A different kind of Holy Week: Week 4

Monday April 6

The day starts with Kateri learning to climb out of her crib. This doesn’t make my day. Kateri proceeds to want to participate as usual in all school related activities (ie scribbling on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and climbing all over the table on repeat) We do schoolwork and build with magnet tiles and read a lot and help G and L with figuring perimeter/area and play in forts and play with Legos. Legos are a gift from God, seriously. My kids play with them daily and always have. I foil wrapped some some freezer sandwiches for lunch and voila! Lunch lady hot ham n cheeses that the kids loved. They did say that the school’s were still the best….I’ve got nothing on Ms. Teresa! I washed up all of the snow pants and some of the winter coats and the girls rounded up allll the boots and I convinced Gabriel to climb up in the garage loft to help me pack them all away. I fell off a ladder once while pregnant and don’t care to repeat that experience. Lucy wanted to learn the line dance for ‘Feel it Still’ while Gabriel wanted to learn how to play it on the piano. We had pork loin from the crock pot along with broccoli, baked beans and some delicious cookies for dinner. My body is hurting in new ways daily which is becoming more of a struggle!


Tuesday April 7

Tues/Thurs *usually* I’ve been letting the kids have a lighter ‘school day’ and we either go hike somewhere unpopulated or ride bikes on local trails before we do school work in the afternoon. My sanity appreciates it, as does my mood as long as I don’t overdo it. Today we ventured to Wapsi River Center which is about 10 mins from us. The actual nature centers are closed but the trails are open and lovely! We ran/walked trails, climbed hills, watched 5 deer cross our path, found an ‘enchanted forest’ (thank you Frozen II). The kids caught frogs at a pond that must have housed a million frogs and looked at frog eggs while I sat for a break on the trail. It was so WARM!! Lunch on the porch and afternoon school work outside while I lounged in the reclining chair in the warm sunshine and read a book *bliss*. We listened to ‘Wow in the World’ kids podcast on our way to/from grocery pickup, their favorite. J helped me make BBQ pizza with pulled pork for dinner which was nothing short of AMAZING. We ate again on the porch, one of my favorite things, Amelia added some daffodils for aesthetic pleasure 😉 The kids rode bikes off a homemade ramp and entertained the neighbors who were watching from their porches. Ruth joined in the fun and insisted on wearing cowgirl boots and gloves to do the ramp. She kills me. From the porch we watched a big thunderstorm roll in. Just as I was getting the girls into the tub, we heard what sounded like baseballs pummeling the west side of our house and roof. HOLY HAIL. I have never seen such huge hail! A few girls ran outside naked before we corralled them back in to collect some hail, but we did get a good pile for the freezer. The kids were completely jacked up about this. Absolutely incredible. Nature astounds and amazes me!!!



Golf ball sized!!

Wednesday April 8

I woke up Wednesday with a million and one things to do. Today also marks 25 weeks of pregnancy and the fact that I can now feel every joint in my pelvis move and shift and hurt! Always a good time. The aftermath of the previous night’s golf ball sized hail storm was adding up to be a lot. G and L moved outside for their first class but realized it was a bit too loud with all of the tree mulching and cutting machines chomping away in the neighborhood. Our yard was covered in sticks, it looked like there wasn’t anything left on the trees, they were all in our yard! We went to our rental houses to survey the damage and there were huge holes all over the siding. Broken windows. Circle spots all over the roofs. I spent some time on the phone discussing damages. Yipes. Thank goodness for insurance! After lunch we raked allll the sticks out of the yard and had a little bonfire in the street that Gabriel started. There was a whole tree in the pile! It all of a sudden got really chilly and windy and we retreated inside. We made turkey kale pasta for dinner and I didn’t get a picture of anything else for the day. The kids loved the pasta. We were all pretty wiped from today and yesterday and sat down to watch The Little Mermaid before bed. Kateri could not keep her elbows out of my belly so I retreated upstairs for awhile. Seriously, it is painful. Sometimes, mama needs a time out and to sneak chocolate and look at her facebook stories in the quiet upstairs without elbows in her sore belly. Anyways. I was falling asleep reading before 9:30 so went off to bed!


They actually really love their classes, despite their expressions here

Thursday April 9

I wasn’t feeling it Thursday. Not at all. I decided we weren’t going to attempt any school. Everyone could use a day off and it is Maundy Thursday. I asked the kids what they wanted to do today, to come up with one fun thing each. We ended up with the list including making homemade ice cream, riding bikes in town, playing Adventure Academy, and having a Wii Mario Kart tournament. Still seemed like a lot of work as I was feeling lazy, but I agreed. We cleaned the girl’s room so you could actually walk in it, and vacuumed the upstairs. I got some laundry done. We went for a walk/bike ride and I froze my hands. What the heck happened to the weather?! After lunch I put the little girls down for naps and the rest of us did reading and learning games for something like 3 hours. I know, way too much screen time, but whatevs. Everyone lived. I started a new book and read 50 pages and it was quite difficult to put it down! Once J got home I sent the kids up to do the Lego challenge and I did an online workout, which was long overdue. I thought the endorphins might help my mood, and it did somewhat. We watched a Mass of the Lord’s Supper on YouTube and then warmed up carnitas for dinner. We made them into tacos/taco salad type foods. Super yummy. We proceeded to do the family MarioKart tournament in the basement (which is unfinished but houses the Wii) which ended up to be a lot of us telling the girls to get off the exercise bikes, stay away from the furnace and for everyone to stop YELLING. We then made the homemade ice cream, which they rolled around on the basement floor in a round sugar container. Kateri screamed for most of the evening because she’s in that great toddler/I throw fits every 3 minutes/I want what I want NOW/I can scream really LOUD phase. The day seemed very l.o.n.g. and I was ready to park it on the couch with chocolate and new book, but that was a ways off. The ice cream never solidified, the kids went crazy and bedtime got too late. Woof. We’ll be doing some type of schoolwork tomorrow…..


See that?? It’s bare floor!!





Carnitas on a bed of greens it was SO GOOD

Friday April 10

Jeremiah had the day off and it was a good thing, because the insurance adjuster spent 2+ hours at our properties surveying hail storm damage. What an undertaking this is going to be! I tried to have the kids do some schoolwork, and they got a little bit done. We got chili going in the crock pot. G and L virtually attended their Rubiks cube club at 1pm. I wasn’t feeling too lively so I went and laid down for an hour and a half in the afternoon and read. The kids only came in 67 times but I did get a lot of reading done {WIN}. We watched the Good Friday Mass at 3pm then did a little egg hunt in the yard. Kids cleaned up the house because it looks like a bomb goes off daily in our living room, kitchen and dining room. Chili for dinner and watched ‘The Gospel of John’ on Amazon Prime which is Jesus’ life told from John’s point of view. The kids enjoyed it but it was 3 hours long so we only watched about half of it. I didn’t take any pictures all day. Thank goodness for sunshine today!

Saturday April 11

I did some food prep in the morning, played some lawn croquet and packed a lunch. We then headed to Cedar Valley Park for a blanket picnic and walking trails. I had made a hodge podge chicken salad that included the regular chicken, mayo, celery, but then added kale, pepitas, stone ground mustard, dill, seasoned salt and green onions. It turned out so good! I feel like I’m mastering shelf cooking where you just make something out of what you have on hand. We got rained on pretty hard so turned around on our hike, but got to see some quarries, new spring flowers and some wildlife on the river. We returned home with the kids all jazzed up to dye eggs, make Easter decor and a bunny cake. We/they did just that. The girls named the Easter Bunny cake ‘Lindsey’. Love it. My cake decorator tool that I’ve had for going on 7 years broke, but we pressed on! A construction company came and gave us our first estimates for damage. We had spaghetti for dinner and watched the Easter Vigil Mass. We normally don’t do the Vigil because it’s a long Mass (although beautiful!) but it gets too late for the kids when it usually starts at 8pm or after. However this year, we just put people to bed before or during.



Catching raindrops



Lindsey 😉

Sunday April 12

HAPPY EASTER!!! HE IS RISEN!! We spent the day playing in the yard, hunting eggs, Zoom calling family, eating chocolate, watching Mass, playing croquet and convincing the kids we could get one decent picture. The kids were so excited about Easter, it made it all worth it to put some effort in. We made scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner with our bunny cake and it was so, so good 🙂



mmm bunny cake

I’m not sure if anyone is reading these weekly diary-type blogs, but they have become kind of therapeutic for me!

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