and Lucy are loving school, after finally getting back into the groove after 3+ weeks off at Christmastime due to inclement weather.  Hard to believe that their school year is half over! Amelia is walking and climbing stairs like nobody’s business, and continues to scream for approximately 50% of the day, to express any emotion that she has (ie: happy, sad, angry, excited, to get your attention, laugh, need/want something, yell at a sibling, chocolate in sight).  She is getting closer to saying a few words, such as ‘yes’ and ‘hot’ and ‘mama’ (not all together 😉 ), and she’s so darn cute.  I realize how much we have all tuned out the screaming when we go places and we get a lot of looks and people covering their ears. Ha! Oh well! The Costello’s make a presence! Is it a bad sign when your 14 month old sings lyrics to “Let it Go”?  L starts ballet again this weekend and G will do spring soccer come April. The one kids activity at a time seems to be working well for us, so we are sticking to it. L is already planning her birthday party for April, and I’m pretty sure the tri-county area will be invited if she has her way. J is coaching basketball at his school this winter (although he’s never played a day in his life), I’m finally resuming attendance with my monthly book club, as well as beginning volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center (something I’ve felt called to do for a long time).  L got the green light at her last orthopedist appointment to do whatever she wants with the arm, including monkey bars, to her delight. We will go back in 3 months to look at it again.  G did amazing at the dentist this past week (so did L), but he has never had a successful trip to the dentist prior to this one. Hooray for a bit of maturity!

He did so well!

He did so great!


Selfie in the library bathroom!

Selfie in the library bathroom!

Have a great week!

-The {busy}  Costello’s