Kayak voyage

Jeremiah and I celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary last week. We decided awhile ago that we wanted to go somewhere and do something for our anniversary, sans kids. Aunt Mel’s weekend services were available and thank goodness for her!  We haven’t had our kayaks out AT ALL this year, so thought it would be fun to do an kayaking trip. ‘Why not make it an overnight?’ we thought; ‘Why not go for 30 miles? That sounds like a great idea!’. We figured we could do that in about 8 hours. Nevermind that the most we’ve paddled in one day is a few hours.  So we had a plan.  We had everything all mapped out, gear packed, and ready to go!


Putting in at Picture Rocks

Putting in at Picture Rocks

Paddling along...

Paddling along…

Well. We did end up going 30 miles in around 10 hours. It was a long trip, but fun for the most part. I admit, I did lose my sense of enthusiasm around mile 15 and temperature of 90 degrees and sweltering sun. I kinda wanted to go find an air conditioner at that point. When we realized we had left the destination car keys in the car at the original starting point, I started to get even  less enthusiastic.  We paddled pretty constantly during the trip but it took longer than I expected. I thought it was totally reasonable to be able to paddle a kayak at the same speed in which I run, about 7 miles/hr, with the current and all. J can run about 9 mi/hr so we thought we’d be somewhere between the 2 paces.  Not quite.




We chugged along, J was convinced we would make our destination by 6pm or so, as we had originally planned. The river was beautiful overall, with majestic limestone bluffs in some parts, and rolling cornfields and pastures in other parts. We could see the bottom of the river for 90% of the trip, and the water was clear and clean! I’ve never seen such a clean river before!

Sandbar where we ate lunch. Shade was a bonus!

Sandbar where we ate lunch. Shade was a bonus!

Our expeditions never seem to go completely as planned. In keeping with the theme of leaving the keys in the wrong car, I also lost the lid to the back compartment on my kayak somewhere on the river and J broke his paddle in 2. BEAST. He also talked like a pirate for much of the trip which was quite entertaining.  😉


Big bluff

Big bluff

We decided not to stay overnight and camp. It had been a long day and we were both kind of done with the trip. Good thing Aunt Mel was spoiling the kids within an hours drive so she could come to our rescue! She delivered me to the car with ALL the car keys in it and meanwhile the kids got to splash in the river. Amelia tried to eat the contents of the riverbed, but it’s all good.

Having a blast in the river!

Having a blast in the river!

So we survived, but I really couldn’t use my left arm at all last night it hurt so bad! I now know what my patients with bicipital tendonitis feel like!

Here’s me, Amelia, and the fantastic Aunt Mel, on Auntie’s Day (TODAY!), before heading to Mass. Linking up for What I Wore Sunday, Aunt Mel is wearing a scarf which was one of her Auntie’s Day gifts, and I’m in one of my favorite maxi skirts. Although I’m not sure why I ever try to wear a white shirt, as it never stays that way long with 3 littles. Amelia is wearing a sundress that she got as a birthday gift 🙂


Happy Sunday!


-The {novice kayakers} Costellos


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