Jeremiah’s Epic Treehouse {Tour}

I haven’t seen my husband so proud since the days our children were born. Beaming from ear to ear, covered in sawdust and sweat, he gazed up at his labor of love and said, “That treehouse is everything that I dreamed it would be….and more. It is AWESOME.”




Yes, he’s quite proud of his creation. And I’ve got to give him props. He didn’t use any kind of kit, blueprints or pre-fab version, he made it all from his brain. There were sketches and pictures floating around the house for months, some even drawn in crayon, how cute 😉 Many a night there were several guys out in the yard, talking, theorizing, or as they say ‘visualizing’ the treehouse and discussing how to go about this or that, or how to hang this truss, or how to achieve a good angle with the slide.


I came home at the end of the day several times this summer to J on a ladder 60 ft tall (or so it seemed) and Uncle Cam pulling some kind of gymnastics moves on the upper rafters and peak. For awhile I wondered if we would make it through the treehouse-building-process without a trip to the ER from a fall related injury.

The treehouse has been quite the talk of our small town. Everyone has seen it and brings it up in conversation. I go to the bank, school, post office, city hall, library…. they all comment on it and say how our kids will have great memories from it.  I think it’s kind of humorous. We’ve gotten questions about renting it out. That’s even better!

So here’s a short tour of the treehouse after I made the kids pick it up today. Yes, it’s pretty much a second toyroom so it gets a little deep.  The neighbor kids are in it whenever our kids are as well so it’s like the neighborhood playground.


Amelia has no fear. She climbs the ladder like she’s been doing it for years.  It scares the daylights out of me usually, but she just turns around and smiles.  The ladder is 7.5 feet tall and has an attached rope for practicing some kind of rapelling skill, I guess.  Before it was up, she would scale the aluminum construction ladder without a thought. Yipes!


Porch is 4x8ft with a lower 2.5×2.5 ft landing for the slide.


Jeremiah made this awesome railing for multiple reasons. Obviously, we needed a railing on the deck, but we needed a functional one, at that. He put the boards vertically so kids would be less likely to climb it, and cut the 1/2 circles in the top to allow us to see through it and the kids to see out. He also positioned the treehouse itself in a place in the yard where we can see into it from the kitchen, dining/living rooms, and from the top of the stairs. Works great!



The only decor haha!

Gabriel got this picture on a garage sale, months ago, for this specific purpose!

The inside of the treehouse is in the baby stages. We had some leftover carpet pieces from our upstairs and they *almost* cover the floor in there. It’s 8×10 in there so it takes a good chunk of carpet. There will eventually be a ‘hidden door’ beneath the south window that will lead to a cargo net type of climb, but I have to be convinced that my children will not fall doing that, so it might be awhile. J has plans for electricity, drywall, a murphy bed, and a skylight, but we’ll see. I had the fabulous idea for a retractable roof, but I guess I voiced it a few days too late. 😉

We do have a few things to finish before cold weather hits….first up is the door handle/latch so *ahem* no one will lock their sister in there anymore.

-The {treehouse-lovin} Costellos

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