Sunday Six: 7/22/18

Yipes! It’s been awhile.

Apparently 2 months of the summer has already flown by and also has my consistency with blogging! We have had a very full and fun summer thus far and now we are unpatiently anxiously awaiting the arrival of #5. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  1. I was determined that this summer we were going to travel. I’ve frequently felt that travelling while uber pregant (which is basically every other year for us) or with a baby under 1 year (again, every other year for the past 9 years) is too difficult. Well I cracked that code this summer and we had 2 great trips! In June J had a conference in San Diego, CA, so we took a few extra days and with the generous help of Nana and Papa, got a parent’s only vaca. Say what!?!?! The last time that happened was 3 years and 2 kids ago! We ate some great food, saw all the sights and enjoyed our time in CA. It took a bit longer to get there than should have (missed a flight for the first and hopefully last times in our lives!) and I was of course delayed to get home (gate changes, flight delays, a man having to be apprehended and removed from the plane right before takeoff), but overall it was a great trip.  Then, at the beginning of July we packed up and drove to see The Ark Encounter in Kentucky. This did not disappoint! This is something that I’ve wanted to see and take the kids to for 2 years now (it was built in 2016) and it was a great experience. You go through the entire inside museum and there are some outdoor activities on the grounds as well. We also toured the Creation Museum as well as the National Museum of the Air Force. The kids frequented the hotel pool nightly and did better than expected on the 7 hr trip each way. We ate some amazing local BBQ (kids eat free—we’ll be back!!) and Mexican.  Black Betty the van was AMAZING to travel in! So much room!!! There was 8 of us total and everyone was comfortable in the 11 available seats + cargo room. Have van, will travel!


2. Today is Jeremiah and my 12th anniversary. It apparently doesn’t feel a day over 13 years, as I had been thinking for a month it was 13 today, not 12. Thanks Aunt Mel for showing me the math 😉 I guess that’s pregnancy brain for you! 12 years has been an amazing journey and I really can’t ask for a better marriage. I mean that. I was hoping we might have an anniversary baby, but it’s not appearing that way, which leads me to…

3. Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Read: today I am uber pregnant and uncomfortable and might come across as something other than nice. I hit a turning point about 2 weeks ago. I started not sleeping well, I sweat all the time, the baby dropped so my pelvis hurts more, I have started having intermittent shooting pain into my legs, my belly feels like it cannot possibly stretch any further, I have 5 outfits that somewhat fit, and I just feel cranky. I’ve given up on wearing anything other than skirts or dresses because the tightness around my belly and hips becomes unbearable. I grimace and hobble directly from bed to the shower each morning because I cannot move when I wake up; everything from my upper back to my thighs hurt and ache and a shower is the only thing that seems to help some. It’s quite an unpleasant sight, and feeling. Aunt Mel vouches that I get very very cranky right before I go into labor, so I’m seeing that become more near. I’m hoping for a quick labor similar to Ruth’s, so maybe waiting until closer to my due date will help with that. We’ll see. Until then I’ll be walking every night and doing lots of pelvic tilts and squats.

4. We have all things baby ready, and I’ve realized that I’ve become quite the minimalist in the newborn department. We bought a new sit-n-stand stroller and I have a shelf full of newborn and size 1 diapers, but the rest we just pulled out from storage and washed. I’ve got a stack of each boy and girl newborn clothes, a rock’n’play bassinett and a bouncer. The car seat is installed in the van. That’s a wrap.


The new ride. Ruth doesn’t realize that she’ll soon be booted to the back to make room for the infant seat that conveniently locks in 😉 Amelia does realize that she’s not riding much longer

5. I realized yesterday that I’ve spent a considerable amount of my summer carting my kids around to their social activities. What a life they lead! They’ve of course had a vacation with all of us, went/going to VBS, swimming  lessons, summer reading intensive, summer book camp, numerous birthday parties (G had 4 in one day last month!), baseball/softball seasons, camping, spoiling individual weekend with Aunt Mel, piano recital, horse riding lessons, riding the go-cart and have eaten popsicles every day because that’s how we roll. School resumes in 4 weeks and you better believe I’ve already bought those supplies because yes, you can get them in your grocery pick up order! Anyhoo, they are loving summer and I like the slower pace now that ball season is over!


They’re so cute!

6. J is 2 days away from turning in his final project for his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. He will be licensed as a pre-k through 12th grade principal or special education supervisor. (!!!!) We are all very happy that he will no longer have weekly class or assignments to complete on the weekends. We were just talking about how he started this degree 1 week before Ruth was born and will complete in right before (or after?) baby 5 is born. Timing….  He’s very happy to have his time back and has already completed a small addition to the treehouse and some of my honey-do’s around the house. I am so proud of him, his perseverance and determination to get this degree and his completion of it! Having 4 kids underfoot while writing papers, reading research, preparing presentations, attending 3 hrs of class weekly all while holding down a full time job is no small feat! CONGRATS TO HIM!!!