This is hard: Week 5

Monday April 13

Lucy will agree with me when I say that she is having the hardest time of all the kids with this whole situation. Her day is brightened with a surprise porch drop off from a friend and her (almost) nightly video chat with a group of her friends. She’s such an extrovert! We have a pretty mellow, weird day. The highlight of Easter day is over, everyone has had too much candy in the past 24 hours, and I feel really drained and out of energy. The kids weren’t technically scheduled for school since it’s Easter Monday, so they have no online classes and I didn’t make them do much. This proceeded to blow up in my face, when will I learn?! No schedule=chaos. There’s too much crying, complaining and everything like that. Jeremiah is gone allllll night with a meeting and we go for a walk before dinner even though no one wants to. It’s cold cold cold and windy. Dinner is stuffed pepper soup and it’s oh so good. We basically have nothing left in our fridge but I was proud that I scraped this soup together. I stay up waaaaaay too late and pay for it on Tuesday.


Sister time: bird and squirrel watching


Gabriel’s dream bedroom, complete with pool, roller coaster and telescope

Tuesday April 14

We NEED to go outside today. It’s so cold but I don’t care. I’m very indecisive today about what we should do which starts the whole day off on a bad note! We finally head to Lowden and walk the walking trail there and it snows on us the whole time with gusty winds. Ugh. Ruth wonders where the ducks are when we walk over the creek. Probably frozen in an ice cube, it’s so stinking cold! We’re there about 15 mins then head home. At least it killed some time and we (I) got out of the house. G and L worked on an online math challenge (1000 questions). A new pack of voluntary home learning arrived on our porch from the school. I took the next hour+ weeding through it all and trying to set up a schedule and figure out what needed to be done each day for the 3 older kids. I am so thankful for all of this help and instruction, yet so overwhelmed. I got a good schedule worked out (I think) for each kid and hopefully it’s good enough. It’ll be what it’ll be.  I look into buying a Chromebook as one computer is a challenge for all that we need right now. The kids don’t want to do anything school related right now and I’m really frustrated because I’m not asking for much. I leave it alone and let them do whatever. I do a 30 min youtube workout and then a 10 min pilates workout and I HURT afterwards. Another roofing contractor stops by and we have black bean and rice casserole, I added chicken. It was good, not great. I’m so done for the day. I head up and take a shower and spend an obscene amount of time hiding from my family doing anything I can think of that I can do from the bathroom/bedroom which is securely locked. #mentalhealth  I venture back downstairs just in time to help put kids to bed and I proceed to eat a giant brownie. I’ve been doing well on the weight gain front and after this past week or so I feel like I may be heading the opposite direction!


Wednesday April 15

Lots going on today. Morning online classes, complaining there’s nothing for breakfast (which there isn’t!), lots of screaming from the little girls, many messes made. Oh, and we got about an inch of snow overnight. Ruth and Amelia wanted to play outside but, of course, I packed away 80% of the winter gear last week. Gah! They found enough gear to suffice and played outside for about an hour and had a good time. I listened to Nathaniel Rateliff and read to Kateri on the couch. {Side note: we saw Rateliff and his band live last fall and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and since has been one of my go-tos!} I cannot figure out anything for lunch, but finally find some brats in the freezer and cut up almost all the remaining vegetables we have that the girls devour while the brats are cooking. No leftovers. I make some baked oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow while the girls run crazy and G and L finish up their last online class. I work with Amelia on her new kindergarten work in the afternoon and I feel like we have accomplished something! Fold 2 loads of laundry. Amelia gets a surprise porch drop off from a friend. One of the things is a book that her and Lucy decide to make into a sister’s book club. They start immediately with Lucy reading aloud in their bunks. Their only request is ‘privacy to read’. Got it. J comes home and I take off to get my groceries picked up by MYSELF. It was great. I listened to 2 podcasts (Jen Fulweiler and Jami Balmet) and tried not to notice the lingering snowflakes in the sky. The man loading my groceries gave me a whole rundown on how cross contamination of cantaloupe could occur if they’re not bagged correctly. Ummm thanks for that random information?!?! Kids played outside while I was gone and were on a house cleaning mission when I returned. We had simple bean/chicken/cheese quesadillas for dinner and I broke into the bunny tracks ice cream after they were in bed. I’m tired today, and 26 weeks along.


Thursday April 16

We are going outside allll morning because Mom says so! We are supposed to get snow later today and tomorrow so you better believe we are going to soak up every ounce of warmish weather that we can. I saw a neat sidewalk chalk stained glass thing on social media somewhere so we try that and it actually works! Even better, it requires very little effort from me, after putting down the tape. I tell the older 4 kids what they need to do for schoolwork/activities after lunch, then I go for a walk back and forth and back in forth on the block in front of our house and listen to a podcast. I should do this more often because it’s great. The kids actually do what they’re supposed to and it works pretty well other than my aching belly and legs. Ugh. Jeremiah is gone all evening again at a work thing so I keep it pretty low key. Kids bathe/shower and we lounge. I’m pretty pooped by the end of the day lately!


Friday April 17

We woke up to 4 inches of wet heavy snow. Seriously. Could things get any more weird?! I made Gabriel climb into the loft *again* and retrieve snow stuff. He’s a trooper. I went out and played with the girls while G and L did online classes and we made a snowman, a maze, and watercolor sidewalk chalk. The kids want hot cocoa so we do that, always a winner and always a mess! Why? I don’t understand. People take naps and I rest and help Amelia with her schoolwork. Man, pregnancy always kicks my butt. I sort alot of laundry and make pepperoni and pineapple pizza for dinner before we watch something on Disney+.


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