Weekend in the life: 10/4-10/6/19

Weekends start after school’s out, right? So we’ll start there….here’s a fairly typical weekend for us! I like to chronicle these days so someday I can look back and enjoy the memories and their cute faces!

Friday the kids get home from school about 3:40pm. They’re always STARVING. I cut them off from snack at 4pm, because otherwise all they want to do all night is eat. So as soon as they get home, they eat. After that’s over we do Amelia’s school work, so it’s done for the day. No one else happens to have homework tonight!


Then it’s on to food. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Every Friday night we have pizza because a) it’s easy and b) everyone likes it and c) routine makes things easy! The recipe for my crust is HERE. We try to change it up sometimes, and tonight we top it with pepperoni, peppers, onions, black olives.


Since we are making pizza and we need to replenish the freezer and the kitchen is already messy, we move onto bagel pizzas for lunches. We make A LOT of these! Mini bagels, pizza sauce, pepperoni, seasoning, cheese, bake. The girls love to assist, and they do pretty well. We make 3 sheets of these, I hope they’ll last 3 weeks (?) as they don’t eat them every day.


J gets home from work, we eat all together and I’m out the door. Part of our new life gig where I get to stay home during the week means that I work in the evenings or weekends semi-regularly, but per my discretion. Tonight, I’m covering a local high school football game, doing the athletic training.


I’ts a pretty good deal. I get paid hourly to stand on the sidelines and do some thumb or ankle taping usually, or stretch some hamstrings. Occasionally someone gets hurt a little more seriously but that’s not as common. The sideline chatter is always amusing and I enjoy watching the game from a great spot. Although, the boys are smelly and it has been getting colder outside!! After the game is over I go home and go to bed!


Saturday morning arrives and the kids actually sleep in until *gasp* 7am! Jeremiah was up early and left to run, so it’s just me and the kiddos. I neglect all parenting duties and read my book instead.


So far, very interesting and true. There’s also a boy version that’s on my list.

I’ve also been trying to read the daily readings. This is day 3 in a row. Takes all of 5 minutes. Takes some time to develop habits, but really? I should be able to fit in 5 minutes SOMEWHERE during the day.


Eventually I harp on everyone until they get dressed and eat something. 20191005_074407.jpg

J gets home and showers. Meanwhile, I make some chili for dinner in the Instant Pot, sandwiches that we pack to take for lunch today, switch/fold laundry and attempt control the chaos. It’s wet and rainy outside so I can’t even send them outside…!

Then we leave for Lucy’s volleyball game, and I  am a coach! The girls are getting better and better with each practice and game and it has been really fun to get to know them and see them improve. We play 3 games in about 45 minutes.


After we make it back to the van in the pouring rain, we eat sandwiches as we drive back to retrieve our other car, so I can go to work!


I see 2 new evals and finish my documentation there, then leave. I still get lost in the building a lot and I still can’t use the timeclock system because it doesn’t accept my fingerprint! I enjoy my time there and the people I meet.  At home we have some family over for chili for dinner. Then it’s baths for the kids while J does dinner cleanup. Not going to lie, I really don’t look forward to baths unless it’s my own. I put the 3 youngest girls in the tub and once and that kind of speeds things along. 20191005_204454.jpg

A little kombucha cocktail to end the day and it’s off to bed!


Sunday morning we wake up to alarms to get ready for church. I get the girl’s dresses out and they take care of the rest, except Kateri, who prefers to go naked. I do more laundry.


G has to rifle around to find his jeans, then informs me he has no pants that fit. Of course. The kid is practically a teenager and it’s freaking me out.


We grab some food for brunch contribution and get everyone in the van by 8am. Win!


You can’t see Ruth’s head, but we’re all in here! Jeremiah started plugging his phone into the van sound system and playing the daily Mass readings awhile ago, and now we do it every week. It helps so much because *news flash* parents of young kids don’t always get to pay attention in church. This way we can hear the readings on the way there and then hopefully during Mass too if people cooperate. Another little thing we started doing that probably seems ridiculous but works incredibly well—Amelia and Ruth had a tendency to climb all over and always switch spots and mess with each other during church. We took a roll of painter’s tape with us and put small pieces of tape where each kid was supposed to sit, G, L, A and R. They have to stay on their tape. It was unnecessary for G and L, but really worked to get Amelia and Ruth to stay in their spots. They still do their fair share of messing around but this has helped quite a bit. If Ruth starts trying to climb or walk around I just tell her to get on her spot and she pouts for awhile and sucks her thumb, then is fine. And the tape just peels off when we’re done. Now we just keep the tape roll in the van 😉

After church we would normally have Faith Formation (Sunday School) and it would be my turn to teach 1st grade, but not this week due to some other things going on at the church. So, we head to brunch and eat a lot of good breakfast foods with family. By 1pm-ish we leave and head home. 2 cousins come for the afternoon to play. There’s a lot of legos, trampoline, magnetic tiles, more legos, the game of Life and couch cushion bridges.



The kids all want hot cocoa so we make some. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. We’ve forever ruined ourselves from eating the pre-made kind because this stuff is the BEST!


This mug kills me!

J has to leave to go to a visitation and G has to do his mowing job, so while they’re gone I make more food and update my planner and read and put out fires between cousins.


Spaghetti squash casserole is amazing (+low carb!) paired with salad for dinner and healthy pumpkin muffins for breakfast tomorrow….we’ll be lucky if these make it through breakfast tomorrow because it only made 12 😦 . Ruth eats her weight in dough while my back is turned, so that probably didn’t help! There are extra hands in the kitchen the entire time, so things always take longer than they should. My kids claim they love to cook but sometimes I think they just like to snitch food! I do more laundry.

After dinner I divy up the leftovers, which is just barely enough for 3 kids’ lunches tomorrow, WIN!!  J has to go into work for a bit, so he leaves again. Chaos insists as Ruth desperately needs to go to bed, but we pretend it’s fine and Gabriel and I order all of his swim team gear for his upcoming season. He picks out a new swim bag, practice suit, goggles and fins. He pays for 50% of it and 50% his swim team fee which is quite a chunk of change for a 10 year old. I’ve been impressed by his motivation to earn money and get mowing/odd jobs over the summer. We jam out to Train and Adam Levine. For a short time the girls want to listen to ‘Oh Maria’ from “Sister Act” and they remind me they still haven’t seen the movie. Ah, a classic! Jeremiah returns home to save the day. The kids all clean up a zone of the house because it looks like a bomb went off in here. It’s about 7:15pm.

We get all the kids to bed and I read with G and L for awhile, then send them off to bed. Lucy is the queen of stalling and she’s always the last in bed after a drink, talking, brushing hair, braiding hair, questions, clothes, etc etc ETC, but FINALLY by 8:30, the house is quiet and instead of loading the dishwasher *again* I decide to sit and blog. Bliss!

Tomorrow is Monday!

Have a great week!





Friday Five: 2/8/19


  1. Hallelujah! Ruth is potty training! 4th kid that has successfully made it out of diapers in this house! And she has finally calmed down some. Maybe now I won’t have to take out the trash every day. My days of cloth diapering, although fond memories, are looooong gone. Kateri continues to truck on through and dirties enough for all of us, so that’ll still keep me busy.


2.  Someone has turned 6 months old! Kateri is growing so fast and is just the best little person. She is rocking solid food and eats what we eat. I do baby food only when we don’t have something easily eaten by a person with no teeth. It works well. She’s in that ultra-gumby stage where she can put her entire foot in her mouth, fold entirely in half and put her face on the floor, as well as ring sit with her knees flat on the floor. Ah, to have that much cartilage again! She can sit up unassisted, which is one of my favorite milestones because now she can entertain herself (and siblings!) and I don’t have to always have something to ‘put her in’. JOY! She’s got 2 cute little teeth on the bottom and tolerates her sisters picking her up and carrying her around when I’m not looking. Oh, and she has the best laugh and cutest dimple. I may be a bit partial.

3.  This guy had his last swim meet of the season last weekend. When we signed G up for swim I remember thinking how loooong the season seemed (he started in October), but now we are all sad it’s ending. Besides becoming a much stronger, better, faster swimmer, the kid has grown several inches it seems (up to my chin!!!) and has gained a lot of dedication and motivation and muscle mass, which is awesome to be a part of. His team has 2 photogs that take awesome pics at each meet that they share with all of us parents, so here’s a few more of my favorites from the season:


4.  Yep. We’re now frequenting the orthodontist. Good times. So far it’s been a good experience and Lucy was pleasantly surprised that her maxillary expander placement was painfree, although she was disappointed that she will have to pass on sticky candy at Valentine’s Day and/or trade her siblings for chocolate. I think she’ll survive. Shout out to the staff at Clark Orthodontics because they have been great to work with!

5. What’s that? You’ve been looking for some good new recipes to try? Well, it just so happens that I have a few! Yes my kids eat these and no, there’s not much for leftovers. Here are some new favorites in our house as of late:

Instant pot taco pasta

Instant pot white chicken lasagna soup

Instant pot loaded cauliflower soup

Healthy peanut butter cups  {Disclaimer–my kids don’t eat these because I hide them in the freezer where they don’t know about them and I am the only one allowed to eat them. Because I’m the mama and sometimes mama needs peanut butter and chocolate, that’s why}

Homemade granola bars

Aloha chicken rice casserole

Life is full, and it’s good!

Have a great week!




Christmas Break Rocks

We still have 1 more day of Christmas break.  Everyone in my house has been on Christmas break forever since December 22………..except me, that is. But I can’t complain. I only worked 2 1/2 days each week 😉 So here’s my favorite parts of winter break, starting with today:

Jeremiah declared today ‘Winter adventure day’. So we went to an awesome local park and did a lot of sledding. It was just the best thing. We sledded until the girls could hardly walk and G wanted to stay forever……and then went to the indoor pool. HA! We proceeded to swim for another couple of hours. Amelia was soaked from me holding her in my suit, but she slept quite awhile on the pool deck! We had plans to go on at another park to hike the snowy trails and possibly ice skate, but we’ll leave that for another adventure.  Ended the night with pizza and fed our whole crew for just over $10. What a deal!  It’s safe to say the kids are wore out! But Lucy did tell me, “Mom, this is the best day ever!”

Gabriel got a ninja turtle chia pet for Christmas. We started growing it after the boys decorated the turtle with Sharpies. Since I’m just a big kid and always wanted one of these as a kid, I check it every day to see if it’s growing yet!


J got these as a stocking stuffer. Great ideas in the shower? Everybody’s got them! Write ’em down!!



Jeremiah and G and Uncle K went on a quest to the land of Wisconsin to pick up new tires from some tire-dealer-guy, and saved us a lot of money! I find it kind of odd that my husband and his brother have all these different ‘dealers’ for all sorts of different things, but I guess it works, as long as I don’t have to go along. 😉 I think the real reason they wanted to drive all the way up there was to do a bit of snowshoeing in the beautiful Wisconsin countryside…..

Jeremiah and G  and my Dad also went and saw Star Wars. I had no interest to see it, but they said it was decent. I also know that Gabriel is no longer allowed to drink an entire cherry slushie while at the movie as his stomach does not appreciate it. Let’s just leave it at that.

We got the pleasure of attending my Dad’s retirement party. He has worked hard his whole life and has taught his children the irreplaceable value of hard work and how it pays off. Now he gets to have some time off and do what he wants! He’s already got several projects/ideas/deals going so I’m positive he won’t be idle….at all! Happy (semi) retirement, Dad! You deserve it!


The kids moved up in the world and now have a bunk room. J actually made this bunk several years ago, but I’m not sure he ever envisioned his kids someday fighting over it.  G gets the top, of course, but now Amelia is in a regular bed! No more crib! They love it, along with their own new sheet sets from Christmas (think ninjas, Elsa, and Minnie).  G just has to be careful climbing up and down if the ceiling fan is running…good thing he’s a quick learner 😉


And right before the beginning of break, G got to bring half-birthday treats to school. He was pretty psyched!


That’s about all for now. And my low back hurts from sledding, but we’ll still go again!

-The {adventuring} Costellos