I didn’t ruin Mudder’s Day

Most moms I know still do all of their motherly ‘duties’ on the holiday that is set aside just for them. No one really just puts their feet up all day, although that’s what a lot of us would like to do! Most holidays I still am the 1st or 2nd one up (G sometimes beats me), and go about making breakfast, getting everyone ready, prepping food, yada yada yada. However, numerous times over the past year, I have been reminded by a certain middle daughter that I ‘ruined Mudder’s Day’ last year and every year before, because I didn’t stay in bed so she could bring me breakfast in bed, just like they do in the Berenstain Bears book. Oooookkkk. Point taken.  This year, the certain middle daughter crept into our room just after 6am and loudly whispered to J that it was ‘TIME TO MAKE BREAKFAST FOR MOM’, then promptly left for the kitchen.  I pretended to sleep for the next hour and was then greeted in bed with blueberry pancakes and a mug of orange juice to go along with my favorites, handmade cards by my kids! That is my absolute favorite!!!!

We spent the day with family and ended up with 3 very tired and cranky kiddos. Forcing a screaming 2.5 yr old through the shower at the end of a busy day is far from enjoyable.  Lucy also somehow got syrup in her hair, I had to trim Gabriel’s toenails because they were curling they were so long, and realized I didn’t have Gabriel’s 1950’s outfit ready for his music concert tomorrow night. Oye.


Nana’s rhodedendrons!  Amelia was pouting…..  


Someone’s tired!

And the most exhausting and gratifying Mother’s Day weekend project—this little gal is pretty much potty trained! Wahooooo!  The 3 day method rocks!  I guess the incentive of 32 pairs of underwear (where did they all come from?!) and an M&M for every effort the first day worked well. She’s doing so great and I’m incredibly proud of her! Yayyyy Amelia!!!! And yayyy no more diapers (for awhile anyways).  PS- I have a stack of well-loved cloth Bumgeinus 4.0’s for sale if anyone’s interested! 😉


She loves planting flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you awesome moms out there! I’ve learned so much from so many moms, young and old, and one of those things is to take care of yourself. You all deserve love and appreciation, and a nap!

Rock on, moms.




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