A week of firsts

Oh yes, it’s been an interesting one. Here goes:

  1. FIRST time we have had a toddler escape artist.  Friday I laid both girls down for a nap, like I always do.  I roamed around the house and did some work for awhile, then decided I better venture out to my bathroom cabinet finishing zone (AKA the garage) and get some more work done on them. When I returned a mere 25 mins later, I heard a toddler-girl-sound coming from somewhere in the house. Nope, not her bed. Not the living room, or bathroom, or kitchen…..nowhere else but THE BASEMENT. Amelia had apparently climbed out of her crib ( a first), opened the bedroom door, closed it behind herself, ventured down to to the first floor, and upon not finding me, found her way to the basement.  I’m guessing she thought I was down there doing laundry (go figure).

Saturday, during the wee morning hours of 12:45am, I woke to Amelia wandering around in our room, in the dark. Yep, she had hopped out of the crib again. Saturday morning, same thing. Saturday nap: 4 times in a row. NICE.  G nor L ever did this, so this is uncharted territory. :-/


2. First time I’m glad we bought the optical protection plan.  Friday at lunch, Lucy, in her regular get-up of princess skirts, princess shoes, gloves and a handbag, fell down the stairs.  She landed just right so the hinge of the glasses busted in 2. Awesome. Never had that happen before, but I consider us lucky since this is the first break in 2 years!


3. First time my husband has been referred to as ‘Super Mario’.  The ‘No-shavember’ turned into an incentive program at Jeremiah’s school.  The students got to choose how each teacher shaved their month’s facial hair growth. Jeremiah got the mustache and ‘chin puff’. Gah.  But now he continues to sport the ‘holiday mustachio’.  He has been referred to as Super Mario look-alike.  There is only one thing to know: I am NOT a fan, he is. We have a problem.


4. First time I’ve sent a care package to the USS Harry Truman.  We sent Mitch a package full of snacks, games to play during downtimes and muscle car magazines.  I’ve never paid so much for package or had to fill out so much paperwork!  I guess it takes awhile to make it to the Mediterranean Sea, but hopefully he gets it before Christmas.  {Side note: we received word that Mitch has made it his first port, and is on land, if only for a short while}

5. First time a mobile deer blind has been built in my driveway. Yes, the Costello brothers are at it again. This time, not a treehouse, but a mobile deer blind. They first refurbished a hayrack, then added the ‘hunting hut’.  It’s been quite the ordeal, and I’m happy to shop online indoors while they build. 😉 They are using a lot of things we still have in our garage (ie doors, siding board, tin) so it hasn’t been too pricey.  Now let’s just hope they make it worth their while and bring home some deer meat in a few weeks!!!


6. First time an older change a younger’s diaper.  Parenting for the win!


7. First time I’ve made these scrumdidlyumptious nameless Christmas treats. We do a baking day each year and have never made these, until this year. We had to go back to the store for more Rolos, but they are going on the list for next year as well. Dangerous and yummy!


And tomorrow’s Monday again so we’ll see what next week brings…

-The {starting a new week} Costellos

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