Adios 20’s…

So I turned 30 yesterday.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve always loved birthdays. As you can tell by some of my previous posts, I really love having the kids’ birthdays. But there is something about 30 that is different, and I hadn’t really been looking forward to my 30th birthday like I had my other birthdays.

I finally put my finger on it the other day. I’m sad to leave my 20’s. Just. Sad. A lot of really fantastic life events happened for me in my 20’s. I mean, almost all of them! Getting engaged then married, graduating with my Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees, birthing and raising 3 amazing and really fun kids, various running races, trips, as well as 2 remodels and moving twice. Of course there were bad things that occurred too, but there was a lot of good!

Jeremiah sensed my hesitation with turning the big 3-0. So he decided to lift my spirits by giving me a gift every day for the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday. Yes, you read that right, thirty gifts. How sweet!!!  My first gift was a new running watch. I loved it, but I was a bit concerned about how much money was going be be shelled out with this whole idea. He pulled through. Everything he got me was perfect; thoughtful and meaningful, and many were just cute little things or snacks that he knew I would like that were not even expensive. He got me a new dress, sandals, earrings, scarves, a sheet set I had been eyeing as well as some great body scrub. Not many guys can buy their wife a dress that she actually really likes! I gotta hand it to him, it was an impressive and very thoughtful way to ring in my 30th.

We also got the opportunity to go to Chicago for the weekend over my birthday, as J was already there for a training class he is taking. It was great! Both of our parents offered to watch the kiddos.  Like many parents, we get very few days, or nights without our kids. Although we both enjoyed it, we missed the kids dearly.    We ate at some new and old favorite places, strolled the Magnificent Mile and the Chicago Riverwalk, perused The Field Museum, went on a Wendella sunset cruise on Lake Michigan, and walked a TON!

Our boat, the 'Lucia'

Our boat, the ‘Lucia’

View from the Chicago River

View from the Chicago River


Skyline from the boat

Skyline from the boat


Ain't nothing like some classic Chicago deep dish

Ain’t nothing like some classic Chicago deep dish



So, adios 20’s. I hope my 30’s are even better!!!

-The {turning 30} Costellos


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