Friday Five: 2/24/17


  1. Would ya look at this new designer piece of furniture we just got delivered? Custom made, hand crafted and hand sanded, impeccable lines and joints, stained to match the kitchen cabinets, and made with love and care….all by MY DAD! How neat is that?! It’s the perfect height and size to sit up to our island. Ruth approves! {Don’t worry, we don’t leave her there;) } THANKS DAD!!!!!

2. What is with this weather? I could have practically worn shorts 3 days ago and today Amelia’s telling me all about the snowman she’s building tomorrow with the snow we’re getting tonight. I give up. We enjoyed a good hike last week, although the kids were sad that we didn’t come upon much wildlife like we usually do, {kids, it’s STILL winter!!} but they were happy to splash in the stream and get mud in places it shouldn’t be. *sigh* And why is it that every time we are in a place without a working restroom {again, it’s STILL winter so bathrooms are locked everywhere!}  ALL of my kids have to go, more than once?! I mean, come on!!!!


3. Lucy lost her first tooth! After letting it hang on for a painfully loooong week, she finally let us me help her pull it and she was more than excited with the result, but a bit concerned with the sight of her own blood (definitely gets that from her dad…). I think she was even more excited to get her name on the ‘Tooth Wall’ at school. Kindergarten is just the best. The tooth fairy brought a whole DOLLAR. She is happily anticipating the arrival of a’big kid tooth’ in it’s place and she may or may not have confiscated the tooth into one of her purses, AKA I have no idea where it went….


4. Well Amelia got her first ear infection. Always a good time. *sarcasm*  Notice the hands on the ears, teary eyes, and the ‘She’s NOT looking in my ears mom!’ meltdown that happened just prior to this picture. She’s napping it off today; it’s amazing what a little amoxicillin and tylenol can do for a kid. I am pretty impressed that she made it over 3 years!


5. And last but definitely not least, this little munchkin turned 5 months yesterday! She could be a baby-model, no? She’s even cuter now that she can sit up on her own, and so self-entertaining!  She’s become an absolute expert hair yanker, hence my permanent ponytail and consideration of a chopped haircut. She eats all the foods….. and some non-foods. Haha! The kids think it’s absolutely hilarious when she chews on paper that THEY give her and then she hands it back slobbery wet. Kids are weird.

Have a great weekend!


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