To my children: Spring 2015



You wanna mess with this?!

You wanna mess with this?!

In keeping with my quarterly journaling to my kids, here goes my most current thoughts on those 3 crazy, loving, little people that call me Mom :

My peeps

My peeps

April 10, 2015


5 years and 10 months old

Young man. You really are! You just about eat as much as an adult many days, and sometimes more, but I’m not sure you have an ounce of fat on you! You spend hours playing Legos, and your creations are very innovative. You are a great kid, and a great brother to your sisters.  The outdoors is your favorite place to be.  You can be entertained with water for several more hours, making locks and dams, mud, rivers, spraying things, and seeing what happens if you mix this with that.  You ask a lot about how things work.  You are obsessed with getting something, anything, remote control. As soon as we leave preschool, you ask if you can have a playdate today. Every. Day. You are shy and reserved at times, obnoxious and defiant at others.  You are thriving at school!  You dislike potatoes.  You are learning to stand your ground with your peers.  Soccer is your favorite game, along with sharks and minnows. You despise the sound of canned laughter during a TV show and refuse to watch once you’ve heard that. You daydream a lot and come up with very fascinating scenarios, stories and questions in your head.  You talk about kindergarten a lot and you are really looking forward to it.  You love to wake up early and sneak downstairs to watch cartoons.  Amelia adores you.  You remember stories well, especially Bible stories.  You are always making something.  You are headstrong, smart, creative, funny, helpful, caring, energetic, hands-on, and fun.


3 years and 11 months old

About 2 weeks ago you declared that you were done sucking your fingers.  After almost 4 full years of this habit, you have now broken it, just as easy as that. We painted your fingernails bright red as a reward, since you were never able to have your fingers painted before this.  You make cards for people out of empty envelopes and cover them with a lot of stickers.  You are especially an auditory learner and memorized the Hail Mary prayer  in about a week, and now can recite it.  For about the past 6 months, you have a female doll named Jason.  You have imaginary friends named Creesa and Reesa and Mia, and several others, depending on the day.   I hear you make up prayers while you are playing.  You decided you no longer want to be Rapunzel when you grow up.  You asked yesterday if you are old enough to clean toilets.  Today you asked me if a mouse is a kind of rodent. You wear a ring every day.  You enjoy ballet class and being on stage. I caught you today brushing your hair and counting the strokes.  You are mature, interactive, smart, persistent, a leader, brave, artsy, and fun.


1 year and 4 months old

At 16 months, you are my most cuddly baby.  You love to be held, rocked to sleep, slept next to, and cuddled and carried.  Despite this, you are very independent and want to do things your way.  You prefer to eat sitting on my lap, not in your highchair. You insist on wearing your winter coat and hat most days, all day, inside and outside, although it’s getting warm.  Sometimes I think that you believe you are much older, like 3 or 4 years old instead of 1.  You recently figured out how to open outside doors on your own.  You ride small 3 or 4-wheeled toys now and pull wagons to collect sticks or bark.  You love to dig in the dirt and play in the playhouse.  You have mastered the playground and love the slides.  Your feelings are hurt easily and are somewhat of a tender heart. You take a paci to sleep and we are trying to keep it out of sight during the day. You run, climb, hide, laugh, and roam around.  You *must* wear shoes at all times, according to you, and you like to wear a backpack around the house.  You are a funny little personality that keeps us on our toes and we love you!



Having fun together... for now....

Having fun together… for now….

-The {capturing memories} Costellos