Well, that was quick

So much for my well intentioned frequent blogging during maternity leave.  10 weeks has come and gone and now I find myself on the ‘last’ day of my leave. Since the first 2 weeks have passed (thanks hormones…) it has flown by! I have REALLY enjoyed my maternity leave.  With my other 3 kiddos, I always got to a point where I felt like I was ready to go back because I was bored or whatnot. This time….not so much. I feel busy at home, lots of projects, things to do, people to take care of, meals to cook, laundry to do, schedules to coordinate, and errands to run. I suppose I can continue doing all of those things but with a few days of work intermixed! It also helps that Ruth is an AMAZING baby! We really got a keeper!!!

So here’s what we’ve been up to since I last posted….about 6 weeks ago. HA!

10 weeks today!

10 weeks today!

Ruth is growing like a weed. She was off the charts for length at her 2 mo checkup, measuring in at 24.5 inches! Shes now 11lb 14 oz and stretching out her 3 month clothes because she is so long! She loves to smile, coo, sit in her Bumbo and watch her siblings, get her diaper changed, be swaddled and nap.  She is a fantastic sleeper, usually going between 8-9.5 hrs at a time at night. No kidding! This actually exists! I’ve gotten more sleep during this maternity leave than ever before.  We had to do a lot of coaxing her to finally take a bottle, but she is slowly getting better. She’s curiously laid back but does enjoy observing everything going on around her. The older kids all still compete for who can hold her first, and she hands-down prefers her brother.

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!

Amelia is now 3 and becoming such a big girl! We celebrated her birthday on the actual day and she got exactly what she wanted…a BLUE cake! This girl continues to be obsessed with all things blue. She loves helping me in the kitchen, pretend playing with food especially, swinging, bouncing on her new trampoline, riding in the combine with Uncle Kyle, and singing. She melts our hearts when she says a version of her favorite phrase, “Mom? You know that you my best mommy?” and plants a big ole kiss on my cheek and squeezes my neck.  Awwww! I hope she’s always this affectionate and loving. She does this for everyone in our family. Adorbs. But she does also have her stubborn times. She’s got the classic arms folded, looking at the ground scowl posture nailed. She is 3, after all.



Lucy…..well where to start? She’s rocking kindergarten like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. She really really really enjoys school, her classmates and teacher, and misses it on weekends and breaks. She’s done very well and is beginning to read. She continues making ‘cards’ for everyone and anyone and I have to say that her art skills are quite impressive! She is constantly writing, drawing, doodling, making up shows and games,  talking, and getting distracted! She’s excited for her holiday window dance routine next weekend and wants a unicorn for Christmas. She did have quite the meltdown last night as she was sure that the Elf on the Shelf that showed up in her classroom yesterday had a ‘key to her bedroom’.  Well now.

Biggest and littlest!

Biggest and littlest!

Gabriel seems to be getting older by the minute. He’s becoming quite mature and loves hanging with his older cousins and uncles.  I do believe he’s developed a hollow leg as he never stops eating! He has taken an intense liking to wrestling, much to his father’s delight, and will participate in his first tournament this weekend. He cooks his own eggs for breakfast and prides himself in his Minecraft knowledge (although we don’t have the game!) and wearing his Cub Scout uniform.  He’s really improving in reading, and apparently can code computers at a 6th grade level (what the what!?) He has been loving all things manly lately, and even went target shooting a few weekends ago. There may or may not be a compound bow under the tree for him this year that I’m actually really excited about!

Jeremiah is busy busy busy. He is almost done with his first semester of master’s classes for educational administration and has done very well. He’s doing all kinds of observational hours for the master’s program as well as teaching 7 periods/day. He’s been helping with wrestling meets in his school district and helping me corral these 4 little people that live with us!

I’m to return to work on Monday and will return to ‘life as usual’ as a part time working mom.  I do expect some bumps in the road, but we’ll just see how things go for now. I’ve got 90% of my Christmas shopping completed (thank you, FedEx man!) and the tree is up! I’ve been working back into an exercise routine and am recognizing that this body has now grown, birthed, and nourished 4 humans and it’s no easy task to return to prior state of being. I guess it’s a journey, but I’m not the most patient!

Enjoy this beautiful and holy Christmas season!

-The Costellos



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