Friday Five: 2/8/19


  1. Hallelujah! Ruth is potty training! 4th kid that has successfully made it out of diapers in this house! And she has finally calmed down some. Maybe now I won’t have to take out the trash every day. My days of cloth diapering, although fond memories, are looooong gone. Kateri continues to truck on through and dirties enough for all of us, so that’ll still keep me busy.


2.  Someone has turned 6 months old! Kateri is growing so fast and is just the best little person. She is rocking solid food and eats what we eat. I do baby food only when we don’t have something easily eaten by a person with no teeth. It works well. She’s in that ultra-gumby stage where she can put her entire foot in her mouth, fold entirely in half and put her face on the floor, as well as ring sit with her knees flat on the floor. Ah, to have that much cartilage again! She can sit up unassisted, which is one of my favorite milestones because now she can entertain herself (and siblings!) and I don’t have to always have something to ‘put her in’. JOY! She’s got 2 cute little teeth on the bottom and tolerates her sisters picking her up and carrying her around when I’m not looking. Oh, and she has the best laugh and cutest dimple. I may be a bit partial.

3.  This guy had his last swim meet of the season last weekend. When we signed G up for swim I remember thinking how loooong the season seemed (he started in October), but now we are all sad it’s ending. Besides becoming a much stronger, better, faster swimmer, the kid has grown several inches it seems (up to my chin!!!) and has gained a lot of dedication and motivation and muscle mass, which is awesome to be a part of. His team has 2 photogs that take awesome pics at each meet that they share with all of us parents, so here’s a few more of my favorites from the season:


4.  Yep. We’re now frequenting the orthodontist. Good times. So far it’s been a good experience and Lucy was pleasantly surprised that her maxillary expander placement was painfree, although she was disappointed that she will have to pass on sticky candy at Valentine’s Day and/or trade her siblings for chocolate. I think she’ll survive. Shout out to the staff at Clark Orthodontics because they have been great to work with!

5. What’s that? You’ve been looking for some good new recipes to try? Well, it just so happens that I have a few! Yes my kids eat these and no, there’s not much for leftovers. Here are some new favorites in our house as of late:

Instant pot taco pasta

Instant pot white chicken lasagna soup

Instant pot loaded cauliflower soup

Healthy peanut butter cups  {Disclaimer–my kids don’t eat these because I hide them in the freezer where they don’t know about them and I am the only one allowed to eat them. Because I’m the mama and sometimes mama needs peanut butter and chocolate, that’s why}

Homemade granola bars

Aloha chicken rice casserole

Life is full, and it’s good!

Have a great week!