Another week in the books

Well, it’s March, in Iowa, with a mama who’s pregnant, and there’s end of winter germs EVERYWHERE. Add that up and what do you get? Kids passing around stomach flu in the Costello house, apparently! How fun! *note extreme sarcasm* (Disclaimer: at least we haven’t gotten what else is going around area schools lately — strep, mono, pneumonia, Flu A, etc etc…..knock on wood)


Can we just be done with this yet?! 

My last week has went something like this: Amelia sick Wednesday, absolutely FINE on Thursday, sick Friday (at least she lined it up with days that I’m home anyways…). Lucy sick Saturday early morning, which meant her and I had to stay home while the rest of the crew enjoyed the annual St Patrick’s Day parade Costello float and dinner without us. Waaaa! She was sobbing because she couldn’t go; I was sad too! I knew G and A would have so much fun, and was sad not to be there to watch them enjoy it, because really, that’s the best part. But here’s some cute pics my husband was kind enough to send me:


On the good news side of things, my nausea and food aversions finally seem to be letting up. I’m back to cooking (some things) and have even had a few servings of meatloaf and hamburger! Can’t look at pizza quite yet though… My appetite is returning and so is my tolerance of vegetables. Although I can never get enough of this, ever. Just ask my coworkers:    😉   There’s one in the work fridge at all times!

2% Low Fat Cottage Cheese (22 oz.)

Eat ALL the cottage cheese!

My friend Ally’s recipe for green smoothies has also been a hit for me lately. No it doesn’t make any sense that I can down this and not other things. Yes, it is good.


Sunday I got a nice reprieve from kid sickness and dirty laundry (although everyone was better by then) and after church/Sunday school got to go kid clothes shopping (Lucy replies ‘I am NOT a fan of that dress.’  Well then…..), book club (Lucy in tow, of course. She’s a book club fanatic), along with a *kid-free* trip to Aldi (Thanks Aunt Mel!!). This is a treat, folks! But honestly, I felt kind of lonely at the store! No one to talk to or tell to grab this-or-that for me off the shelf. Lucy had a much better time doing what she does best with Aunt Mel:



Had another midwife appointment today. 12.5 weeks. You know you’re a frequent flier when the midwife knows your work schedule and can almost read your mind as far as consent for tests. No thanks, quad screen. 😉 Heartbeat 150’s, I have no idea how that compares to my other babies, but he/she was moving all around in there! And my belly’s already quite visible (or just too many prunes?):


Excuse my expression and closet mess. This photo was originally intended for a message my sister for an outfit opinion…

Yesterday was Lucy’s kindergarten round up. Honestly, feel like we just did this! I can’t believe it has been a whole year since G entered kindergarten, and now it’s Lucy’s turn. Lucy is more than ready and had been counting the days for a whole week prior.  G is looking forward to being a first grader, and is starting to enjoy reading! HOORAY!!!!!!!


-The Costellos


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