Well, it’s happened. My ‘Baby G’ started kindergarten. {He has notified me that I am to refer to him now as ‘Big G’, and he reminded me just how big he is when he inhaled an entire 1/4 lb burger and fixin’s at lunch today. Gulp}  Ahem. Big G has started kindergarten. And he LOVES it!

“Can we go to school yet? When do I get to go to school? Is it time to leave yet? When can I go to school?”

He is in a small class, and they are grade sharing this year with 1st grade students. So he gets to do reading and math in kindergarten with his teacher, and most of the rest of the day shared with 1st graders. So far, it is working wonderfully!  His teacher is fantastic.  He even got to help raise the flag on the very first day!

What a way to start kindergarten!

What a way to start kindergarten!

So far, he thinks school lunch is amazing and loves learning about ‘Superkids’ (reading curriculum).  He skips down the hallway and doesn’t think gym class is all that fun. He loves playing on the Smartboard and is tired by the end of the day, but when asked, says his day was ‘AWESOME! and ‘REALLY GOOD!’.  It is definitely bittersweet to send our first off to kindergarten, but he is so, so, so ready.  He is thriving and it is so great to see his enthusiasm for school!

And so another thing happened, Lucy finally gets to go to school everyday! She has been counting the days until preschool started and now it’s here. She is in love with her teachers and already telling of all the friends she will make and fun they will have.  She is more than excited about being able to ride the little school bus home each day and has no shortage of ideas of which outfits she should wear to meet all of her new friends.  She could not be more excited or ready for everyday preschool!

Lucy's first day of 4 year old preschool!

Lucy’s first day of 4 year old preschool!

Who knew it took so much stuff to start the school year?!

Who knew it took so much stuff to start the school year?!

And then there’s this kid. She’s starting to potty train, and would probably do it if she had a few more words in her vocab to tell me when she had to go, versus just screaming.  At least Amelia still has a few years before she is allowed to go to preschool. I say ‘allowed’, because I’m absolutely positive that she would go to school if I let her. Unbeknownst to her, she is 21 mo, not 4 years old.  Until then she’ll keep swinging like a monkey on anything and everything she can reach. All. the. time.

Just a swingin'

Beast baby

So, today, I took my 2 oldest babies to school, together, and I didn’t cry 😉  Lucy hardly even noticed I was there I think, she was more concerned with choosing a color of marker to write her name. It is so exciting to begin this new chapter in our lives!

-The {beginning a new school year} Costellos

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