Round ’em up

My baby G. My first born. My son. My oldest.


Sometimes I feel like my kids don’t get any older. I know this sounds absurd as most people feel like their kids grow in the blink of an eye. I sometimes feel this way, but I’ve only ever had little kids and preschoolers. I’ve always had littles. Then we attended kindergarten roundup for Gabriel yesterday.

When I was laying with him in his bed the night before roundup, G told me he was nervous, excited. We talked through his emotions. His mature emotions. 

We were getting ready to leave the house the next morning and G was rushing us.  He didn’t want to be late.

We got to school and he was shy, hiding behind me and refusing to say much. I thought my Baby G has returned.  The Superintendent of the school saw G’s hesitations and offered to let him feed the fish in the big tank by the school’s front doors. He jumped on it while we completed some paperwork.

We got a tour of the school, got to sit in on the kindergarten activities that his class did, got a run down of what kindergarten will entail as well as meeting much of the staff. G’s hesitations quickly faded. He was skipping down the hall. He was happily interacting with his classmates and enthusiastic teacher.  He was loving every minute of it.


The teacher had everything as a ’roundup’ theme, complete with cowboy hats, sheriff badges, roping letters…. yeee-haw! They read a book about kindergarten, played, did a science experiment, did some work with letters, got a tour and their picture taken. Perfect. The science experiment was by far his favorite. The teacher said they will do science every day in kindergarten. G was beaming.

I was absolutely thrilled with the school. It is small, very small, and we LIKE that! Very personable. Very friendly. Very, very, very successful in educating kids. They have been ranked as a Blue Ribbon School before. We could not ask for a better fit.

Tonight Gabriel asked if he could go to Kindergarten tomorrow. He adores his preschool, but is ready for more. He was disappointed that kindergarten doesn’t start until August.

I am a little sad to watch my first go off to kindergarten. But more so than that, I am so excited to watch him continue to grow and thrive, just as he has in preschool.  He’s a thinker, a builder, an inventor, a question-asker. He’s going places in this world.

Yay, Gabriel!

-The {growing up} Costellos

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