Good and Bad

It all started last week when Lucy had yet another appointment with her orthopedist.  They had let us go without seeing them for 9 months prior to this appointment, a luxury, as for awhile it had been every month.  We have been dealing this this bone cyst in her left humerus for ALMOST 2 YEARS. In short, here’s how it all began and here’s a link to her surgery story.  We’re at the appointment, and I’m filling out an updated health history and keeping an eye on Amelia, and Lucy goes alone for xrays with the tech. I hardly batted an eye; ORA is huge, but Lucy has been there so many times I think she could probably take an xray herself.  We wait for awhile, then Dr Pyevich comes in. He gets right to the point, “I have good and bad news. Which do you want first?”.  My heart kind of dropped.  Turns out, they were both good news!!! Good: the bone looks AWESOME and the cyst has remained completely filled for the past several visits. The chance that it could return is almost nothing.  Bad: Dr Pyevich doesn’t get to see Lucy anymore!  He high-fived her and we were outta there.  I told Lucy hopefully that was *the last* time she would ever have to frequent ORA in her lifetime.  But she doesn’t think it’s so bad, as she gets stickers at each visit and doesn’t see me shell out the $35 copay at each visit!  I pretty much skipped to the car 🙂


We also ventured to the dentist last week for kids’ 6 month checkups. Good: Via the exam, Lucy’s teeth looked great and Gabriel’s did too.  Bad: Via the xray, Lucy’s teeth looked great and Gabriel had a cavity 😦  First one, between the back 2 teeth, so good thing they did the xray.  Scheduled a followup to fill the cavity for a week later (today).  We went today and G was a champ!  He was most upset about having to leave school early. Apparently library is one of his favorite things! He was a bit concerned about the numb feeling in his face, but once he realized it was wearing off, he was much less worrisome. Oddly, Lucy enjoys the dentist. She spent the last several minutes of her appointment viewing the hygienists’ wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses on her iPhone. Sheesh.


Just making ourselves at home at the dentist…

Good: my belly is growing (quite quickly it seems) and I’ve given in to the comfort of wearing maternity pants, yoga pants, and stretchy skirts for the rest of this pregnancy. I scored a few shirts for 44 cents each the other day (yes you read that right!) that should carry me through until I have to wear all maternity, all the time. Bad: see above 😉

Bad: Amelia and I were up from midnight to 2:30 last night with her hugging a bucket. I didn’t get enough sleep, and neither did she.  Changing sheets in the middle of the night is a bear anyways, but when they are covered in you-know-what, and you’re trying not to wake the other 2 sleeping kiddos in the room, it’s a beast. Keeping her home this morning meant my grocery run was cancelled, and this mama is HUNGRY. Good: the bug/bad food/whatever *seems* to be short lived. She’s been pretty good today and is sleeping now.  Hopefully this will be one of those things that are here and gone quickly. In the meantime, I’ve got sheets to wash…

Bad: Lucy and Gabriel have each gotten a love note home from school this year. Gabriel’s was in February from a girl he plays with and walks partially home with, and he brought it home all folded up in his pocket like a real man, acting like he was secretly proud of it. Lucy’s was from a little boy in her class and she showed it to me first thing when she got home today. It read ‘Lucy so cool’ and I’m pretty sure I saw ‘love you’ amongst the letters.  I’m not sure how to feel about this whole idea. Good (?): my kids are likeable and have friends(?!)



Good: my school kids had awesome spring pictures!!!! Bad: WHERE DID MY LITTLE KIDS GO? Especially, who is that MAN in the picture?!


-The Costello’s



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