Things that made my week happy

In no particular order, things that made me happy this week. Photos, for your viewing pleasure.


Lucy lost her 2nd tooth this week while watching G play ball. The tooth fairy failed to make an appearance that night (whoops) so Lucy thought a note was appropriate. The tooth fairy apparently can’t read though as she did not leave her autograph. HA!


Sharing a little sit’n’spin on the porch.


We surprised the kids and took them to the long-awaited “coconut caves” AKA Maquoketa Caves this week. They LOVED it and we had such a great time caving, picnicking and hiking. Here’s Amelia in the massive ‘Dancehall Cave’ with her tiny little flashlight.


Amelia wanted her toes done. I was in the middle of something so suggested Lucy could do them. And off they ran. I then came upon this lovely site. If only they always got along this well.


Gabriel and his 2 buddies down the street conjured up this ‘fort’ with our landscaping bricks and random other things they found in the garage. We have since taken it down due to safety reasons, but they were so proud of it, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and played in it for hours. Our neighbors probably think some homeless people have moved into our driveway…..Hopefully this is a sign that they will all become successful engineers or architects someday.20170610_082608

Lucy made me this crown. It’s made of wood, metal, duct tape and screws. She had Papa cut the triangles and she painted and wrote the words herself. This may be one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, although it is quite difficult to actually wear. Seriously precious.


Lucy had her first tball game. She was a bit too concerned with chatting with her friends and the post-game Gatorade, but did have fun. I think she’s starting to get the idea, but we’ll see. 7 more games to go. 😉

And with that, I’m signing off!


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