Friday Five: 9/13/19

  1. Well today marks 4 week of my new adventure in life. And I can say I’m really enjoying it!  I like still working some, just at various times and days, albeit less than I was. I like being the main keeper of all the home/people/things/food/meals/calendars/events/appointments/practices, etc. I like not feeling so darn stressed and out of control because I was fitting too much into too much. It’s just been nice. The kids are getting into a decent morning routine to where I basically just ask them if they’ve ‘done their list’ (I have one posted for each school age kid), fix the girls’ hair, and get Ruth and Kateri ready for the day. They now pack their own lunches {mostly} and get to school together. Ruth, Kateri and I have a good daily routine and it seems to work well. We have one day we like to spend with Nana, one day we are attempting daily Mass (I need all the graces I can get!), we do library programs, I’m coaching volleyball, teaching 1st grade Faith Formation,  and there’s always errands, appointments, meetings and all that jazz. We always have things to do and places to be! I’ll admit I spend ALOT of time in the kitchen, but that’s just how it is. I prefer to cook from scratch, everyone takes their lunch daily, and we rarely eat out. We/I bake something almost daily…this week alone I’ve made breakfast granola bars, brownies, GF bread, healthy muffins…oh, AND THERE’S 7 OF US. Nothing lasts longer than 24-48 hrs. So there’s that. After school the kids usually do a lot of this:20190803_174534.jpgLegos. Lots of Legos. Usually there are neighbor kids involved. They always find it necessary to move a few bins of Legos onto the porch instead of upstairs, I guess there’s more scenery on the porch! But let me tell you that stepping on Legos on the concrete hurts!!!
  2. G and L  took part in the Young Eagle’s program that gives free flights to kids. G and L loved it. Amelia was not quite old enough but is desperately looking forward to when she is. They got a 15-20 min flight around the area and learned all about planes, pilots, etc. Of course now G wants to become a pilot as soon as he’s of age…


  3. The kids entered a competition to win a chance to paint one of eight-ish benches on main street way back in early summer. They won! All 3 of the older kids were supposed to work together to make 1 bench that contained each of their ideas. It started out with just white primer. It took us a long time, longer than it should have, to complete. There was a lot of crying involved and paint on clothes and stuck in hair. I ended up finishing it and we were late getting it back to town. BUT! It’s there now and it looks cute. The polka dots are actually thumb prints! It’s pretty cute.


  4. The kids are enjoying school a lot. Amelia especially loves everything about kindergarten. G loves that he’s in the upper half of the elementary now, math, band and having a locker. Lucy loves that she gets a Chromebook this year, art, band, and learning Spanish. They all love seeing their dad throughout the day. It’s been a great thing!


    After the first day of Kindergarten!

  5. Last but not least, this cutie turned 13 months 2 weeks ago. Weird. I swear she was just born. She gets awfully proud of herself when she stands up unassisted in the middle of the room and takes 2 steps, then tumbles over. All the kids love toting her around and entertaining her. Kateri has picked up a habit of biting my legs frequently when I’m standing. I’m not a fan. Some days it’s almost constant no matter what I do. And I’m not talking a little nibble. Any ideas on that one!? Kateri and Ruth have become quite good buddies during the day and Ruth has decided it’s her turn to mother K. Quite entertaining but they keep each other in check. She loves climbing, things to chew on, any food, her brother, and bouncing on the trampoline with her siblings.

    The dimple remains!!