My least favorite holiday.

There. I said it. I don’t like Halloween! It is, by far, my least favorite holiday.

I have many reasons to validate my statement; huge influx of candy/sugar, focus on death/gruesomeness/creepy things, having to explain why perfectly nice people have fake blood running down their face on this certain night of the year……I digress. The whole premise of trick or treating is quite odd, if you think about it.

About a week ago I remembered that the kids would want to dress up for Halloween and, of course, trick or treat.  I told them that we had more than enough costumes in and amongst our dress up clothes, so they could ‘go shopping’ in the toy room.  It worked magically.  We don’t really encourage the creepy costumes, and they don’t really seem to want them.

Pre-candy rush

Pre-candy rush

G knew from the get-go he wanted to be a ninja. Fantastic. He found black pants and a black shirt, we had a running mask for the ‘ninja mask’ and I tied red strips of fabric around him to resemble a ninja. He found a sword and practiced his sweet ninja moves and it was done. Lucy picked an Elsa dress and Amelia somehow perfectly fit into one of Lucy’s old dance costumes to be an adorable Minnie Mouse.

Minnie wasn't too fond of her ears

Minnie wasn’t too fond of her ears

Yes, I despise Halloween. But my cute kids sure do make the night better!

-The {trick or treating} Costellos

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