Journal to my kids; Summer 2015 edition

Summer 2015 edition

This marks 2 full years of chronicling my kids on a quarterly basis! I’m proud I stuck with it!!

Working out

Working out

Gabriel: 6 years and 3/4 month old

Today you rode your bicycle without training wheels, without help, without throwing a fit, all around town.  We have to force you to get on the bike, but you are finally getting confident enough to go on your own.  You are getting so helpful and responsible – it’s wonderful! You wanted to see what I do at work, so you came with me and did jobs all afternoon! You hate getting your picture taken, for some reason.  You continue to dream about your treehouse, which will hopefully begin to take shape in a few weeks.  You got 3 stitches in your forehead last weekend and are bashful with all the attention it draws. You were more upset about leaving the family gathering and cousins than getting the stitches.  You get mistaken for an 8 year old alot because you are so tall! You love to build – Legos, extra wood in Papa’s shop, the dirt pile out back. You like to wear baseball hats, they are always cocked sideways. You like to be modest and prefer to wear a shirt always, even when swimming or right before bed. Your favorite book subject at the library lately is dinosaurs. Amelia lets you carry her around and you are great at calming her down and playing with her.  You still torment Lucy a lot but then want her to be by your side when you are scared of something. Kindergarten is not too far off and you are excited! I love your playful nature, twinkling eyes, vivacious laugh, endless energy, creativity and constant questions!

Today's 'do

Today’s ‘do

Lucy: 4 years and 2 months old

You are my mini-me. Today you made me do your hair just like I did mine yesterday. I made the mistake of showing you my pinterest hairstyles board. You ask a lot of questions and have no trouble conversing with adults.  You love all things girly, favorites lately are Jamberry nails, rings (you have 1 you don’t remove, just like me), matching clothes/accessories, fun hairstyles, scarves and jewelry. You nap only a few days a week now, if that. You love to play in the water, watch princess movies, ride your bike, pretend play almost anything. You love to do art, paint, draw, stick stickers everywhere.  You get really whiney and cry a lot if you’re low on sleep. You like to ‘mother’ to Amelia. You still want to be Rapunzel when you grow up. You are a good helper, especially in the kitchen. You like to be independent but then almost always insist that you need help. You say a lot of funny things and your hashtag I created is #lucyeveryday to chronicle your quotes. You have more shoes than everyone else put together. You rarely wear anything just dresses and that’s fine. You got this Doc McStuffins chair at a garage sale that you are obsessed with. You are so fun to watch grow up and change, and you make us laugh every day!

So happy Lucy's old TOMS fit her now!

So happy Lucy’s old TOMS fit her now!

Amelia: 1 year and 7 months old

As Nana says, sometimes, you are “a ball of fire”.  Especially mornings. You finally started falling asleep on your own, without crying. Sometimes, you actually want to get in your crib. You are starting to really enjoy sitting while reading.  If you don’t like something, we all hear about it!  You yell, babble, scream A LOT! You like to eat, but you also like to throw all your food on the floor.  You love baths with Lucy and pouring water on her head. You like to play with your stroller and it can entertain you for a good while. You also like anything with wheels, balls, riding/pushing toys. You sometimes like baby dolls but many times just play with whatever G and L are playing with. You are excellent at making messes. You are obsessed with shoes and often insist I put yours on, even if we aren’t going anywhere. You can often be found sitting in the window seat keeping watch for the neighbor dog. You hated your 18 mo pictures and snarled and screamed at the photographer, especially when the flash went off, so we have no pictures.  Looking back it’s funny, but wasn’t then. You must be included in everything, and don’t like being left behind one bit. Your hair is finally long enough for a clippee in front, but you rip it out. Your laugh is beautiful and your curiosity endless.  I love watching you grow and discover!

We got a rare family picture today at church today. I’m hoping to start blogging every Sunday, and linking up to Fine Linen and Purple‘s “What I wore Sunday”.  This dress I wore is my new favorite thing. It’s so versatile! I wore it to Mass, out to lunch, while I was sorting/packing away/toting tubs of kids clothes to the garage, while watching the kids on the slip’n’slide and while on a bike ride with the kids this evening! And it makes it even better that I only paid $5 for it! Hopefully pictures get better as I continue this! 😉

Here's us!

Here’s us!

-The {Happy Sunday} Costellos

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