Friday Five: 5/12/17


  1. Another great read! I’m adding this book to my top books list that I think all parents should be given when they find out they are expecting for the first time. Or I wish they would have given us this. There are just some books that all parents should read (in my opinion). This book just makes sense! I read the original ‘5 Love Languages’ several years back and found it very applicable to my own marriage. This version for detecting children’s love languages is just the same. The author does say that if the child is under age 5 you can’t really figure their prominent love language, but I think I have a good idea for G, L and A; R is yet to be determined but so far her love language is FOOD. Yet again, I should be getting compensated for these stellar book reviews, but it’s just my opinions 😉

20170511_1552572. I got an early Mother’s Day gift! I always love flowers, but I was uber impressed with the attention to detail taken on these wooden child-sticks that were stuck in the flowers. G wanted me to notice that he’s wearing overalls and brown boots. I love that he used multiple colors to get his hair shade right and bright blue for his eyes. And I love how L draws eyelashes, polka dots on her dress, a side pony, along with glasses, of course. These are seriously precious to me!


3. This kid. She’s always got something to say. She talks my ear off. Nonstop. It’s just that not many can understand what all she has to say! We didn’t want her to start preschool in the fall where no one could quite understand her, so we’ve had her screened, and she’s started speech therapy. I’m A-OK with speech therapy. Absolutely no hesitations with it. Sometimes I feel like everyone could benefit from speech therapy….ok maybe just me? And I find it absolutely fascinating and intriguing. The way that they get a kid to speak differently/clearly/correctly is nothing short of amazing. Maybe if I wasn’t a PT I’d have been a SLP…..just maybe. The progress she’s made in a few short weeks is nice to see hear! And that doll in her stroller? She’s got a broken leg with a ‘cast’ 😉


4. And this kid. She’s cleared to no longer patch her eye! HOOORRRAAAYYY! You can see how she feels about this! Vision is improved a ton in her affected eye and has stayed about the same as she has slowly weaned off the patch. She’s been patching for at least a year or so, so this is great news. I think the eye doctor’s office will miss seeing my crew every 6 weeks, but I’m sure we’ll get by!


5. No, not Halloween all over again. The kids were supposed to dress up as a movie/TV character for their spring music concert. L chose Snow White, because a princess is an obvious choice (?) We tried to explain to her that Snow White is not really a TV character, but more of a storybook character. Who cares–she wore it anyways. And let me tell you there was serious discussion between the girls as to if Snow White wore a red BOW or a red HEADBAND with that dress. Seriously. And G wanted to be the Green Lantern….again with the confusion of where characters originate. Whatever. When he came down dressed and ready to go and looking more like the Unibomber than any kind of character, we talked him into dressing like a White Sox player and playing the part of a Field of Dreams player. He was into that idea….. and then asked what the Field of Dreams was (we are seriously failing over here.)

So hard to believe our kindergartener and first grader are almost through with their school year (5 more days!!). Poor J has to go 2 more weeks 😦 Summer sure is fun, but they always miss school, especially Snow White. Her social life never takes a season off.

I suppose my next post will be a sappy end-of-school-year reminiscent post. Get ready 🙂



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