Uncharted territory

  1. So I did something new today. I took 3 kids to school, and I left them all there. Weird.


I snapped this picture without them knowing #momskills.  And I’m pretty sure they should be Land’s End backpack models, just sayin’. I’m not sure I even needed to go into school with them today. The older 2 helped Amelia into her room, found her cubby, helped her to hang up her backpack and then held her hand and walked to the playground. I snagged a hug. Amelia turned around and yelled ‘Bye Mom!!!’. And that was it. Talk about not feeling needed. 😉 I am SO excited for her to be in preschool. She has been looking forward to this for so long. I love watching them grow!!!


2.I started looking at cake ideas and birthday gifts for my BABY who is turning ONE in less than a month. Super weird. What’s also super weird is that I think this kid really is part of the monkey species. She climbs like no other. We have never had a kid like this….. or maybe it’s just been awhile since Gabriel was one. She enjoys climbing in and out of the dishwasher and attempting to break the hinges off the door, climbing into/out of/on top of the broiler drawer of the oven, climbing chairs, slides, stairs and ladders, splashing in the toilet, as well as yanking all and every last book off of the bookshelf. She sure is cute and fun though 🙂


3. We are planning a camping trip involving 3 tents, 3 nights, 7 people, and a lot of food. Wish us luck and pray for no rain. We have only ever done 1 night trips before so this will be very different. We are VERY excited. We will have no electricity so all meals will be over the fire and hopefully be a lot of tasty trout that we catch. Hopefully the mosquitos take a vacation then too.

4. I am teaching Sunday School this year to a grade I’ve never taught. In the past (before our kids were born) Jeremiah and I taught 2nd grade (and we really had no idea what we were doing) and then I got wiser and co-taught 3 yr old preschool faith formation with a friend, because preschool is way easier than 2nd grade sacramental year. This year a nun asked me to teach 1st grade, but I have never done that grade before. But, when a nun asks you to do something, you do it. So, I’m teaching 1st grade and Lucy is over the moon that I’ll be her teacher. We’ll see how that goes.

5. Last and certainly the most unimportant of this blog post, I am going to attempt to make salsa verde today with a massive amount of tomatillos that a patient brought to us out of his garden this week. Also going to try our hand at refrigerator pickles. Never have done either of these things before, so wish me luck once again. Now that I have 3 hrs of the morning a few days a week with only 1 kid anything can happen!




2 thoughts on “Uncharted territory

  1. First grade faith formation is all about “God loves us” and “Jesus loves us”. Also I would recommend teaching the basic prayers, “Our Father”, “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be to the Father” as well as the Sign of the Cross. You can totally do this Sarah. I would also recommend using music and coloring pages as time fillers so you have time to greet them as they enter the classroom individually.

    I love your posts and getting a window into you and the kids daily life.

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