Feathering the nest

Life is hard. I’m to the point in this pregnancy that I cannot sleep.  I’m out of breath all. the. time.  I’m turning down activities left and right because they are absolutely too taxing, and I tell the kids that.  They’re not used to my lameness. I can hardly walk without wincing and limping, as my groin is killing me and I think my pelvis is breaking in 2 some days.  The foot cramps…what is with the FOOT CRAMPS?! I’m in the air conditioning 90% of the day because the heat makes me feel terrible.   I was on ‘you need to take a week off and take it easy’ orders from my midwife this week, so I spent a lot of time shopping and browsing online since I wasn’t able to work or do much around the house or with the kids.  I was having some signs of preterm labor, but a few more tests showed that I should be alright for awhile longer (good news!).  I eat a lot of popsicles and sweet corn.


Baseball game the other night…it was cool out and we had ice cream and watched fireworks….it was all good 🙂


Amelia and Rascal!

However, I am pretty happy that we got our carseat in less than 24 hrs after ordering it…thanks Target!  My other few shipments have not been quite so quick.


Amelia’s got the idea!

Baby diapers and clothes are washed and organized; bouncer, rock’n’play, and wraps/carriers have been washed, I cleaned out the diaper bag, our hospital bag is packed, carseat is installed, and Aunt Mel’s on baby watch {she has been the first to hold all our babies!!}.  Baby still does not have a crib set up, but that’s because we are going to wait to see if we need to put the crib in the ‘boy room’ or the ‘girl room’.  That crib is a beast to take up and down! For awhile he/she will be in our room, so I’m not too concerned about that.  My pump is cleaned and ready to go.  Birth plan is written.  I have still to locate my burp cloth stash and a few other things, but hopefully they’ll turn up soon! Kid’s school supplies are bought, organized and packed, so I have one less thing to worry about in August/possibly September.


Newborn diaper stash…they’re so little!


School supplies all ready to go.  Land’s End backpacks are the best! They’ve held up so well for us!

I’ve got a stash established in the freezer as well. Quite happy about that! I’ve been doubling at least 1 recipe per week, and occasionally a few more on weekends if I feel ambitious (which lately is never). Here’s a list with links:

Breakfast burritos (2 dozen)

Chicken cheddar bacon ranch soup

Spicy peach chicken sliders

Trim healthy mama BBQ chicken

Sweet and sour baked meatballs

Enchiladas (my own recipe)

Southwest pork and rice (some things I threw together, hope it’s good)

Pasta bake (another I made up!) x2

Mexican lasagna  x2

Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches

Crockpot chicken apple sweet potato

The kids have been very, very helpful lately.  I had a talk with them last week after I was put on activity restrictions and that’s all it took.  G suggests positions I should try to help me breathe better.  He steam mopped the entire first floor of the house today. He offers to sit in the ‘fancy chair’ (ie zero gravity lawn chair recliner) with me so we can be comfy together. He’s practiced carrying the carseat and rocking a baby to sleep (love that!).  Lucy has decided that she is taking over all of ‘my jobs’.  So far, it’s worked! She’s made several meals as I sit in a chair and direct her, she has helped her sister get dressed a few times, and she vacuumed the whole Expedition today after she picked up the entire first floor of the house. I just hope she keeps at it because it sure is nice! She also gave me a foot massage today with a dog toy. #winning.  Amelia has generously let me nap with her a few times and is getting more and more independent by the day 🙂

Ready to meet this little one and be able to get around a little better again…but not too soon! 8 weeks (or less)!