A very wet birthday


We had a few cupcakes. Kids were in charge of sprinkles, as you can see 🙂

We celebrated Lucy’s 5th birthday with a party *a bit* larger than I had anticipated. Being pregnant and all, I had thought about just having a few people over to celebrate and taking the simple way out. But Lucy is hardly a simple person, ya know.  Lucy really wanted this person, that person, that family, this class, etc., and we ended up with quite the crowd! It was a lot of fun and she exclaimed that night ‘This was the best birthday EVER!!’.

The original idea was to have a Pocahontas themed party with all kinds of nature/outdoorsy activities for all her little friends and cousins, ie nature scavenger hunt, outdoor pinata, outdoor games, etc. I made some cute invites on Canva and had them printed, which cost me less than $9 total. WIN.

Then, it RAINED. A lot. All. Day. Long. Monsoon-style rain.

I ended up scrambling for indoor games on the morning of the party that could be contained in the amount of space that we had in the enclosed shelter. So we did balloon games, a toilet paper outfit game, and, my pride and joy project for the last week, a giant PINATA!!!  I filled it with a ton of candy and was happy when allll the kids got at least 2 swings apiece before it was shredded. Some of those kids were strong! Pinata win!!!

I did just snack foods, and a whole lotta cupcakes.  Mini corndog muffins, make your own fruit/marshmallow kebabs, fruit salad, chips, lemonade.  20160430_135009.jpg

The front tassel garland was a tutorial I found online made from tissue paper and twine (way more time consuming than I thought but super cute!) and I made these cute little arrows for the skewers.  It’s amazing what a little hot glue and construction paper does!!!


I’m not one to spend a lot of money on a birthday party, and this one was done quite frugally, which I was thrilled with.   The dollar tree, Aldi, and my time was the supplier to this shindig. I think it turned out great!  I’m getting to really enjoy planning kids’ birthday parties (see Lucy’s 4th and Gabriel’s 6th party posts).  Next up; G’s 7th…at 6 months pregnant…Oiy!




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