I met a goal!

In February of 2017, I set a goal. I was tired of not getting to do the things that I enjoyed just because I had a lot on my plate. After all, don’t we all always have a lot on our plate?! A few years back I made a resolution to resume doing the things that I enjoyed; running/exercising, crafting, reading, sewing, baking, hiking, kayaking, etc etc etc because I desperately needed to. So last February I decided that in 2017 I was going to READ. My goal was 20 books, which really, is not very much. That’s over 2 weeks of time per book. Which is more than plenty for me.

I’ve read 23 books this year!! And I still have a few weeks, so hoping to add 1 or 2 more to my list! Most of these I knocked off in less than a week’s time each.

I thought I’d post all 23 of the books that I enjoyed this year, with my top 5 favorites listed first. I read a good mix of fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and memoirs. If nothing else, this post can give people some motivation to resume a hobby that they enjoy, no matter how busy life is! And definitely make the time to read these:

 Wonder by R.J. Palacio #1 There’s a reason that this has been made into a movie and is selling out. So, so, so good. I actually just finished this last week. This is such a great based-on-real-life story that makes you cheer for the characters. Any adolescent especially should read this. Makes us all think a bit harder about how blessed we are. Quick read and worth the time!
I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai #2 The nonfiction story of one of the arguably bravest girls in the world; shot in the head by the Taliban, who survived to tell about it and become  worldwide icon for women’s rights. Great read!
Still Alice by Lisa Genova  #3 So authentic in a woman’s struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s. Gripping and difficult to put down. Fiction.
The Magnolia Story by Chip Gaines #4 Ah, The Gaines. A true hard-work-pays-off, sweat-blood-tears and risk-taking motivational book of a truly inspirational Christian couple and family. Great read, especially if you are a Fixer Upper fan. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one.
When the Brain Can't Hear by Teri James Bellis #5 This is not a very light read, but I found it fascinating and extremely enlightening and helpful. Nonfiction, but especially for the parent of a child with Auditory Processing Disorder. It made it all make sense.
The rest of the list, all of which were honorable mentions!

My goal for 2018 is 30 books!

Read on, fellow bookworms!!




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