Today, life owned us

That’s the only way to put it.

The day started with Amelia falling off the couch and onto the hardwood floor and acquiring a massive goose egg right on the front of her forehead. Put her in a great mood. But that stuff happens alot….

We all loaded up into our smaller car to take J to the train station 1.5 hrs away, for his 12 o’clock departure.

About 40 mins into our little trip, Lucy vomits. All over herself, her sister, both of their carseats, the floor, her toys. YUCK. She was carsick.

We stop to clean up the vomit mess. We are missing our wipes, apparently misplaced from fireworks festivities last night. Missing any and all glove compartment stash of napkins as well. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Forced to use a dress-up fireman’s jacket that Lucy was wearing for a rag. Double YUCK. She has no extra clothes and her carseat is really gross.

Amelia completely covers her legs in pen marks. One of the older kids thought it was good entertainment to let her have a pen and watch her mark up herself without telling us.

We get to the train station. They are remodeling. The only bathrooms are outhouses and the indoor waiting area is about 12×12 feet with 4 small benches.  Good thing it’s not raining.  Train is running 2 hrs late meaning we have 2.5 hrs to kill.  My 3 kids need something to do. I was not planning on being there more than about 30 mins and heading home after J was gone on the train. Time to improvise.

The car stinks. You know what I mean. It’s about 82 degrees today and the smell is getting worse. We opt to walk around the downtown and look for lunch. Not working. We head back to the stinky car.

We do a drive-through and grab lunch and head to a park, windows down. Kids run off some steam.

We decide we are still hungry and hit up an ice cream joint. We race back to the train station in the smelly car.

Amelia is covered in ice cream. Again, no wet wipes available.

Ice. cream. everywhere.

Ice. cream. everywhere.

Check back in at the train station. Train won’t be here until 3:00pm. Wait, make that 3:30pm….. Apparently there is a lot of re-routing of Amtrak train throughout the country due to flooding, putting all the trains behind.

Kids are thiiiirrsty. Guess what? Remodeling = no running water in the station and certainly no drinking fountain. SERIOUSLY…..

Lucy and I walk 2 blocks and buy a case of bottled water. Amelia dumps 2 of them on the ground. G dumps part of one to make a river on the sidewalk. Lucy makes a princess castle out of rocks.  At this point I don’t even care. We have been at the train station sooo loooong.

3:45pm the train finally shows up. 3 hours and 45 mins past the original departure time. J bids us goodbye and hops on.

Lucy has a minor meltdown on the platform. Amelia has a moderate meltdown on the platform, from the confines of her stroller. G is still thirsty and unwilling to push the stroller any longer.

We make it back to the car. It REEKS!!!!  I strip Amelia down, I divy out more water. We finally get going. Lucy threatens to vomit again and trying to dramatize it. I know she won’t and she doesn’t. The drama…..

Lucy has to go to the bathroom. I’m not getting a sleeping toddler and 2 other kids out of the smelly car so she can pee. We stop on an exit ramp. She gets her shorts wet. The carseat is so dirty I just don’t even care.

We make it home. We scrub and clean out the nasty car, strip carseats (one of my least favorite jobs). Amelia cries a majority of the time. I have a splitting headache that has gotten worse since about 11am.

I make dinner. I’m on the phone for about 10 minutes and in that time Amelia flips her entire highchair tray off onto the floor, along with the entire contents of her dinner. AWESOME. More mess.

G showers, I get the girls in the tub. As I’m trying to get a pen-covered Amelia and a puke-smelling Lucy with intense fro-hair into the bathtub, Lucy calmly and seriously looks at me and says, “Isn’t it hard being a mom?”

YES IT IS, LUCY! Thank you for the sympathy 🙂

We made it through the rest of the night, so far. G helped cook dinner and prayed on his own before inhaling his dinner. They helped clean up the living room and picked up after themselves.  That all warmed my heart.  No one is sleeping yet, but I have hope 😉

Tomorrow is another day….and I somehow have to make it to work.

-The {airing out the car} Costellos


One thought on “Today, life owned us

  1. Tomorrow will be a better day! and Jeremiah will so owe you a mommy free day when he returns! I had to laugh at Lucy’s comment to you about “it’s hard being a mom”…oh she has no idea! 🙂

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