So I realized that other than my most recent post, I had not blogged since mid-January. Whoops.Guess I’ve got some catching up to do!


Caught her reading to her baby. Does it get any more precious than this?!

I’ve been MIA because I have felt like complete junk for the past 7 weeks. Apparently even though this is our 4th, things don’t always get easier. The ‘morning sickness’ AKA ‘all day and nighttime too sickness’ plagued me HARD from weeks 4 though 9.5. Harder than I ever recall with the other 3.  I pretty much lived off of bananas, protein bars, yogurt and chicken for quite some time. I made it through work days, and days at home, busy with the kids, but it was no walk in the park.  Then, suddenly I didn’t feel like death every morning and I wasn’t waking at 2am every night with a stomachache. I can look at red meat again (let’s not go so far as to eat it yet though) and I am able to go into a restaurant and not have to breathe through my mouth.  So at least that’s better.


I finally started feeling better last week, so thought it was appropriate to make a Friday Lenten meal of spinach salad, sweet potato fries, parmesan brown rice, and  soy-brown sugar salmon. I may have overdone things a bit….

We took the kids to the first actual midwife appointment so that they could be in on the first ultrasound. I had warned them that the baby wouldn’t look like a ‘baby’ yet, and our midwife explained that he/she would probably look like a gummy bear. I thought that was pretty accurate 🙂  We could see the tiny heart fluttering and I measured within 2 days of what I suspected. The miracle of life is completely AMAZING and awe-inspiring.  It never gets old seeing that baby on the screen, no matter how many kids you have had!


G and L have suggested some very interesting names for #4. My favorites include ‘Ninja of the night’, Blaster, Flash, Jet Boy, Sissy, Crystal, Jesta. Don’t ask me where this comes from.  Gabriel is pretty adamant that it’s a boy, however, because he would prefer a brother at this point. Lucy is just ecstatic that we are going to have another little one for her to mother and nurture. Amelia loves talking about ‘new baby’ but prefers the 30 baby dolls that she sleeps with at the moment.  I’m sure she’ll come around 😉


Fun at the farm show

We have gotten a lot of fun things in lately, despite my feeling less than stellar.  We checked out the Farm Show back in January, the kids loved it!  We spent a weekend away at Lake Wapello State Park (dubbed Iowa’s country club) in a 2 bedroom modern cabin.  No TV, no radio, lots of snow. It was fabulous. We went hiking, sledding, made a campfire in the snow, and explored the park. We were the ONLY people there. Kind of nice, kind of creepy.  On the day that it snowed 6 inches, we took in a movie and visited a new church. Great times!!!


We ventured out ice fishing one weekend with 5 kids and 4 adults. That was an adventure. We didn’t catch anything, probably because the fish were scared out of their minds by the 2 four year olds chopping at the ice with shovels, or due to the fact that there is now 1 spade floating under the ice somewhere at Bennett Park due to someone’s (ahem, Uncle C) slippery hands.  I spent most of the adventure like this due to the fact that it was naptime and someone wasn’t having it:


Hoping to get into a routine of blogging weekly or every other week with our family adventures this spring, 4th pregnancy musings, and my ever growing belly (which also, by the way, apparently grows quicker with each pregnancy and I have no shame saying I’ve already busted out the stretchy pants!)


‘Mom. I mix?’  Her favorite job in the kitchen!

-The {feeling a bit better} Costellos

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