A visit from the Pope

So Pope Francis visited our church today. It was kind of a big deal. Everyone was running around trying to get a picture with him. I even got a high-five 😉


HAHA! Turns out it was a cardboard cutout! #papafrankie

We also had our backpack blessing today for all students/teachers/catechists. The kids wanted J to take his backpack as well, so he obliged.   I will be co-teaching the 3 year olds again this year and G and L will be in their respective classes. J and Amelia will just hang, for this year 😉  I got to wear a new dress that I was super excited about! Check out modestpop.com for an awesome selection of dresses, skirts and shirts that anyone can wear comfortably.  I really like this dress since I can hold/carry/tend to kids without worrying that my shirt is being pulled to my waist by a toddler!  What I wore Sunday:

What I wore Sunday: my new favorite dress! Thanks modest pop!

What I wore Sunday: my new favorite dress! Thanks modest pop!

Well now that you are reading I’ll tell you about some other stuff.  I didn’t get to post last Sunday because we were in northeast Iowa celebrating my Grandma’s 84th birthday! Isn’t that fantastic!? We all surprised her and had a wonderful afternoon together.

Happy birthday Grandma!

Happy birthday Grandma!


Jamberry’s at the birthday!

This past week marked our last full week of summer.  The kids and I had one more weekday playdate and ran some errands. J’s school had a back-to-school social at one of our favorite restaurants on Friday. G and L were off having some grandparents time and attending a movie in the park, so we got to attend with just Amelia in tow.  It is AMAZING how kids are different when you have them just one on one.  Amelia was a delight.  She charmed all J’s coworkers, gave high 5’s to anyone who wanted them, ate very neatly (unusual), was very agreeable, willingly shopped with us, and sat very politely as she inhaled her ice cream cone.  It was a treat, for her and us alike.

Gabriel starts school this week, and Lucy on Monday next week. This summer has really flown by! It’s been a great summer, with lots of fun, and a lot of progress made on the house and yes, the “Guest House”.

Walls up! Now for the deck, slide, roof....

Walls up! Now for the deck, slide, roof….

While we were working on it yesterday the kids had a lemonade stand. With the help of the neighbor kids, I believe their profit was $7.50, to split 4 ways (Amelia only drank lemonade and did not sell any!)   🙂 I believe the entrepreneurial spirit has been kindled!

Lemonade for sale!

Lemonade for sale!

I also spent a chunk of time yesterday prepping some school-morning breakfasts that are going to change my life, I’m convinced! Breakfasts are really a weak point in our house, and more than once my kids have eaten a bag of dry cereal or an apple on our way to a destination. Jeremiah will often opt for cookies if the pickings are slim…I digress.  I made and froze a bunch of the following:

Homemade chewy, chunky granola bars

Egg breakfast scramblers

Healthy banana chocolate chip muffins

I also snagged a couple boxes of whole grain waffles at Aldi for something like $1.50 apiece! Hopefully we are set as far as breakfasts go for awhile, and no one will have to eat dry cereal!  I plan on doing a freezer meal post once again soon as fall rolls around, as it has been awhile!

Have a great week!

-The {pictures with the Pope} Costellos





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