Friday five

20170120_102330.jpg1) It’s official. We need a bigger grocery-getter….stay tuned, J has been putting in hours of ‘research’ (AKA watching lots of youtube reviews and scouring the Ford build-your-won website). Amelia and I and Ruth ventured today for our bi-monthly grocery run. I cook A LOT. We eat A LOT. I get groceries 2x a month. That’s a lot of food to get at each trip. When I was placing the contents of my cart onto the belt, some older woman told me I ‘had my hands full’—like I’ve never heard that before– and offered to help me. I found that very nice, albeit comments!  After that I proceeded to stack and place all of my bags into every nook and cranny of the Expedition, and it was full. Yikes. It’s a workout. Good thing the kiddos have carseats because otherwise they wouldn’t have a place to sit! Amelia gets one bag to fill (on her lap in the pic) when we’re bagging groceries and it always ends up to be the bag full of licorice, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Go figure.received_1868864253393295.jpeg

2) These bunks! J has orders coming out of his ears! We’ve thought about these for awhile, but when I sent a pic to J right before his Christmas break with the caption ‘How bout you build these over break?’ I didn’t expect much of a response. Boy was I wrong! They’re all torn apart now as we are debating what color to finish them…white? light grey? covered in glitter? I kid, I kid.  Hoping they will be in the girls room soon, and then I’ll do a ‘tour’ for the blog. Yes, I’m a mom-dork 😀


3) 3 year old whining.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard. You can only tune it out for so long. Amelia is a great kid, but her whining just about does me in some days. I sure hope this phase passes fast. And yes, I gave in and she got to watch that darn movie she’s holding. *sigh* You win some, you lose some. She still tells me “Mom? You know that you my best Mommy?!”  I love her heart.

4) We’ve turned gluten free over at the House of Costellos, and it’s been great! I read an article several months ago and it sounded just like some symptoms J had been having. Since then, we’ve been GF.  At first, I had no idea what we were supposed to eat because I am not going to make 2 meals, one GF and one ‘normal’.  Fast forward 2-ish months and I’d say we’re doing pretty well. J is feeling a lot better. I’m eating mostly GF and mostly according to the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, and I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight! HOORAY! I would still like to lose 5 more lbs, but realize that may not happen until I’m done nursing. Soo, that could take awhile. But I feel good and can honestly say I’m not hungry! I eat as much as I want, but just eating differently.  THM is science based and not a ‘diet’. It’s been eye opening and made me appreciate people who’ve lost pounds.  GF is not too hard, once you figure out what it all entails. Of course no pasta or bread (unless it’s the GF variety), and not much processed food. That’s another whole post in itself that I’ll save for a later date!


5) And this munchkin is 17 weeks today! She’s such a delight, sweet, content and ADORABLE! I cannot resist her pudgy cheeks and I love how she lights up all the time. She’s got a great smile! She’s such a good baby, we’re getting spoiled! She can roll belly to back and prefers sitting/standing instead of laying anymore. She can sit up independently for about 5 seconds then topples over.  She’s pretty much the sweetest! 😀

That’s all I got for today! Have a great weekend!



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