Friday Five: 9/14/18


1. Miss Kateri is growing like a weed! We went in for a checkup the other day and she’s up to 10 lbs 6oz! Awesome rate of gain for not quite 6 weeks old. She is sleeping usually 5 to 6 hr stretches at night now and is generally a very content baby that is easily soothed. She’s such a peach. Her cheeks are so squishy and we can’t get enough of her!


2. Miss senior picture pose AKA Ruth continues to be the source of all anxiety and chaos in our house. If Ruth disappears (which happens almost every minute) one could bet money that she has gotten herself into trouble or has left the building. Her greatest stunt so far was lifting Kateri from her bassinett onto the floor in the 30 seconds that she was gone from the kitchen. Lucy and I ran upstairs and found both little girls sitting on the floor, Kateri in Ruth’s lap, screaming. Terrifying, to say the least. She also has fascinations with tubes/bottles of anything, poking Kateri’s eyes, the bathroom sink, slamming doors, wearing her sister’s shoes, and trying to free the bunnies. Pray for us, as Ruth doesn’t even turn 2 for another week.



3. Amelia is at such a fun age and is always up for an adventure. She ends almost all sentences with ‘Right, Mom?!’ so I must constantly be listening to her never-ending monologue to agree with her. She always has a trick to show us and when she is home Ruth is usually in much less trouble because they play very well together. She insists she is too old for a nap and then promptly passes out for an hour. Amelia is doing preschool 4 half days and 1 full day, which is a big deal because she gets to eat lunch at school on that day. She has earned the nickname ‘Me too’ because she will NOT be left out of anything!


4. Lucy has become a tween at the tender age of 7 1/2. Ahem…. She comes home from school with a new hairdo daily (not what I sent her to school in) and she is extremely picky about her clothes all of a sudden. Athletic shorts, shirts with absolutely nothing on them please; no fringe, words, emblems, graphics…… she may tolerate a tiny ruffle here and there. She is terribly worried about what we will do when her favorite sandals ‘with the gems’ fall apart in the imminent future. Her backpack is adorned with fluff balls of every shape and size that makes it very difficult to zip up. She’s a great reader and finds some books insulting to her intelligence if they are printed as below a 3rd grade level. She continues to be our resident artist and dreams of the day when she can have a craft room of her very own that Ruth cannot destroy.


5. If Lucy is the tween, Gabriel has become a man suddenly. I lovingly refer to him as ‘my man-child’ and he thinks it’s hilarious. The kid is weighs 80 lbs and is up to my shoulder, which means he is likely to surpass me before he’s out of elementary school. He has mastered the hoverboard and will tell you that he ‘caught 2 trout…almost’ during a recent fishing trip. We snapped this picture the other day because he wants to submit it to the Lego magazine for publication on their projects page. He continues to be a builder and his 4 sisters are his nemesis to all his Lego creations. One blond one in particular….