Dear Amelia;


Dear Amelia;

Well, we are all bunkered down for the ‘Snowpocalypse 2015’.  We ran around and did errands this morning and now due to numerous cancellations due to impending weather, we have nowhere to be until 8am Monday morning. Ahhh, bliss. I kinda like snowstorms!

You are asleep in your crib upstairs while the rest of us are watching a movie.  Tonight, for the first time ever, you didn’t want to be rocked to sleep.  I have mixed emotions about this.  My lap and arms felt empty, but it did leave me some free time to write this blog. Lucy as usual has been cuddly and is on my lap.  Very unusual for you, and I hope you still like to rock to sleep some nights  🙂

In getting some things crossed off my to-do list today, (one of which was hanging kids pictures around the house), I realized that you have not had any professional pictures taken since 6 months old.  You are 14+ months and I haven’t even had your 1 year pictures done.  No wonder third children area always feeling jipped!  I did get around to buying you a picture outfit and shoes today which are super cute! You ran away from me at least 6 times in the store today.  I’m sorry I missed your 9 and 12 month pictures 😦

I am so interested and excited to see how your personality forms.  So far, you know how to work it.  You always seem to get what you want. G and L love to make you happy.  You love people but are shy sometimes. You do not like to be alone, probably because you never have been. You even sleep with 2 others in your room! You love to sing.  You are getting very good at picking up and love to put things where they go. On the contrary, you also love to pull anything and everything out of it’s place.

You love chocolate and I do too.  You are definitely my daughter.

Thank you for being a better sleeper! At 14 months you seem to have a better handle on the whole thing.  After 12.5 months of you waking anywhere from 1 to 6 times per night, I was tired, to say the least. You are now going on a few weeks of going to sleep on time  at 8pm and staying asleep until after 6am. It’s kind of nice.  But I still wake a lot, tossing and turning. Sometimes I feel like I’m actually missing having you in our bed.  Sometimes I feel like waking you up so I have some company 😉

You sure do like your pacifier.  We cannot seem to get very far without one. Many times, you carry 2 pacisin your hands so that you can flip them in and out of your mouth intermittently. You sleep with one and definitely prefer one in the car, or it gets pretty loud.

I hope you like hand-me-downs. With an older sister already, you are not getting too much new-to-you stuff. I’m more than ok with it. I hope you learn frugality at a young age and embrace it!

As you can tell, I’m having some varying feelings about you growing up. You used to be such a mama’s girl, and mama’s girl only. Last weekend you stayed at Aunt Jen’s house for a few hours and didn’t even cry when I left. You never cry when I leave you with Nana either.  You like to run away from me now, but sometimes still to me.  You are starting to say words like ‘more’, ‘mama’.  You don’t need me for everything like you used to, and you are becoming more independent. I hope that you don’t grow up too fast. I hope that we relish everything you do, learn, say, become.  I hope that you retain the amazing spirit and headstrong will that you possess, and all the things that make you you.  I hope that you love this crazy family of yours, because we sure love you!



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