And so it begins



The kids had their last day of school today. Seems early, but their day is a bit longer on both ends and they don’t take a spring break, so it makes for a shorter year. I love it. They love it. Their school rocks.

I made them pose for obligatory end of the school year photos this morning. It was pouring rain and 40 degrees, so on the porch was the best we could get. I also got them to pose with their teachers, whom I could write another entire blog post about, they are that amazing.

The kids sure have changed a lot since the beginning of the year. Sure, G grew about 3 inches and L is now my mini-look-alike-clone. But the most amazing changes came within them. *enter mom bragging moment, I promise it will be brief*

Gabriel is doing math almost 2 grade levels ahead of his grade. Lucy knows art techniques that I didn’t even know existed. Gabriel’s reading has ‘clicked’. Lucy’s penmanship is better than mine. Gabriel codes robots and computers right along with the 6th graders. Lucy can READ pages of Junie B Jones.


The kids are amazing. Their growth is amazing. Their school is AMAZING.

This year alone, they did the coolest stuff. Field trips, ice cream trips, nature walks, special visitors. They built solar machines; were entered in art shows; incubated, hatched and named baby chicks; performed really neat real life science experiments; grew an indoor garden; made objects on a 3D printer; coded robots; performed in concerts.


I kid you not, she named her chick ‘Bob’

Today after their early dismissal, we came home for a chill afternoon. Except for G wanted to get on some building computer game and Lucy read me a whole book. Say what!? I guess the learning continues, and I love it!

So long, school year. We’ll look forward to your return in August. But until then, we’ve got a lot of summer memories to make! Hello, summer!



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