Lucy’s 9th {quarantine} birthday

Lucy was incredibly sad when she realized that she would not be able to have a ‘normal’ birthday or birthday party this year. She had planned to have a bracelet making party with a few friends at our house and eat cupcakes. She had designed the invite on Canva and had it all planned in her mind. She was disappointed to say the least and many tears were shed. I told Lucy numerous times that her birthday could still be great, just different this year, and she needed to be open to different ideas. She wasn’t so sure, and was pretty down about it for a long time. But it worked out pretty great.

The week of her birthday, thanks to Aunt Mel, Lucy got loads of mail from all kinds of people! THANK YOU to everyone who sent her anything, she loved it all!!!! She also decided on this raspberry chocolate cake and ribs for dinner. Yes, ribs, of all things. For a 9 year old…..


The night before we always put up streamers around the house and some balloons if I have some. So we did that. The kids always love it, especially when they’re hung in doorways….it’s the little things I guess! I also made a little clue hunt for Lucy to find her present the next day. There were 7 clues that were kind of corny and kind of cute and somewhat clever, and it worked!

We had funfetti waffles and eggs for breakfast, then watched Mass. Then it was present time…..

So, after hunting 7 clues throughout the house, yard and garage, she got a kayak! Lucy has been waiting for a kayak for 2 years, since Gabriel got his when he was 7. She asks me about it all. the. time. It was purple and blue and perfect for her. She was very excited and very surprised!

I had a picnic packed so we went right out to the lake so she could try it out. We took 2 of our other kayaks as well and Amelia also went out alone, even though she’s never even set foot in a kayak! She was impressive and figured out maneuvering in no time! Gabriel is quite seasoned so he was right in his element.




Ruth was not about to be left out, so she climbed in with me and we tooled around a bit. She enjoyed paddling with a stick. Kateri enjoyed digging in the mud and ruining a pair of tights.



Lucy had 6 different drop offs from friends and family during the day and lots of phone and video calls and it was so great! She enjoyed it so much and she smiled all day, which made my heart happy too!


Since she had requested ribs for dinner, Jeremiah took that on as a good catalyst to begin smoking meat for the first time. He took over 5 hours carefully checking and monitoring their progress on this beast. I had no idea smoking meat was such a tedious process. I think it may be a new obsession 😉


We did a Zoom call with family to share in the happy-birthday-singing and candle-blowing later that evening and then enjoyed this after ribs and homemade potato salad:

I know Lucy really missed her friends and seeing family in person, but I think she was overly happy and very surprised with how awesome her quarantine birthday turned out to be!!! Let’s hope next year she can live out the jewelry making party 😉

One thought on “Lucy’s 9th {quarantine} birthday

  1. Awww, happy birthday. You made my week letting me know you all enjoyed my cake recipe. My husband loves this cake so much. Thank you :-).

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