My daughter, the three year old

In my parenting journey thus far, I have found 3 year olds to be very interesting.  They are so many things, I could list off adjectives for hours.  Funny, cute, mischevious, emotional, curious, inquisitive, brash, spirited, brave, fearful, energetic….the list goes on and on and on! Each one is so unique too. But at 3 years old is when it seems that the child really comes into their own and develops more of their child personality and leaves behind more of what made them a baby or toddler. I have also discovered that 3 year old’s moods, tones and opinions change very very quickly, so hold onto your pants (literally).

Since I hope to read back on this blog in years to come as a kind of virtual diary about our family, I wanted to take the time to document our current 3 year old, Amelia, because there is just a LOT about her.


I love her crooked smile

Amelia is, by far, the liveliest of all of all the 3 year olds we’ve had. She’s our wild child. Every family has one, right?! She’s also the loudest, bounciest, most emotional and most energetic. She will bounce all. day. long on her mini trampoline, with breaks for running and food, and maybe some Lego time with G. She’s incredibly loud. So loud that I had her hearing checked. Nope, no hearing problem, just a loud personality. I hope it serves her well someday, but for now we are working on the idea of toning it down. She has energy, does she ever. The other day she ran 3 LAPS around our block with me. We figured that out to close to 3/4 of a mile on those little legs. I’m really hoping she’s our runner because, well, I need one of our children to carry on with running! She never once was carried when we hiked for 6 hours at Maquoketa Caves. The kid has some amazing endurance and is always up for an adventure.


Always a blur

Oh, she does stand still and hold still sometimes, but she definitely prefers to be on the move. She loves to cuddle and read books and books or watch a movie. She loves hearing stories about when I was a girl, doing puzzles, marble run, Legos, coloring, and doing workbooks.

This 3 year old is covered in bruises, bumps, scratches, and most days a thin (to thick) layer of dirt and stickiness. I know this just means she’s an active kid. She’s not going to miss a thing, that’s for sure, and she keeps up with her siblings at an amazing rate.


Frequently a mess, but a cute one at that!


Tonight after every other kid was asleep I hear the loud whisper attempt that only a 3 year old can do, ‘Maaaam. What are we going to do tomorrow?’ Why is she always so concerned about what’s up next? This kid… I tell her what’s on the agenda, then tell her I gotta go so I can go to bed myself. ‘Maaaam. But where are your pajamas?’ In my room, go to sleep. ‘What color are they?’ Blue, go to sleep. ‘What color of blue?’ Dark blue, go to sleep! ‘What do they have on they?’ Nothing, just plain blue, go to bed! ‘G’night mom, love you!’

The other morning when we actually all had a chance to sleep in, I awoke to the sound of the battery powered pencil sharpener running. I knew Gabriel was up, then I figured out that Amelia was up too as the sharpening continued and continued and continued for several minutes. I don’t know if she was trying to sharpen the pencil to a stub or what. No one understands the mind of a 3 year old, and this regularly amuses me….and drives me crazy at the same time.

She is absolutely one of our most affectionate 3 year olds. No one gets out of our house without a hug AND a big kiss, usually several of both! She tells me at least 5 times at bed time ‘I love you Mom!’ and has loves on Ruth constantly. It’s pretty much adorable.


She also loves to instigate fights. Lucy is her favorite sibling to fight with. She’ll hide the toothpaste, kick Lucy’s bunk or steal her comforter, or sing for wayyyyy too long at bedtime. Sometimes she’ll shut a door and sit behind it, throw things down the steps, or push her until she gets to stand on the step stool. Working on all of these…..I sometimes have to try not to laugh when Lucy tattles on Amelia for taking something away from her. 3 year olds are tough and determined! Sister love is also interesting…..

This 3 year old is very resistant. To naps, that is. She will crash and burn HARD after resisting a nap, but not before going completely crazy. There have been days when I or Nana cannot get Amelia to nap and she literally bounces off everyone, everything, and every wall until she crashes and burns. She literally goes nuts when she gets super tired. The lack of sleep seems to make her high strung, hyper, and delirious. Amelia, please just take a nap. It’s for everyone’s safety. Mmmmkay? Thanks.

Amelia is our ball of fire. I cannot wait to see what she conquers in her life. I love her zeal, determination, energy, and affection. If there is one word to describe her, it might be fierce, in a good way 😉 I hope she keeps all of the above mentioned attributes, but just remembers to talk in an indoor voice. 😉




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