Friday Five: 9/8/17

  1. We survived our 3+day tent camping excursion, and I can honestly say that it was probably the best family trip we’ve had. We had such a wonderful time!!! I never once heard ‘I’m bored’ and there was actually very little fighting amongst the siblings. The weather was beautiful other than the first night dipping to the mid 40’s and a 30 minute shower of rain on Saturday. {Side note: how does one dress an infant for sleeping outdoors when it’s that chilly? I tried a few different things and really nothing was successful = I got little sleep. So if you have tips, let me know} We did a lot of hiking, cooking over the campfire, fishing, caving, kayaking, playing on the beach and exploring the park. Our kids are awesome hikers and we covered some serious miles of rough terrain. Iowa has so many hidden gems and places always surprise me! Gabriel chopped a whole fallen tree in half with a hatchet {talk about a boy being proud of himself}. We saw a coyote, beaver, eagle, deer, trout, chipmunk and lots of birds.We got some relaxing time around the campfire and ate a ton of smores and the like. I am finally getting caught up on laundry and literally did just that for 3 days upon returning from our trip. That’s a serious endeavor! The kids are already asking when we can go again so it looks like I better figure out how to dress the infant at night 😉

Backbone ridge trail



Six Pines Trail

2. Amelia is loving preschool! No surprise to us, but I thought she would have had more of an adjustment period than she did…..which was basically nonexistent. The adorable preschool artwork and projects have returned to adorne our fridge and I love it. Her favorite parts of school include recess, cutting with scissors, riding the school bus home, singing songs, and snack time. What a kid! Her speech continues to improve and I think being around other little people has helped. She declares daily that ‘Mom, you are my bestie!’ Melt. my. heart.


Dot markers–a preschool fav

3. My better half is running for school board! The election is this upcoming week, so if you’re in our district please vote! He will make an awesome school board member!

4. Ruth is a beast baby. That’s the first thing I said to J this morning and it’s the reality as of lately. She’s cutting molars and is not sleeping well. Le sigh. I’m talking thrashing around for 5 hrs last night. Poor girl. She does wake up happy though, so that’s good. She continues to climb anything and everything and can even open the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs now. Uff da. She loves to chew on sidewalk chalk and sticks and is relentless about getting in the dishwasher and pulling everything down at the library. This day she figured out how to use a step stool to reach the cookie dough in the mixer bowl. I like to think that she’s a problem solver 😉


5. My latest reads: A man called Ove was a charming one. I gave it 4 stars and can see why it’s been at the top of the bestsellers list. Fiction is not really my favorite genre, but it was pretty good, although it took me longer than I care for to get through it. Another recent one that I absolutely LOVED was The Magnolia Story about Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’. Talk about hard work paying off! This autobiography was awesome and very inspiring. It’s so great to see honest, good, hardworking, Christians make it in life and live their dreams. And now I’m on The Boys in the Bunkhouse which is the story of the mentally challenged men who were living in Atalissa, a town just 20-ish miles away, and working at a turkey factory. So far this book is extremely well written and weaves complex story of how these men got into such a dire situation. Read on, my fellow bookworms, read on.

Image resultImage resultImage result

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