Lucy’s First Holy Communion: 4/7/19

Lucy had her First Communion today. It was beautiful! I think I smiled the entire Mass…and we had a great party after! For the many family members of mine that could not come from afar, I thought I’d show the day in pictures. I pray that Lucy always remembers this day and continues to cherish her relationship with Jesus and grows in the Catholic faith. {Photo cred: Uncle Cam}

We woke up even earlier than usual to get ready and get the food warming up. Lucy jumped out of bed and we had no wardrobe or hair malfunctions. She looked like a princess! I had a flash forward to the future when I was putting the veil in her hair….is this what marrying off my daughter will feel like!?!?


We had done all of her shopping weeks ago and got just what she wanted, within reason, because we have 4 daughters and I realize we are setting a precedent with Lucy that will carry on. We did have to exchange her original veil because, believe it or not, there is a HUGE difference between white and off-white, and you can totally tell if the two are different. She wanted to wear a tiara and have her hair in a bun. Easy enough! She also wore a new bracelet from Aunt Mel where each bead corresponds to a part of the Nicene Creed. Very pretty and really neat!


Mass went great. Lucy got to read the first half of the Prayers of the Faithful and did such a great job in front of the 100’s of people at Mass!


The big part of the day arrived…Lucy had her first Communion! I didn’t cry, I was just so proud of her and happy for her!



Lucy had 14 kids in her class. They each made a banner for their First Communion and hang them around the church. It’s really neat to see all the different designs. Lucy was incredibly proud of hers.

img_3936And then we tried to get a family picture. I look sly (?), Gabriel’s tie looks like he stole it from a toddler, Ruth is shoeless and doing everything she can to get away from me, and Kateri was only caring about the fake tree behind us. Hey, we tried 😉


The cousins got their picture with ‘Jesus’s bedroom’, as we like to call it; AKA the tabernacle!:


On the way from church I spotted a faint low rainbow in the sky. God was smiling down 🙂


And then we took a selfie because I was riding in the back due to extra passengers. #blackbetty


Afterwards, we had a great party with a lot of people, plenty of BBQ pork and a giant cake that I am currently eating now. 😉


It was a great day! Such a great day 🙂


Meaning behind the names of the Costello kids

This is a post I should have written long ago, and I thank my dear husband for the idea. Naming any child is a big undertaking, and one that we have not taken lightly with any of our kids. All of our children are named after either a Catholic Saint or figure in the Bible, also with some family names that are also Biblical. Here’s the meaning and story behind each of our kid’s names.


Gabriel Anthony

As many people know, St Gabriel is the angel who announced to Mary that she was to conceive from the Holy Ghost and deliver Jesus. St Gabriel is one of three archangels and is the saint of messengers. We heard a reading in Mass one week when I was pregnant with Gabriel and both instantly agreed on the name.

St Anthony is considered the finder of lost articles and is considered a Doctor of the Church. He spent much of his life preaching and sharing God’s message with anyone or thing that would listen. Anthony is also the name of a deceased family member on Jeremiah’s side that would have been very close in age to Jeremiah.

Gabriel has always loved knowing that he is named after an angel. He even played the Angel Gabriel in a preschool Christmas program once! He enjoys reading about the angels and proudly displays his many St Gabriel artifacts and statues in his room.

Prayer for the intercession of St Gabriel:

O Blessed Archangel Gabriel, we beseech thee, do thou intercede for us at the throne of divine Mercy in our present necessities, that as thou didst announce to Mary the mystery of the Incarnation, so through thy prayers and patronage in heaven we may obtain the benefits of the same, and sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living. Amen.


Lucy Marie-Rose

St Lucy was persecuted for her faith and many legends have arisen to how and why. Lucy’s eyes were destroyed at her death, but upon burial they were intact. St Lucy is the patron saint of blindness and is often portrayed with her eyes displayed on a plate or cup and holding a palm branch, signifying victory over evil. Lucy means ‘light’. Lucy was a name that came to me when I was pregnant with her. Jeremiah and I both instantly loved it.

Blessed Marie-Rose was a Canadian Roman Catholic religious sister. She founded an order of religious sisters called the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and was deeply concerned with the poor, despite her own poverty and unavoidable misunderstandings. She died at age 38 and was declared blessed in 1982.

Lucy’s name could not be a better fit for her. She has had her fair share of vision issues and it is quite coincidental that she’s named for the patron saint of vision/blindness. Lucy remains a light in our lives and she’s very proud of her namesake.

Saint Lucy’s Prayer:
Saint Lucy, you did not hide your light under a basket, but let it shine for the whole world, for all the centuries to see. We may not suffer torture in our lives the way you did, but we are still called to let the light of our Christianity illumine our daily lives. Please help us to have the courage to bring our Christianity into our work, our recreation, our relationships, our conversation — every corner of our day. Amen


Amelia Clare

St Amelia is known for her sterling character and devotion to Christ. She became a nun and helped to build and run a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Many miracles are attributed to her, before and after her death in 772. She is often shown with a crucifix and fish. One legend tells of how she escaped a fight by riding on the back of a fish across a river. She is known as the patron saint of fishermen and farmers and healing of the arms and shoulders. Amelia is also the middle name of my mother’s mother, whom passed away before I was born.

St Clare devoted herself to prayer as a young girl and became a nun. She eventually became the leader of her religious order. She became sick for many years and suffered, but said that no pain could trouble her. She is the patron saint of eye disease, goldsmiths and laundry.

Amelia loves to hear about what her saints did and what they are the patron saints for. She has several St Amelia medals and loves reading books about Saints Amelia and Clare.

St Amelia Prayer:

St. Amelia, you are patron saint of people with broken arms–pray for us!


Ruth Gianna

St Ruth is an Old Testament matriarch and the subject of the Biblical Book of Ruth. She was born to a pagan family. She was facing starvation when her mother-in-law, Naomi, urged her to return to her own people. But Ruth declared that the people of God were now her people, their God her God, and she returned to Israel.  Her great-grandson was King David, and further down the family tree was Jesus. Literally, Ruth means ‘the compassionate, beautiful friend’.

St Gianna was an Italian pediatrician born in 1922. During her 4th pregnancy, St Gianna refused the suggested abortion and/or hysterectomy, in favor of her child’s life. She had many complications, but continued to practice medicine and care for her own children during the remainder of her pregnancy. She died 1 week after the child’s birth due to septic peritonitis.  St. Gianna is the inspiration behind the first pro-life Catholic healthcare center for women in New York, the Gianna Center. St. Gianna is the patron saint of mothers, physicians, and unborn children.

Pope John Paul II described Gianna as, “a simple, but more than ever, significant messenger of divine love.”

Ruth 1:16 “But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”


Kateri Elizabeth Ann

St Kateri Tekakwitha is the first Native American to be recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church; she was born in 1656. At age 19, Kateri converted to Catholicism, taking a vow of chastity and pledging to marry only Jesus Christ. This was very unpopular and dangerous choice with her tribe and she fled to a neighboring community. She died only 5 years later. She often prayed for the conversion of her fellow Mohawks. Kateri is the Mohawk form of Catherine. She became a saint in 2012. She is the patron saint of ecology, the environment, orphans and those ridiculed for their faith.

St Elizabeth Ann’s deep concern for the spiritual welfare of her family and friends eventually led her into the Catholic Church. She helped to establish the first free Catholic school in America. Today, six groups of sisters can trace their origins to Mother Seton’s initial foundation. She became a saint in 1975. She is the patron saint of seafarers and widows.

St Kateri prayer:

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, our elder sister in the Lord, discreetly, you watch over us;
May your love for Jesus and Mary inspire in us words and deeds of friendship, of forgiveness and of reconciliation.
Pray that God will give us the courage, the boldness and the strength to build a world of justice and peace among ourselves and among all nations.
Help us, as you did, to encounter the Creator God present in the very depths of nature, and so become witnesses of Life.
With you, we praise the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Amen.

Holy founders of the Church in North America. Pray for us.

Friday Five: 10/13/17

  1. I have never met a child so in love with preschool. Most days, before I even get a chance to ask her, she says ‘Mom! Do you want to know how my day at preschool was? It was GOOOOD!!!’. Love her and her fun personality. She sure does get a lot out of 3 hours a day at school! She’s especially fond of the songs, playing with the ‘unicorns’ at center time (AKA My Little Ponies), being the line leader, riding the bus home, and the ‘silent cheer’ they do on Fridays, which is so cute. I hope she continues to have a love of learning past the days of center play and dot markers!


2. Although Ruth’s birthday has now come and gone and we have a 1 year old terrorizing running around the house again, I wanted to show her birthday cake. Truth be told I am no good at birthday cakes. Not. At. All. I scoured google for easy ideas and this is what I came up with. Sprinkles make everything look good 😉


3. I have pushed a baby or toddler in a jogging stroller for 8 years now. How did I miss the memo on the magic of the weather shield?? Awesome idea for 13 bucks. And thank you Amazon for prompt 2 day delivery as always 😉 I’m hoping to prolong my outdoor running another 6 weeks or so until I’m banished to the basement and the Airdyne bike for the remainder of the winter. *sigh* Ruth hasn’t complained about the temp or misty/rainy weather yet, but I’m thinking this will keep her even more comfortable. YAY! Winterized and ready to go!


4. Another recent discovery of mine is the allure of the podcast. Yeah, yeah, I know this is old news. I need to get with the modern-tech program. But really! Listening to something of use and thought-provoking while loading the dishwasher at nap time or driving home from work?! Mind blowing! The epitomy of multi-tasking!! My favorites so far have been on the topics of Catholic moms stuff (big surprise here, I know), helping children develop healthy body images, simplicity/organization, family/household logistics and interviews with people. I’ve listened to bloggers, podcasters, through a Motherhood Matters Online Conference, and others that have come recommended. Love me a good podcast!

5. BOOKS. Of course.

Image result

Little Heathens was my most recent finish. The story of a young girl growing up on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression. It seems so much of what was used and learned during that time of history is gone. Like how to waste nothing in terms of food or goods. How to live off the land. Home remedies that were often as effective as medications. A fascinating read and literally so close to home.

Still Growing: An Autobiography

Still Growing is an autobiography written by Kirk Cameron himself. I love biographies to start with, but this was an interesting read about his journey into being a child TV-star on Growing Pains and 100’s of other things he was casted for. It is also his conversion from atheism to Christianity. I watched Growing Pains frequently as a kid.Well written and easy to read.

The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis

This will probably not be of interest to anyone who is not Catholic, but this entire book is an interview with Pope Francis by an Italian journalist. They covered various topics and I found it interesting. Not something I would want to read all the time, but good nonetheless.

That’s all I got for today! Happy Friday!

Uncharted territory

  1. So I did something new today. I took 3 kids to school, and I left them all there. Weird.


I snapped this picture without them knowing #momskills.  And I’m pretty sure they should be Land’s End backpack models, just sayin’. I’m not sure I even needed to go into school with them today. The older 2 helped Amelia into her room, found her cubby, helped her to hang up her backpack and then held her hand and walked to the playground. I snagged a hug. Amelia turned around and yelled ‘Bye Mom!!!’. And that was it. Talk about not feeling needed. 😉 I am SO excited for her to be in preschool. She has been looking forward to this for so long. I love watching them grow!!!


2.I started looking at cake ideas and birthday gifts for my BABY who is turning ONE in less than a month. Super weird. What’s also super weird is that I think this kid really is part of the monkey species. She climbs like no other. We have never had a kid like this….. or maybe it’s just been awhile since Gabriel was one. She enjoys climbing in and out of the dishwasher and attempting to break the hinges off the door, climbing into/out of/on top of the broiler drawer of the oven, climbing chairs, slides, stairs and ladders, splashing in the toilet, as well as yanking all and every last book off of the bookshelf. She sure is cute and fun though 🙂


3. We are planning a camping trip involving 3 tents, 3 nights, 7 people, and a lot of food. Wish us luck and pray for no rain. We have only ever done 1 night trips before so this will be very different. We are VERY excited. We will have no electricity so all meals will be over the fire and hopefully be a lot of tasty trout that we catch. Hopefully the mosquitos take a vacation then too.

4. I am teaching Sunday School this year to a grade I’ve never taught. In the past (before our kids were born) Jeremiah and I taught 2nd grade (and we really had no idea what we were doing) and then I got wiser and co-taught 3 yr old preschool faith formation with a friend, because preschool is way easier than 2nd grade sacramental year. This year a nun asked me to teach 1st grade, but I have never done that grade before. But, when a nun asks you to do something, you do it. So, I’m teaching 1st grade and Lucy is over the moon that I’ll be her teacher. We’ll see how that goes.

5. Last and certainly the most unimportant of this blog post, I am going to attempt to make salsa verde today with a massive amount of tomatillos that a patient brought to us out of his garden this week. Also going to try our hand at refrigerator pickles. Never have done either of these things before, so wish me luck once again. Now that I have 3 hrs of the morning a few days a week with only 1 kid anything can happen!




Easter is Awesome {2017 Version}

He is Risen!



Another Easter is in the books.  We pulled into the driveway tonight and Lucy sighs and says, “Well this was a great Easter day!” Yes, yes it was!

Not really the most important point of the day, but I did get the Easter outfits finished in time {whew}, so I thought I’d share! I cannot take any credit for the dress idea, it came from HERE. I wish I could do sewing like this more than once a year, I do enjoy making them stuff!

I got Mr. Gabriel to wear this tie by using the ‘mom guilt’. It goes something like this: ‘This Mom really wants a NICE pic of her 4 kids at Easter in the outfits she worked SO HARD to make them. So you WILL wear this tie to church. Mmmkk?’ This works on him, so I believe I still have a soft spot in his heart.

His tie was made from a tutorial I found HERE that I modified quite a bit. Shirt and pants: Children’s Place.  Shoes: Target.  Handsome devilish grin: his father. 😉

Lucy’s dress was the first I made of the group and turned out probably the best of the 3 dresses.  She’s a size 6 now and tall, so I’m learning I have to make things longer for her and actually didn’t get the skirt as long as I wanted, but I think it still looked nice. There were two new-to-me elements in these dresses: french seams and pleats, yeah I’m a novice. Shoes: Walmart (they are way too big so she stuffed a sock in the toes–shhh). Glasses: Rayban (what else?!) 😉

Pleats, pleats, pleats!!

Did a smile ever look so forced? What a clown. Amelia got to pick out the colors for the dresses this time around and she was REALLY looking forward to wearing her Easter dress.  Her shoes are hand me down from Lucy, and the brand name is wore off :-\ Her bracelet is a souvenir gift from California 😉

And the munchkin.  The first version of the dress I made her I could not even get over her head! Grrr. Back to the drawing board. I ended up basically making her an elasticized skirt that looked similar to the big girls’ pleated dresses and a little sash too.  Worked much better as I could just slide it up over her onesie. I cannot believe how darn cute she is!!! And everything else she’s wearing is hand me downs haha!

I found this site to be quite precious!


And these are the bunny baskets made by my very talented Dad! I literally showed him a pic of something similar 2 weeks ago and these were 100% done on Thursday! Are they not just the cutest thing ever?! He’s taking orders for next year!!! (And I’m totally serious on that one!) My plan is to get their names on each one using vinyl and a Cricut or something by next year, but for now I just used some yarn and a piece of paper.



How We Do: Making it to Mass

Image result for sunday morning meme kids

Truer words were never spoken.

Anyone who has many young kids will commiserate relate to this post. I should add a disclaimer that we really value and usually enjoy taking our kids to Mass. It’s just that it is a HUGE effort many days. But well worth it in the end we hope!

There is some kind of phenomenon that goes on at our house on Sunday mornings. There are days during the week that J leaves for work at 6am and I’m out the door with 4 kids dressed, fed, and ready for school by 7:40am, and I make it to work on time too! (Of course there are those other days….) But then Sunday rolls around. Sometime getting out the door by 8am is a serious feat. Sometimes I do the girls’ hair at church. Sometimes I get a shower. Sometimes I’m not sure why everyone has such issues/meltdowns/mellowdrama/wardrobe malfunctions on Sunday mornings.

Here’s how we attempt to do Sundays. Key word: attempt.

Saturday nights sets the stage, we have a kind of routine. You know, the ‘ol everyone gets a bath on Saturday night routine. Yeah, we embrace it.  All the kids take showers, simultaneously in both bathrooms. The girls are downstairs and G is upstairs alone, lest anyone see him in a towel *shriek*.  J is usually doing dinner cleanup or cooking or prep, depending on how crazy our Saturday was. I get the girls in the shower and then start Ruth’s bath in her baby tub on the counter. I turn that water off and jump back over to the shower to wash, rinse, condition, and rinse hair again… x2 while Ruth chews on the shower curtain. I give Ruth her bath while the other girls head upstairs to get jammies on. I head after them with a wet oily baby.

Once jammies are on, we pick out tomorrow’s clothes. This is something I’ve done for several years now, almost daily.  During the week, I lay out the kid’s clothes and that’s that. On Sundays they always seem to have an opinion or want to match, so we discuss, then set them out. I pick out Lucy and Amelia’s clothes (almost always dresses) and lay out tights or whatever goes with it, lay out Ruth’s outfit, and then usually pick out what I’m going to wear. I used to always lay out Gabriel’s clothes, especially on Sundays, but he’s to the point where he can do this himself. All we ask is that he wear a collared shirt and his church shoes. It usually matches 80% of the time, so he’s doing well 😉 This makes the morning SO much better as the kids immediately get dressed when they wake up. However, Amelia always has a meltdown. Usually a zipper she can’t reach or the fact that she can’t get her lip balm open (because that’s a Sunday necessity…for her), or she can’t reach her shoes in the window seat. *sigh* It’s ALWAYS something.

I always set my alarm for earlier on Sundays, with a vision of a restful night’s sleep, waking to prepare a hearty delicious breakfast for my family, then gracefully donning a cute outfit and skipping off to church with 4 squeaky clean and smiling kiddos. *Ahem* This DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Instead of actually getting up at 6:30 when my alarm goes off, it’s usually closer to 7:00 or 7:15 because my brain just never turns on on Sundays. ‘SLEEP!’ it says. This is almost always the only day of the week that Ruth will actually sleep this late. It’s like Murphy’s Law of Sundays. I don’t get it. Even if we do get up on time it still looks something like this:

So I dart out of bed and go to the kid’s rooms and turn on light, hollering ‘good morning’ and ‘time to get up for church!’. They do usually get up and get dressed pretty quickly. I rush around in the bathroom, alternating holding a fussing baby with J. Did you know that it IS possible to put on makeup and brush teeth all while holding a baby? But it is NOT possible to put on socks, put up hair, or put in contacts while holding said baby? Yes, moms do have their limits.

We send the kids downstairs to snag some breakfast while we finishing getting ready and it’s like WWIII. Why are we out of butter? Gabriel won’t get me a bowl! The door shut on my finger! My hair is in the syrup! Mom, I think my tights are on backwards! Sheesh. I’m telling you, Sundays only.

I finally get myself and Ruth dressed and J goes downstairs to corral the troops. Usually they’ve fought long enough that they each get 2 bites of some form of food. We tell them they can have a donut after church, just get in the car. Usually around this time Ruth will spit up all over me or I realize that she spit up sometime in the last 20 minutes. Again, Murphy’s law. G goes out to start the car while the girls get ready to go out the door. J is announcing ‘we have 5 mins until we need to leave!’ as if a time countdown is going to help. We’re going to leave when we’re going to leave. I don’t think there’s any helping this situation. We put Ruth into her carrier and she immediately starts screaming. She’s hungry. She probably last ate at 5, so it’s about time to eat again. Paci to the rescue.

We get everyone into the car and the bigs buckle themselves in the back while we buckle Amelia and put Ruth’s carrier in. Off we go. I multitask and pump while J drives and eat a protein bar. It saves a lot of time, people. Don’t ever look too closely into others’ cars. Just sayin’.

The kids whine for the 13 miles about being hungry. Luckily I usually grab a few ziploc bags of cereal on my way out the door so I toss them in the back. This makes them happy and I think they secretly put on the WWIII show in order to just eat dry cereal in the car and a donut after Mass. It’s all a ploy…. Ruth usually cries halfway there, then falls asleep.

We get to church, on time. I always breathe a sigh of relief right about here. We get in, take a seat. Then Ruth wakes up. J or I give her the bottle that I thoughtfully packed ahead (AHA! moment a few months ago when I finally figured this out–it only took me 4 kids to realize that if I didn’t want to leave Mass every. single. week to find a distraction-free place to nurse, that I should just bring a bottle of pumped milk. A lot easier than messing with siblings bumping her head or distracting her or messing with a cover.

Our kids are usually pretty good in Mass. But it’s taken a loooooonng time to get to this place and it surely wasn’t always like this, and we definitely still have our days. I took all 4 kids ONCE by myself and I gave out more side-eyes and ‘sshhhhh!!’ than I can count. Taking kids alone is not for the faint of heart!

Jeremiah says it’s not all that bad on Sundays. Maybe I just have too high of expectations. Either way we always make it, so that’s good! Just hoping others can relate to the Sunday morning craze. #thestruggleisreal


Friday Five: 3/10/17


20170309_192547.jpg1) We’ve approached some weird realm of infanthood titled ‘sleep regression’.  Regressing in anything isn’t a good thing, but regressing in sleep SUCKS. Ruth has slept through the night since about 6 weeks and now is waking 1 or sometimes TWO times a night. I know, feel bitterly sorry for me. It’s just that I was getting quite used sleeping! You know, like actually sleeping ALL NIGHT. But would ya look at that face?! There’s a reason God makes babies so dang cute. As you can see, she continues to thoroughly enjoy any and all foods that she can get into her mouth and mash up with her 2 half-teeth poking through. There are no ‘bad days’ when you have a Ruth 🙂


2) Our Friday Lent food this year has been OFF THE CHAIN. Last week we had tuna pizza. I know, it sounds weird, but it was delicious! GF crust, some cream cheese, tuna, celery, onions, cheese, herbs and spices and it was devoured. Even J, who is a self-proclaimed non-seafood-eater, loved this. We will make this again. Tonight we had meatless southwest twice baked stuffed sweet potato. The longer the name, the better the food, right? It was SO GOOD. The kicker was the cracked egg in the middle *psych*


3) Every year, around this time, I get somewhat obsessed with the Easter Dress. The unnecessary stress of crafting a dress(es) is completely brought on by yours truly. It’s a real deal around here. For heaven’s sake, we now have THREE girls in a row, how can I give up this opportunity for MATCHING DRESSES?! (G gets a matching tie that he couldn’t care less about! HA!) I can’t count the amount of eye rolls I get from J for the amount of time I spend Pinterest-ing, browsing fabrics, and fussing over making the Easter Dress.  It’s quite an ordeal. As if I need another project to occupy myself with (besides the others that are started and *cough* not finished).  Last year there was no matching Easter Dress because I was tired and pregnant. But this year the Easter Dress will return. So the other day Amelia and I picked out the fabric for the Easter Dress. Surprise, surprise, it’s blue. Amelia knows no other color. Lucy obliged to blue, but wanted to pick out the pattern/style of the dress, but then was demoted when she repeatedly picked some pageant style frilly thing with 18 layers and 119 steps. Ugh, I don’t really have time to sew in the first place, yet alone sew something with 18 layers. Silly child. Stay tuned to see if I actually get the dresses done by Easter morning. If I do they sure will be cute!

Image result for the shack

4) On the book front–what is up with The Shack?! I cannot get through this book. I’ve heard all these mixed reviews, and I cannot bring myself to read past chapter 5. The whole story so far is kind of disturbing; you know the whole idea of a little girl being abducted is not quite my bag. I know how the story ends, but I’m just so unmotivated to finish it.  I’ve renewed the book no less than 4 times and still haven’t gotten through it. I’m not sure I’ll ever see the movie. I’m not even sure I’ll ever get to chapter 6.

5) My bro-in-law/seminarian Cameron made a BLOG! If you’d like to follow his journey through seminary, you can find his blog here.  He’s currently sitting at our dining room table talking about how the egg in his sweet potato is a ‘grace egg’. He’s deep and very thought provoking. He’s going to be an AWESOME priest!!!!!


How We Do: Lent {this year}

Most years Lent goes something like this:

We’re sitting in the pew wrangling our kids at Mass at their bedtime on Ash Wednesday and it dawns on me that I have given very little thought to Lent, except for what I hear in church weekly. {Side note–church at 7pm on a weeknight is very very very difficult with young children, but we try. That’s another whole blog post for a later date} Then I feel really bad about that whole idea of no-thought-giving, as Lent is a very important and reflective season. I quickly decide that I’ll ‘give up’ something popular for the next 40 days, usually chocolate, dessert, or something like Facebook. (I once decided we wouldn’t eat out or buy food anywhere other than the grocery store for Lent–that was….interesting.) We leave church and I feel a little better about things and we continue on through Lent.

I wanted to do better this year. I wanted to actually go through Lent and be reflective on the actual meaning. I wanted to think a little ahead. I wanted to do something that made a difference and that showed others God’s love. I didn’t want to ‘give up’ chocolate, because, well….there’s gotta be something else I can do!! I follow some awesome Catholic mommy bloggers (my idols, if we must be real), and they do an amazing job with preparing during Lent and getting their families involved in the season. Inspiration….

So last Sunday we talked as a family what we wanted to do for Lent. We thought it would be good to get the kids involved. We first had to decipher between ADVent and Lent. Similar sounds, I see now. G thought we should pray before AND after dinner. Good thought. I like where you’re going with this. L thought we should read out of the Bible every day. She suggested one of the kid’s Bibles. Wow! They actually listen sometimes! A thought we should stop talking and go home and eat hot dogs. Well…… J thought we should pray a decade of the rosary every day and completely give up television. A good idea, but I don’t see it happening…because…well…4 children…..and family movie night! I thought we should, um, give up chocolate?! JK

So we decided to ‘do good’ for Lent. I found this awesome chart of ideas  and we’re going to try to cross of at least 4-5+ each week. Ok, I’ll be happy if we get 2 or 3 a week, realistically. They range from not complaining to watching a religious movie as a family to visiting a shut-in to praying for different people.   I feel like the kids ‘get’ this and will happily take an active role in most of these things. We’ll see how it goes. I’m kind of excited to ‘make hot cross buns’. 😉

40 Lenten Activities for Catholic Families and Kids {Free Printable Available in Both Color and Black and White!}

We’re going to continue to do a decade of the Rosary on Friday nights. This is a tradition we started with the kids about 18 months ago that has stuck. I wrote once about that here and it’s been a great thing.

I personally am not going to ‘scroll Facebook’ during Lent. This is such a huge time suck and I find that it sometimes just brings. me. down. I always tell my patients at work that they shouldn’t compare. Don’t need that during Lent…or ever, really! I am still going to use it for certain things, such as this blog and events that are coordinated through Facebook, but I’m hoping that’s it.

We’re going to not eat meat on Fridays. Well, we’re Catholic, and Jesus ate fish, and he died on the cross for us, so we’re going to eat fish, and that’s an easy thing for kids to understand!

Jeremiah has declared he’s going to do more spiritual reading. It’s actually something he really enjoys, but doesn’t always make time for. He’s currently working his way through The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. I know, sounds super exciting, but he likes it. He’s also committed to taking a 6 1/2 min shower in the morning. Seem odd? Well, he’s known around here to take 20-30+ min showers. He actually set a timer for himself in the shower this morning and got to school a whole 30 mins earlier than usual. He declared today to me, via text, that a shorter shower was ‘life changing’ in that he had ‘so much more time’. Seriously. I don’t make this stuff up…..

So that’s how we are doing Lent this year. Hopefully we hold ourselves accountable. And I’ll still be eating chocolate, just not on Fridays. 😉

My favorite time of the week

Who doesn’t love Fridays? Friday night is probably my favorite times of the whole week. Our Friday nights have definitely changed, even from a year ago!

Awhile ago I read a blog by one of my favorite bloggers, Catholic All Year, about creating and building your own unique family culture.  That, combined with starting a ‘Pray for Cameron’ group on facebook to support Uncle C in his seminarian quest, and we decided months ago to start praying a weekly family rosary.  Friday is the day.  The kids were all ‘What’s a rosary?’, ‘Can we just watch the movie instead?’, ‘What are all these beads for?’

But guess what? 6, 4, and 2 year olds have a very hard time sitting through an entire rosary. So we decided to modify it and just try a decade a week.



The kids actually *look forward* to rosary time on Fridays! We eat dinner, clear the table, and then sit down together for the rosary.  The decade takes about 10 minutes, and everyone actually follows along pretty well, especially G and L, which makes my heart happy.  🙂 J has an app on his phone that leads us through it too, which the kids like.  This has been a great way to help our kids learn different prayers, and a habit of family prayer, something we had struggled to get started for some time.


J, S, G, L, A

Each person has their own rosary, many of which were gifts and the one on the left (J’s) is handmade! Amelia even has her own!!

After this we always have family movie night on Friday nights. The kids somehow always snuggle up on the big couch togther, and J and I are stuck on the loveseat.  Tonight we are watching ‘Daddy Day Care’. I try to pick something that isn’t terribly boring for J and I and appropriate for kiddos. Sometimes….that’s a challenge!


Movie time!

If you are Catholic, or even if you’re not, setting a regular time to pray the rosary with your kids is amazing!  I highly recommend it.  It has really worked for us.

Back to the movie and ice cream now…. 🙂

-The Costellos



Conception Seminary College a school of 1000 acres located in Conception Junction, Missouri. I had never been to a seminary before, until this last weekend. Uncle Cameron (Jeremiah’s bother) is in his first year of seminary there, and we ventured the 4 hours there for 2015 Family Weekend.  IT WAS AMAZING. The place, the people, the SPIRIT in that place.  There is nothing quite like it. I can see why Cameron loves calling this place home.

I’ll let some pictures do the talking.


There were so many fun family activities throughout the weekend, but the best part was just BEING there. We got to meet and talk to other families, most of whom have sons in the seminary, who were such an encouragement to us as Catholics and Catholic parents.  Jeremiah and I both left the weekend with a new passion and love for our faith, and our family.

As for the fun stuff, Cameron gave us tours of his school and dorm room, we got to do several tours of the grounds and buildings, including the beautiful historic Basilica, a hayrack ride, banquet, several meals, watching a soccer game, hiking out to a secluded grotto, Mass, partaking in the monks’ daily prayers, and enjoying God’s beauty in the rolling hills of Missouri!

Coolest library ever--it had 3 floors with color coded staircases. G compared it to the Ghostbusters library.

Coolest library ever–it had 3 floors with color coded staircases. G compared it to the Ghostbusters library. Cameron’s favorite place to study

Gabriel standing just under the St Gabriel statue

Gabriel standing just under the St Gabriel statue….

....And next to the St Gabriel Guesthouse. G loved all this

….And next to the St Gabriel Guesthouse. G loved all this

Hiking to the grotto

Hiking a few miles to the grotto

Our Lady of Grace Grotto

Our Lady of Grace Grotto

Grotto---kids found hedge apples and Amelia sliced her head open on a bench..woof.

Grotto—kids found hedge apples and Amelia sliced her head open on a bench..woof.

Gabriel overlooks Lake Placid in the early morning

Gabriel overlooks Lake Placid in the early morning

Holy Cross Oratory. Seminarians have daily prayer several times per day here

Holy Cross Oratory. Seminarians have daily prayer several times per day here. It’s on the 4th floor and overlooks the grounds, seats a few hundred

Walking more trails after Mass

Walking more trails after Mass

And the real reason for the weekend: seeing Uncle Cam in his natural habitat 😉


Our Seminarian, Cameron

And the mustachios....

And the mustachios….

We had a fantastic time at the Seminary. I learned so much. The entire school is run by 50 Benedictine monks, whose primary purpose in life is prayer.  They don’t own many worldly goods, stop everyday to pray 5 times, have daily Mass, and eat 2 out of their 3 meals per day in silence. They live in a Monastery attached to the Basilica that is off-limits to anyone but them. They are super-prayer-warriors.  Fascinating.  We hope to return to this PLACE in the future.

-The {proud of Uncle Cam} Costellos