Today is Ruth’s last day as an 11 month old. Tomorrow she turns *ONE*. We will have a toddler moreso than a baby. I can hardly stand it.


Ruth was a long awaited, anticipated and prayed for addition to our family. We had to wait longer than we had planned for her. We all know how those plans go…. I started to think that maybe we were meant to have 3 kids….but then she came around. 🙂 I also found myself waiting longer to deliver her than any of our other babies (40wks + 1 day, to be exact). Those interested can read her birth story HERE and my end of pregnancy rant HERE. Ahem. But what I didn’t see during any of that was that God had a plan. Of course I see it now, hindsight is always at least 20/20. She fits into our family so well and I can definitely see that she was given to us for so many reasons and has taught all of us so much already. Timing for her was perfect, of course. She’s been an amazing gift to our family. And tomorrow she turns ONE.

She walks. She CLIMBS. She jabbers; says ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘nana’, and I think I’ve heard ‘mo’.  She attracts people because of her strawberry-blondish hair, piercing blue eyes and happy toothy grin. She’s mischevious and prefers to ride around on my hip, not a fan of strangers. She continues to highly enjoy climbing in the dishwasher, stairs, the great outdoors, pulling flower blossoms, bouncy balls, eating paper and almost all foods. She’s a busy girl when a lot of exploring to do. She tries hard to keep up with her siblings. She’s a good sleeper and an overall delight.

We are so lucky to have her 🙂




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