Is this over yet?

I’m a caretaker by calling, at home and at my work, but I’m about on E. Empty.  I’m not sure how much longer this can go on.  It has been a LONG 5 days of sickness in the House of Costellos.  And I believe the only thing that has saved me is the 10 Hail Mary’s I’ve been saying at night before I go to sleep!

I had big plans last Friday. I was going to take the big kids to school, and Amelia and I were going to check some more Christmas shopping off the list along with buying a new Christmas dress for Lucy and running some errands. We were going to be back to get Lucy from preschool and then do things around the house, pick up G from school, and do whatnot until we had our weekly family movie and pizza night.  Things didn’t go as planned. And I still haven’t finished my shopping!

Friday at 3:30am Amelia gets sick. I end up on the couch so J can sleep, since he has to work and I don’t. Amelia proceeds to be sick all day, unless asleep. And I mean something like every 30 minutes she is sick.  We didn’t go anywhere, needless to say.  Jeremiah comes home from work after a crazy busy (awesome) Day of Code (read about him in action HERE) and states he doesn’t feel good.

She slept like this for 3 hours!!!

She slept like this for 3 hours!!!

Saturday. Amelia continues to be sick, J returns from hunting ( he got a 10 point buck!) and succombs to the couch for the rest of the day, in and out of consciousness. Lucy joins the ranks around 10am. She is SO sick.  I’m drowning. I’ve been puked on more times than I can count. There are mounds of dirty blankets, clothes, sheets. And I need a shower. I’m up every 30 mins with Lucy alllllll night. I saw every hour on that clock.

Sunday. We stay home from church and miss a visit from Santa.  Amelia is STILL sick. J and L are barely conscious most of the day. I decide to take Amelia to urgent care because 36+ hours of vomiting seems like a lot for a 2 year old. Dx virus but they give me a med to help her with the vomiting and nausea. It works! Except she decides to throw up one more time allllll over the backseat of the car on the way home. Thanks, Pedialyte. Gabriel is about going crazy from being in the house for 2+ days with nothing to do but help me. Poor guy.

MONDAY.  J stays home with Lucy who is still sick and sleeping 20 hours a day.  Amelia seems better.  G goes to school, I go to work. I rush home to find the house a mess, make a haphazard dinner, get G dressed for his Christmas concert at school, and rush back out the door. I don’t even take off my coat.  After the concert Lucy seems a bit better, but still extremely lethargic and cannot carry on a conversation. She gets sick again. O.M.G.

'Bear-y Merry Christmas' concert!

‘Bear-y Merry Christmas’ concert!

Sleeping. All. Day.

Sleeping. All. Day.

TUESDAY. I decide to take the day off so J can go to work and I take Lucy to the doctor. We’re getting a bit concerned as she has not held anything down since Saturday morning and is increasingly confused and can barely walk. Doc checks her all out thoroughly, and yep, not much she can do. Hopefully she’s on the upswing. Doc tells me this ‘bug’ is going around hard, and it’s all she’s seen in her office since Thanksgiving. AWESOME.  I do scads of dirty laundry and sweep up the massive amount of saltine crumbs that have found their way into the couch and crevices of the living room floor. Amelia is staying with Nana for the day, so I take a nap. It’s glorious. I wake up to Gabriel coming in the door from school. Just prior to dinner he tells me his ‘tummy doesn’t feel good’ and heads for the couch. But 30 mins later he’s bouncing around asking for a cookie. Stay strong, G.

I’m hoping it’s over. I tentatively clean, just waiting for something else to happen.

Lucy returns to drawing and making 'cards', I think it's a good sign

Lucy returns to drawing and making ‘cards’, I think it’s a good sign

Sayonara, mother-of-all-stomach-bugs. I hope to never see you again. And I hope you see your way out of our house, real soon. Because this Mama has had enough of you. Lata.

-The {recovering} Costellos


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