What a difference 2 years makes

That’s right. We’ve come a long way in 2 fast years.  Our Amelia turned 2 last week!

2 years ago, I honestly didn’t know how I was ever going to make it to Amelia’s first birthday, let alone her second. She was a very wakeful, fussy, hungry baby that seemed almost colicky for the first year of her life. I got VERY little sleep for her first year, was in a mess of hormones for her first month, and had 2 other little people needing me constantly in the depth of Iowa winter. Oi.

But here we are, 2 years later.  I am happy to say that Amelia’s colicky nature finally gave way at about 15 months. She is now happy and fun, good-natured and playful, however opinionated, little girl.  She is starting to resemble more of a little girl, and not so much a baby. It kind of makes me giggle when I ask “Are you my big girl?” and she answers with “No! I baby!”.  She also insists on wearing Lucy’s undies over her diaper.

We had a little party for Amelia, just family.  Chili is one of her favorites (go figure), so we had that and taco soup for dinner. She had picked out a funfetti cake, and of course I made chocolate frosting for it!  She got some new clothes, babies, and doggies (toy, not real). She was thrilled!

Happy 2nd birthday Amelia! I hope you are never too old to lick the beater 😉

-The {partying like 2 year olds} Costellos


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