School’s out for the summer!

Another school year is over! I see what people mean now when they say the years really do start to fly as your kids get older. I wanted to compare the kids’ first and last day pics.  Here’s the best we got!

2nd grader, Gabriel:

He especially looks and acts a lot older. He’s already up to my shoulders and has a very inquisitive mind. He raises a lot of questions about faith and eternity. Deep. He’s seriously already missing his teacher, he thinks she’s the best thing ever.

1st grader, Lucy:

She continues to be our social butterfly and excels in school. She’s reading waaay above her level and picks up things very quickly. She loved 1st grade and told me this summer she would like to tour the KLOVE studio and go swimming. Goals!

Preschooler, Amelia:

Amelia has probably grown up the most of all. She’s independent, can speak for herself, LOVES preschool and cannot sleep with bumps in her comforter. She’s probably going to be our most challenging child thus far with giving us a run for our money. She informed me the other day that she kissed so-and-so and they’re in love. Ahem. We had to have a talk.


Photo credit to Jeremiah Costello, what a great job he did!

Honestly, all the kids were sad to be done with the school year! They have such AMAZING teachers and their school really is a family. I know everyone talks about how great their kid’s school and teachers are and blah blah blah, but this is legit. The school we have here is a gem and seriously one of a kind. I cannot imagine a better school to educate and prepare our kids for the world, not only in content, but real life and interpersonal skills. We are so incredibly blessed to have this school!!!!

Our plans for the summer? Well I’m going to continue growing a human. Other than that, we’ve talked with G and L about some reading goals, hopefully 1 book per week. If they do that I am going to be thrilled! J has some goals for all of us learning a second language and honing some musical skills. We plan to make several trips and will resume lessons in Costello’s Summer School of Life. G has gotten several opportunities lately, including helping to drive a mini excavator, pulling a calf, burying some deceased pets, castrating cows, lighting controlled fires and defeating chickens for their eggs. Good stuff. We have family visiting several times and are planning to go to Kentucky to visit the Arc as well as San Diego for training/mini vaca. There’s a lot of local places we want to take the kids so hopefully my energy levels can suffice.

Happy summertime!!!

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