What the duck?

This past week brought a lot of random things.  Some weeks are pretty normal, but this last week was a bit….off.  Was there a full moon or something? Or maybe God needed a few laughs? Or maybe just bad luck? Who knows….

Wednesday, we were cleaning the garage to prep for loft construction. I saw something sneak under the car, J saw something run across the garage. “Uh, I think there’s a duck in here” he says. Um, WHAT?! After moving around some plywood and some quick moves, we discovered a less than a week old duckling that had found its way into our garage. But where did he come from? We don’t live too close to water and there’s no other ones around that we’ve seen.  You can imagine what my kids thought of it. And what my farmer-at-heart husband thought of it. It now may or may not be under a heat lamp and enjoy getting fed pieces of raw pork and duck food. He may or may not be named ‘Flash’ and may or may not have taken a few swims in our pool.  I have mixed emotions, but at this point he’s pretty cute.


The same day that Flash found us, I got 2 joyous pieces of mail *Note sarcasm*.  My 2nd jury duty summons and my 1st camera recorded speeding ticket. 0-10 miles over = $0.00;  11-20 miles over = $75. I was going 10.5 mi over, he must have rounded up, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s hard to contest that you weren’t guilty as they give you 2 pictures and 1 video of yourself speeding. Nice. Always happy to contribute to a city’s fund *Note sarcasm*. Ugh.

Lucy got to start eye patching this week! What fun for a 5 year old! Every kid wants to strengthen their right eye! *Sarcasm again*  She’s been quite a trooper and only really complained the first day. It’s only for 2 hrs a day for 5 weeks (for now), but that 2 hrs can be challenging.  We let her decorate her own patch everyday, which seems to be quite the enticement for her. Hey, whatever works. She also got a different eyeglasses prescription that includes bifocal lenses.  She’s still getting used to them, but I think they’ll work out just like the optometrist hopes!


Today’s patch artwork

Apparently with all the excitement from Flash and summer projects, someone unplugged our deep freeze in the garage and forgot to plug it back in. I discovered this morning  a freezer 1/2 full of defrosted meat, all trashed.  It could have been worse. It could have stunk. It could have been full of mama’s milk (which happened once when our old deep freeze died….I’m still recovering).  It could have been full instead of 1/2 full. Now it’s just an excuse to move the freezer to where I wanted it in the first place, since it’s empty and all. Silver lining I suppose…

We lost our car keys. The kids participated in a kids fishing seminar and derby on Saturday morning.  I had it all planned out, we had a picnic lunch packed and after all that the kids were going to do the 10th annual kids triathlon (their 2nd time!) in the afternoon.  What a great family day! Until NO fish are caught. And until you lose your keys somewhere around the fish pond! What fun it is to trek around looking for keys! When you finally succomb to your car, you find that some nice, good hearted, angel of a person has placed said keys on your windshield with a note that reads ‘Your keys were in the grass =)  ‘.  Wowza.  Made for a stressful type of morning, but kind of restores your faith in humanity!


They did have a great time!

We did have a great time hiking and enjoying a local park during a grad party today. Here’s to hoping next week is a bit less…interesting.


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