Meet Ruth

“Where you go I’ll go, Where you stay I’ll stay” -Ruth 1:16

Today Ruth is 1 month old!  The last post I wrote was Ruth’s birth story, so I know it’s time for her introdution.  Our family of 6 is doing well.


Ruth is a great baby. To put it simply, similar to her birth, she is absolutely AMAZING.  Don’t hate me. I’m afraid to even say some of these things for fear that she will change her ways, but here it is. Sleep? 6 hr stretch at night, waking almost always at 3am to eat, sometimes closer to 4.  She rarely wakes more than once a night. She’s done all the way up to an 8 hr stretch at night, but only once. I made the mistake the first or second night we were home of waking her every 4 hrs to eat. BIG MISTAKE. Learned that lesson fast. She wakes when she’s hungry and that’s that.  She eats alot. She’s a good nurser and spends a lot of time doing so.  Evenings are spent nursing almost the entire time from 5/6pm until 9, when she goes to bed. But I’ll gladly oblige if she continues her sleep patterns! She’s given me a few grins, always in the morning. Ruth is very scheduled in her own way. I like that, I like schedules. She naps almost always consistently from 9 to 11am, and 1 to 3 pm, and numerous other catnaps in the late afternoon and evening. She loves to be swaddled, look at lights, stare at faces, and be cuddled.🙂  She has an amazing wardrobe, because being the 3rd girl to come along in 5.5 years, we have it allllll.

Ruth is pretty low key for the most part.  She’s been carted along to everything since birth, and has done great! She’s been on her first 4.5 hr road trip (one way), stayed on campus visiting Uncle Cam, attended a soccer game, to church, dance class, hiking, shopping, dr/chiro/eye appointments, library and school programs, and everything else in between. I haven’t tried going too many places in the evenings as I spend the entire evening nursing usually.  She spends a lot of time in my baby carrier or wrap during the day.


Ruth’s first trip to Missouri!


Today Ruth was baptized, on her 1 month birthday!! She has 2 cousins, all born within 1 month of each other, that were baptized at the same time. It was a great day! I always get emotional at baptisms, even when the kid isn’t mine, and today I got a bit teary.  There is something truly special and holy about baptism and welcoming a baby into the church. Gabriel got the job of wiping Ruth’s head dry after the baptism, and Lucy got to hold the baptismal candle, which I strongly cautioned her about not catching her hair on fire beforehand. Amelia spent almost the entire time smearing her face with her new EOS lip balm that Aunt Mel gifted her. Amelia does love to give kisses!!

Ruth is absolutely the perfect 4th baby, and a wonderful addition to our family. G, L, and A are smitten with her, love to hold her, entertain her, give her high 5’s, read to her, play with her, dress her, tickle her feet. Gabriel has lived up to his title of ‘baby whisperer’ and Ruth almost always calms when he holds her. Watching the siblings interact as they get older is probably one of the best parts!

Ruth’s amazing birth

After each of our children’s births, I’ve written their story of entering the world, partially for my memory, and mostly for them to read as they grow up. Each one has been so different and unique.  Ruth’s story is beautiful!!

The Birth of Ruth Gianna Costello

September 23, 2016

8:03 am

8lbs 9oz

20 in


Thursday September 22, 2016 was my due date, 40 weeks pregnant. Given the fact that my midwife was concerned with preterm labor and that I had never made it to my due date before, I was more than surprised that I was still pregnant at this point. At my midwife appointment earlier in the week, I was 3cm dilated, 0 station, 90% effaced and had a ‘bulging bag of waters’.  She had swept my membranes on Tuesday, and I STILL had not went into labor.  My midwife, Kim,  put me down for the following Monday morning to come and and have her break my water, because she was confident that was all that needed to happen for me to have a baby. I did NOT want to be induced.


I woke up at 4am on that Thursday, couldn’t sleep. I was SO uncomfortable. Couldn’t sleep, could hardly walk, and was in a lot of pain whenever I was up and about. I had been off work since the last Thursday, and I was tired of waiting to go into labor. I finally got out of bed at 6am and went for a walk. I walked in the dark around our small town.  I was in tears and hurting a lot, but I kept walking. If I wasn’t in labor yet, I was going to make myself get there soon.  I got everyone to school after that and posted in one of my mom groups a question on the best way to induce labor.  Someone suggested labor stimulating massage. I immediately set up an appointment for later in the afternoon.  Amelia and I went to the grocery store. The kind checkout lady asked when I was due, and when I answered ‘today’, replied with ‘Oh bless your heart’.  I may have unconsciously scowled.  I was so DONE being pregnant, and done with carrying around the almost 40 extra pounds. I didn’t feel that beautiful glow anymore, and I was pretty sure that my belly could not possibly stretch any bigger.  I went to the massage appointment later in the day, where the therapist worked 3 accupressure points in my bilateral ankles, feet and lower legs.  I stopped on the way home and got a smoothie with pineapple in it.  I also massaged the heck out of another accupressure point on my hand that the therapist had told me about. Still no contractions greater than they had been. I picked up Amelia from my mom and dad’s house, and my mom assured me that I would not be pregnant forever.  I wasn’t so sure. That night I made tacos for dinner, for the second time that week, because I was too exhausted to think of or attempt anything else. I was cranky, moody, and overall unpleasant to everyone in my house. We got the kids to bed and I announced to Jeremiah that I was going for another walk. It was lightly raining and lightning outside, but I didn’t care. I had a major pity party for myself as I walked a 2 block circle around our house, over and over and over. I cried and felt sorry for myself, was mad and frustrated at my body for not going into labor yet, and overall mad at God and the world. I was miserable. I came home after an hour with a severely sore pelvis and still NO LABOR. I took a shower and went to bed at 9:30pm.


3am I woke up. It was still lightning outside, and I noticed I was having contractions. I thought no big deal, I was confident I was not going to go into labor on my own, so I tried to go back to sleep. After a few more contractions, I pulled out my trusty contraction timer on my phone and timed for the next 30 mins.  Contractions were 4 min apart, but not overly painful, just noticeable. I woke up Jeremiah at 3:30am and told him that he needed to call my parents.  It took him a minute to figure it out, but then I told him I thought maybe we should go to the hospital. Kim had told me to come in when the contractions were 7 mins apart, because I had fast labors. Well, we were already at 4 mins. He called my dad, whom sounded very very awake for 3:30am. He said give them 30 mins to get here. 17 mins later, my mom and dad were pounding on the back door. We got dressed, I wrote down school drop off and pickup times, said goodbye to my parents and got into our Expedition in the pouring rain. I told my mom and dad that maybe by this afternoon they’d be able to come and see their new grandchild, if they didn’t send me home.  I thought this was probably going to take awhile, seeing how things seemed to be going quite SLOW, and I wasn’t even confident that I was in labor.  Contractions were ranging from 2 to 4 minutes apart, and still just uncomfortable, not painful.


As we drove to the hospital, I told Jeremiah we needed to seriously decide on a boy’s name. Up until this point, we had each had a favorite boy’s name, but had not come to a conclusion on what name to use. We STILL didn’t come to an agreement during the drive, so good thing it was a girl. We did agree that the drive to the hospital was eerily similar to when we had Gabriel, with the rain and lightning, in the very early morning. I was praying that I wouldn’t be in labor as long as I was with Gabriel. I texted Kim, my co-workers, and my sister to give them all a heads up.


We got to the hospital and the contractions were a bit stronger. I had to stop and breathe through the contractions, but they still were not bad. We went into the ER entrance of the hospital, and when they asked me how they could help me, I answered ‘Uhh, labor?’ That’s all I could come up with!  The receptionist called ‘Many blessings to you!’ as the nurse wheeled me away in a wheelchair.  I told them I could walk, but they made me sit in it anyways.


We went upstairs to labor and delivery and they put me in a different room than I had ever delivered in. Apparently there are 3 delivery rooms, and now I can say I’ve delivered in all 3! The nurse asked me what was going on, and I explained the contractions. She suggested we put on the fetal monitor and check my cervix to see if anything was happening. ‘Well, you’re a good 6 centimeters’.  Wow!!! I was pumped! I was actually in labor and my body was doing SOMETHING!  The ER nurse came back to start my IV (she was really good!), and I told her I wanted a saline lock, so she did it. The nurse asked me what kind of pain medication I had planned. I told her this was my 4th baby and I didn’t want any pain meds, I had never used them before. She nodded and said ok.


Jeremiah and I started walking the halls. It was 5:30am.  The nurse told us she called Kim and she would be here in about 45 minutes.  I felt kind of silly being at the hospital, as I was not in pain and the contractions were still about 4 mins apart. I thought maybe we should have stayed home awhile longer. I asked the nurse how long she thought it would be before I was 10cm, and she replied ‘several hours, because you seem so comfortable!’ I didn’t care for her answer.


Kim arrived at the hospital around 6:30 am.  I told her I felt like I was wasting people’s time and I was sorry the nurse had woken her up.  We talked and joked and she suggested that she check me again to see if anything had changed. I doubted it had.


‘Ummm, you’re 8 centimeters, why don’t you look like it?!’ Kim said. HALLELUJAH! Progress! I felt like skipping! I wasn’t going to have to be induced after all! I was +1 station which means baby had moved down even further.  I told her I still was just uncomfortable, not really painful.  My water still hadn’t broke.  Kim said she could break my water and take probably 90 mins off labor, or we could leave it alone. I’m very natural minded when it comes to birthing, but I saw no reason why she couldn’t help me out here. She said I would not go backwards from 8cm and would most likely be quick once she broke the water.  We talked evidence based birth a little longer, told her our girl’s name (we still didn’t have a boy’s name decided) and then she broke my water with that crazy crochet-hook looking thing. It was 7:05am.


I immediately felt pressure and much heavier contractions in my pelvis. I had to concentrate and really breathe through each contraction.  The fetal monitor was on for 15 mins or so while I laid in bed. The one place I DON’T want to be in labor is laying flat on my back, so as soon as Kim suggested I try hands and knees position to put further pressure on my cervix, I flipped right over.  A new nurse arrived and she recognized us right away. ‘I remember you guys! You’re pros!’  That made me feel good! She had attended Lucy and Amelia’s births as well.


Contractions remained about 3-4 mins apart, getting stronger and stronger.  I labored on hands and knees and would push back into Kim and Jeremiah’s hands with each contraction.  The contractions were painful now, and I was all about getting this baby out.  My eyes welled up with tears on a few contractions, and I declared I was going to be sick.  As I was throwing up I realized that meant this was transition labor, and that meant it was almost pushing time, but that couldn’t possibly be as she had literally just broke my water, and 30 mins ago I wasn’t in pain.


With the next few contractions I felt an urge to push. Kim told Jeremiah to get his gloves on if he was going to catch. He said he didn’t need gloves, as he wouldn’t wear gloves to hold his baby after birth, and she said ok, but I chimed in to make darn sure his hands were clean!  Kim asked if I wanted to push and I said yes. She said ‘Let me put my coffee down and we’ll have a baby soon’.  Immediately after she said that I had a big urge to push. She ran back over to the bed to brace me and I heard someone say to get a nursery nurse in the room.  I looked over after the contraction was over and saw the baby warmer was on and the sterile cart was in the room and soon the nursery nurse was messing with my IV, hooking up the post-delivery pitocin. I remember thinking, ‘What the heck? I cannot possibly be having a baby already!’  


Kim told me one more push and we’d have a baby. I looked over my shoulder and said ‘Do you PROMISE!?!?’  She kind of laughed and said yes.  I had a big lull between contractions and Kim said that usually is a good sign. We probably went 4 or 5 minutes without a contraction and then it came.  And I was pushing out a baby! I made terrible low animal noises, moaned into the pillows on the bed in front of me, but I couldn’t care less.  I felt the baby’s head emerge, and then felt a big relief.  Kim and Jeremiah told me to keep pushing!!! So I did, and I felt the shoulders come out, along with the rest of the baby.  I HAD A BABY!!!! It was 8:03 am, less than 1 hr from when Kim broke my water. Jeremiah had completely delivered the baby on his own, with Kim coaching him what to do.  Kim joked that he had missed his calling as a midwife, because he did it so naturally.


Jeremiah put the baby between my knees, since I was still on my hands and knees.  I grabbed her and shrieked with delight and relief.  I HAD A BABY!!!! We checked and it was a girl! I couldn’t believe it! It was barely light outside and still lightning. My kids hadn’t even started school yet and I had delivered a baby! I was overjoyed!!!



I held Ruth until the cord stopped pulsing, and then Kim clamped it and Jeremiah cut it. I hugged Jeremiah and Kim and my new baby girl.  Jeremiah held Ruth while I carefully flipped over to sit in the bed. Kim delivered my placenta and showed it to us. That thing is absolutely amazing. She said I was ‘intact’, meaning I had no tears! Hooray! 4 babies and no stitches EVER! I was thrilled again!


Kim told me that was an amazing birth, and I completely agreed. She said she wished she had it on video to show people how delivering on hands and knees is done. That kind of made me feel like a rock star!  I asked her what time she had patients that morning, and she said 8:15.  It was 8:17am and she left to go to the clinic. I think I was still in shock that I had a baby already!



The pitocin finished, the nurse locked off the IV, and Ruth nursed pretty quickly after delivery. She was hungry!  Aunt Mel was in the doorway by about 8:30am and got to hold Ruth after Jeremiah. She was an instant Facebook star.  We finally weighed Ruth at 9am and I was absolutely floored by her weight…. 8 lbs 9 oz!!! My last 2 babies were in the 6lb range, and Gabriel was 7lb 8oz.  Ruth is my biggest baby by over 1 lb, and she was by far the easiest delivery.  Jeremiah called the school to tell Gabriel and Lucy that they had a new baby sister over speakerphone in their classrooms. It was so sweet!


Bart and Julie arrived and they let me get out of bed around 10:30 am.  I felt kind of light headed, so this time I gladly took a seat in the wheelchair to go to the postpartum room.  Soon my mom and dad arrived, with Amelia in tow, Gabriel and Lucy were in school. Amelia was very concerned about what the IV was and why it was in my hand.


I requested to leave the hospital at 12 hrs, but the nurses told me we at least had to stay 24 hrs, even though we were all doing well. We got to go home at noon on Saturday, about 28 hrs after Ruth’s amazing birth.



Today Ruth is 10 days old. I’ve had my share of emotions following her birth, but the biggest emotions I’ve felt are happiness and gratitude. All those days and nights I waited and pleaded with God to go into labor were all for a reason. My labor was fast, productive, and ‘easy’.  I have such fond memories of her birth.  It took me awhile to write this birth story because I think for me it signifies the closing of the pregnancy chapter.  Although I was absolutely miserable at the end of the pregnancy, I already kind of miss it, as crazy as that seems.


Ruth is a great baby, and a wonderful addition to our family. Babies and birth are an amazing gift from God!


I’m not complaining, but……

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Today marks week 38 of pregnancy with baby #4. I shouldn’t complain, and for the last week, I made it my commitment to try and NOT complain and just focus on getting through the day and getting done what needs to be done, with a smile on my face for at least part of the day.  That’s the truth. It worked for awhile.  This pregnancy has been pretty good, as far as my pregnancies go, but I’m coming to the end of my rope, and we need to have a birth. Soon.  There is definitely a reason that God makes mothers so miserable at the end of pregnancy, and I think it’s to give us strength to get through birth!

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This is pretty much how I feel. On the daily. None of my shirts fit any more. A well meaning older woman at work the other day told me that if my belly gets any bigger I will need a cart to set it on and wheel around with. Getting out of bed is a serious feat. Don’t even get me started on that whole ‘sleep’ idea, or lack of it.

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Poor Jeremiah, he hardly has any tshirts left that don’t have a belly bump imprint.  It’s a fact of life I guess. All of my clothes look like tents, so I have to resort to something!

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Truth. There is one baby in there. Yes, I know my belly is huge, but thanks for pointing that out.

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Skirts. Dresses. I haven’t worn pants for at least 6 weeks. TOO HOT. By the way, what is with this summer?! It’s like a permanent sauna here in Iowa!!! Yikes!

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These last few weeks have been pretty miserable, I’m not going to lie. I’m having pains that I’ve never felt before. That’s another truth.  I haven’t slept well since……..yeah, awhile.  My midwife told me yesterday that she’s not sure why I’m still pregnant because everything is ready to go, to put it lightly. I’m just hoping that the longer I wait, the shorter the labor will be. We’ll see. And Lord seriously help me if I’m still pregnant in 2 weeks, or just send a lot of ice cream and a cool breeze….

BUT, I wouldn’t have it any other way! This baby has been prayed for and over and is a huge blessing to our family already. Gabriel has already snagged the title of ‘baby whisperer’ and is looking so forward to being the first sibling to hold the new baby. Lucy can’t wait to be ‘baby fashion consultant’ and be in charge of picking out clothes, etc every day. Amelia is excited to see the new baby and what he/she looks like compared to her baby dolls. We are very much looking forward to baby’s arrival!!!! (And I’m going to keep trying not to complain about my current state…)

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Feathering the nest

Life is hard. I’m to the point in this pregnancy that I cannot sleep.  I’m out of breath all. the. time.  I’m turning down activities left and right because they are absolutely too taxing, and I tell the kids that.  They’re not used to my lameness. I can hardly walk without wincing and limping, as my groin is killing me and I think my pelvis is breaking in 2 some days.  The foot cramps…what is with the FOOT CRAMPS?! I’m in the air conditioning 90% of the day because the heat makes me feel terrible.   I was on ‘you need to take a week off and take it easy’ orders from my midwife this week, so I spent a lot of time shopping and browsing online since I wasn’t able to work or do much around the house or with the kids.  I was having some signs of preterm labor, but a few more tests showed that I should be alright for awhile longer (good news!).  I eat a lot of popsicles and sweet corn.


Baseball game the other night…it was cool out and we had ice cream and watched fireworks….it was all good🙂


Amelia and Rascal!

However, I am pretty happy that we got our carseat in less than 24 hrs after ordering it…thanks Target!  My other few shipments have not been quite so quick.


Amelia’s got the idea!

Baby diapers and clothes are washed and organized; bouncer, rock’n’play, and wraps/carriers have been washed, I cleaned out the diaper bag, our hospital bag is packed, carseat is installed, and Aunt Mel’s on baby watch {she has been the first to hold all our babies!!}.  Baby still does not have a crib set up, but that’s because we are going to wait to see if we need to put the crib in the ‘boy room’ or the ‘girl room’.  That crib is a beast to take up and down! For awhile he/she will be in our room, so I’m not too concerned about that.  My pump is cleaned and ready to go.  Birth plan is written.  I have still to locate my burp cloth stash and a few other things, but hopefully they’ll turn up soon! Kid’s school supplies are bought, organized and packed, so I have one less thing to worry about in August/possibly September.


Newborn diaper stash…they’re so little!


School supplies all ready to go.  Land’s End backpacks are the best! They’ve held up so well for us!

I’ve got a stash established in the freezer as well. Quite happy about that! I’ve been doubling at least 1 recipe per week, and occasionally a few more on weekends if I feel ambitious (which lately is never). Here’s a list with links:

Breakfast burritos (2 dozen)

Chicken cheddar bacon ranch soup

Spicy peach chicken sliders

Trim healthy mama BBQ chicken

Sweet and sour baked meatballs

Enchiladas (my own recipe)

Southwest pork and rice (some things I threw together, hope it’s good)

Pasta bake (another I made up!) x2

Mexican lasagna  x2

Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches

Crockpot chicken apple sweet potato

The kids have been very, very helpful lately.  I had a talk with them last week after I was put on activity restrictions and that’s all it took.  G suggests positions I should try to help me breathe better.  He steam mopped the entire first floor of the house today. He offers to sit in the ‘fancy chair’ (ie zero gravity lawn chair recliner) with me so we can be comfy together. He’s practiced carrying the carseat and rocking a baby to sleep (love that!).  Lucy has decided that she is taking over all of ‘my jobs’.  So far, it’s worked! She’s made several meals as I sit in a chair and direct her, she has helped her sister get dressed a few times, and she vacuumed the whole Expedition today after she picked up the entire first floor of the house. I just hope she keeps at it because it sure is nice! She also gave me a foot massage today with a dog toy. #winning.  Amelia has generously let me nap with her a few times and is getting more and more independent by the day🙂

Ready to meet this little one and be able to get around a little better again…but not too soon! 8 weeks (or less)!

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to

So last year I turned 30. It was kinda rough.  Changing from being a 20-something to a 30-SOMETHING was a bit difficult. However, I think 31 takes the cake thus far.

Here’s my pity party, take it for what it’s worth😉

The night before my birthday, I had a small fall on the treehouse ladder that resulted in a pair of  construction screws ripping into my left ankle, with no other injury, and I landed on my feet. After I suppressed my rage and choice words, I went into the house to clean what I thought was a small cut.  Well, that all changed when I could see muscle fibers in the gash. How GREAT. I hobbled around as we got the kids to bed and then headed off to the ER since, of course, urgent care was closed, and it was a Sunday.

The ER doc talked fishing with Jeremiah as he shot me up with lidocaine, and then put 4 stitches in my ankle. I made it 30 years and 364 days without stitches, but I guess my streak is broken. Alas, it never ceases to amaze me how Jeremiah finds something to talk with EVERYONE about.  He talks to our midwife about Mustangs, the ER doc about fishing…I could go on for days.  I did talk the ER doc into letting me sneak out take home the stitch removal scissors so that was a plus; I was not coming back! In and out at the ER was pretty quick I thought, we were only gone 2 hrs.


Well this is fun….


Only about an inch long, but just about as deep😦

3 am that lidocaine wore off and my ankle was SCREAMING. Happy birthday to me! If I would have been a little less exhausted, I could have remembered to take some tylenol before I zonked out at 1 am. Whoops. Add that to some pregnancy pains and I got a total of 3 or 4 hrs of sleep that night.

Off to work I went the next day, and I kept dropping things. I couldn’t finish my thoughts. I was dizzy. My body HURT. My ankle THROBBED. My pelvis was so HEAVY. Lots of contractions.  No problems to any of my patients, but good thing I had a student with me.  I decided that my midwife’s strong suggestion of decreasing my work hours was probably a good idea now, since I had already put it off a week, so I decided to implement that now.   Apparently one is not supposed to have more than 6 Braxton Hicks contractions per hour? Who knew….. I wore my glasses and my patients kept saying I looked different. I think what they were trying to say was that I looked like crap, but whatever. It was my birthday after all, so maybe I was just looking ’31’.

I somehow made it through the day and got home. Jeremiah ordered me a birthday pizza that I vaguely remember blowing the candles out on. I went to bed early and remembered to take more tylenol. Then I slept.


The pizza was good….I think.

But, oh. There was the screaming from Amelia at 12:30 because of the obnoxious thunder, and then of course she was in our bed the rest of the night.  And then the incessant leg and foot cramps at 3am that would not go away.  And Jeremiah’s alarm that went off at the wrong time at 6am when I could have slept a bit later due to my later start time the next day. Woof.

Honestly, I was happy for my ‘happy birthday’ to be over.  I really hope this year doesn’t continue as it started.

Adulting is hard, but it’s worth it!

3rd trimester thoughts

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night, and I sit here eating a spoonful of (eggless) cookie dough, with my feet propped up and no less than 3 sources of air movement pointed my direction. The 3rd trimester is definitely here!

I’m achey, sore, VERY tired after the end of the day, and spurts of energy are waning. I do LOVE feeling baby moving all the time now, and enjoy the general happiness of people around me. Case in point, I was at Menards twice today (don’t ask), and both times nice men loaded my 5 gallons of paint into the car for me. #pregnancyperks  The kids have still not figured out how to get off the couch without jabbing their elbows into my swelling belly and rolling over in bed is a huge pain.

I’m getting a LOT of comments lately.

“Are you sure you’re due in September?” Why yes, but thank you for saying I’m huge in a much nicer way…

“Mom, I think your shirts are too small, I can see your belly right here {pokes}” Yes, it is indeed a fact that many of my maternity shirts are too short, but thanks for scratching that itchy belly for me, Lucy.

“Are you sure it’s not triplets?” Yep just one baby. Thanks. Thank you for making my day.

“You’re ALL out front” Thank you Captain Obvious. I’m not sure if this is meant to be a compliment or just an obvious remark. I really don’t get to choose how my babies are positioned, despite what some people must think.

“Well, you definitely grew over the weekend” Again, thank you for the obvious remark. Pretty sure that’s what I’m supposed to be doing however.

“4 kids?!?! So you’re done then?” This really gets me. Since when is it anyone’s business how many children we have? They are all loved and cared for by our own able hands, and we can support them without assistance. And no, we’re probably not done. What do you think of that!?! *stepping off soapbox*


Cy, myself and Amelia at the last wedding we attended. She wasn’t too sure of Cy’s dancing….or his tuxedo shirt

Anyways, I’ve started to feather the ol’ nest.  That means freezer cooking (more on this obsession later), house projects (Jeremiah is a rockstar), and thinking way back into my brain to remember where I stashed the newborn girl and boy clothes and newborn diapers.  We only have a very few things to purchase this time around, and I haven’t gotten around to doing any of that yet. Ahh yes, the 4th baby😉


2 dozen breakfast burritos coming right up!


Pretty much the best place ever….

So 12-ish more weeks to go. We have a girls name decided, but have come up with several other viable options lately. We CANNOT agree on a boy’s name, which may mean it’s a boy.😉 We’ll see.

And here’s what our 4th of July weekend looks like so far:


House painting….I’m a good spectator. J turned white today and dark grey tomorrow!😉


Gabriel’s 7th Birthday Adventure

I’m beginning to love/hate the birthday party.  Small is good, large gets to be a bit….overwhelming. But the kiddos love it.  So, for Gabriel’s birthday this year, I pulled the ‘pregnancy card’ and opted out. Instead of a party, we promised G a day packed full of fun surprises, with just him and the 2 of us. He was reluctant, but agreed.

Gabriel is growing into such a young man.  He’s really not into ‘toys’ per se, but loves doing things and building and doing ‘man stuff’.  He’s been tagging along with J pretty much all summer and loves every minute of it. He’s told us several times that he’s old enough to have his own kayak now.  He’s also informed me that he’s old enough to go deer hunting this fall with his BB gun, but we’ll see about that.

Friday morning he woke up to this:


His response? ‘Uh, Mom? There’s a kayak in the living room…..’. HA! We did a lot of research on this kayak, and specifically picked one that is very difficult to tip over and had good reviews for kids to maneuver. And, he really wanted red.

Let me tell you, this kayak is a beast. Or maybe the kid paddling it is. He was so speedy!


We went to a local lake and hooked him up to J’s kayak with a rope for awhile, but after a short time he’d had enough of that and we set him free!

After about 2 hrs on the water, we were hungry.  We ventured over to Gabriel’s favorite place for lunch!


The waitress was so sweet and made G his own birthday crown, which he proceeded to wear for the next 2 days.  The food was AMAZING as usual.

After that, it was mini golf time. We told G where we were headed, expecting him to be super excited. His response, ‘What’s that?’. UMMMMM, apparently we had failed at parenting in this area, and G had never been exposed to mini golf before. Well, today was his day.


He loved it.  And J and I tied exactly, as well as got a hole in one on the same one. Go figure. I had been tolerating the heat very well, up until this, when the high was upper 90’s. I got really overheated carrying this belly around and putting a little ball around, and spent a lot of time trying to duck into the shade!  Probably the best part was that I had 2 coupons so we paid $5 total for all 3 of us!

Later that evening we had family over for birthday dinner and cake. He requested enchiladas, strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, and I added a layer of strawberry jam along with the frosting in the middle layer. Perfect day!

I’m thinking this is the way to go. As much as I love throwing a grand birthday party, having the majority of the day with only one of our kids, and giving them an ‘adventure’ for a day, was super fun and enjoyable.  Great memories!!!


What the duck?

This past week brought a lot of random things.  Some weeks are pretty normal, but this last week was a bit….off.  Was there a full moon or something? Or maybe God needed a few laughs? Or maybe just bad luck? Who knows….

Wednesday, we were cleaning the garage to prep for loft construction. I saw something sneak under the car, J saw something run across the garage. “Uh, I think there’s a duck in here” he says. Um, WHAT?! After moving around some plywood and some quick moves, we discovered a less than a week old duckling that had found its way into our garage. But where did he come from? We don’t live too close to water and there’s no other ones around that we’ve seen.  You can imagine what my kids thought of it. And what my farmer-at-heart husband thought of it. It now may or may not be under a heat lamp and enjoy getting fed pieces of raw pork and duck food. He may or may not be named ‘Flash’ and may or may not have taken a few swims in our pool.  I have mixed emotions, but at this point he’s pretty cute.


The same day that Flash found us, I got 2 joyous pieces of mail *Note sarcasm*.  My 2nd jury duty summons and my 1st camera recorded speeding ticket. 0-10 miles over = $0.00;  11-20 miles over = $75. I was going 10.5 mi over, he must have rounded up, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s hard to contest that you weren’t guilty as they give you 2 pictures and 1 video of yourself speeding. Nice. Always happy to contribute to a city’s fund *Note sarcasm*. Ugh.

Lucy got to start eye patching this week! What fun for a 5 year old! Every kid wants to strengthen their right eye! *Sarcasm again*  She’s been quite a trooper and only really complained the first day. It’s only for 2 hrs a day for 5 weeks (for now), but that 2 hrs can be challenging.  We let her decorate her own patch everyday, which seems to be quite the enticement for her. Hey, whatever works. She also got a different eyeglasses prescription that includes bifocal lenses.  She’s still getting used to them, but I think they’ll work out just like the optometrist hopes!


Today’s patch artwork

Apparently with all the excitement from Flash and summer projects, someone unplugged our deep freeze in the garage and forgot to plug it back in. I discovered this morning  a freezer 1/2 full of defrosted meat, all trashed.  It could have been worse. It could have stunk. It could have been full of mama’s milk (which happened once when our old deep freeze died….I’m still recovering).  It could have been full instead of 1/2 full. Now it’s just an excuse to move the freezer to where I wanted it in the first place, since it’s empty and all. Silver lining I suppose…

We lost our car keys. The kids participated in a kids fishing seminar and derby on Saturday morning.  I had it all planned out, we had a picnic lunch packed and after all that the kids were going to do the 10th annual kids triathlon (their 2nd time!) in the afternoon.  What a great family day! Until NO fish are caught. And until you lose your keys somewhere around the fish pond! What fun it is to trek around looking for keys! When you finally succomb to your car, you find that some nice, good hearted, angel of a person has placed said keys on your windshield with a note that reads ‘Your keys were in the grass =)  ‘.  Wowza.  Made for a stressful type of morning, but kind of restores your faith in humanity!


They did have a great time!

We did have a great time hiking and enjoying a local park during a grad party today. Here’s to hoping next week is a bit less…interesting.


Pregnancy + Biking = No go

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  I chatted with Navy bro Mitch on Friday morning and he didn’t even realize it was Memorial Day weekend. Well Mitch, you are one of the reasons that I have newfound appreciation and gratitude for all soldiers and their sacrifices, both at home and on the other side of the world. Thank you for all you do!

Part of Mitch’s Wallbangers crew on the USS Truman; Mitch is left side, in the green!

Back at the ranch, we had an incredibly busy and fun weekend. Friday, however, was not the best.  I have some days now and then when I just feel like junk. Completely wore out and grouchy. I just blame it on the hormones and that baby *must* be growing!😉

Friday was it. It was raining, the kids were restless, we had exhausted a ton of indoor activities including 2 entire skeins of yarn, and all I wanted was a 60 min nap after lunch. That’s it! Guess what? NO ONE NAPPED. Nada. I broke down and let them watch a movie in the afternoon, which rarely happens. The weather cleared up and we played outside.   J was late coming home, so after dinner I took the kids out for a bike ride to try and make everyone a bit happier and give myself some energy. While going around a cul-de-sac, G inadvertedly cut his bike in front of mine and I hit his back wheel.  I literally flew off the bike, lost my balance, and skidded to a stop on my hands and knee (belly was safe). Road rash.  Braxton hicks contractions. Sore pride. I was fuming. Angry at the world. Angry at myself. Why was today so HARD?! Why did I think I needed to bike at 23 weeks pregnant and try to be *that* mom?! And why was my knee bleeding!?

Amelia just looked at me from her comfy seat in the bike trailer.  G turned around and calmly asked ‘What happened Mom?’.  I told him to get going, we were heading home and we were DONE BIKING. I laid on the couch the rest of the night, bitter and angry. Myself and baby are fine. I’m done with the bike till next summer, sadly, as I really really enjoy biking.  Some things I still have to learn the hard way. Sheesh. What a way to start a long weekend.

After I got over myself and the rough Friday, the rest of the weekend ended up being a lot of fun. After church and grad party on Saturday, we started our 2 day camp out. We spent a good portion of our weekend in the place dubbed the ‘Costello campsite’ with our family.  We cooked and ate a ton of good food over the fire, slept in tents on the ground, and played in the creek. It was awesome!!!  I should clarify that this pregnant body did absolutely no tent or ground sleeping. I trekked my way home after dark 2 nights in a row to sleep on our Tempurpedic. And all was well😉  The kids had such a blast and my husband is a great dad….’Sarah, I can go 2 nights without sleeping much; look at how many memories they are making!’ Well said! He is also quite the grill master over the open flames.


Girls decided to have good ol’ Iowa mud scrubs in the creek

Monday we had more good eats and I finally got dirt dumped into my raised gardens, so now we can plant!! I’m not sure how much gardening I’ll actually be doing this summer, but it’s never too early to teach the kiddos, right?  We’re planning on tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, eggplant, and squash. My kids can devour a large watermelon in less than 1 days time, so that should be a good way to entice them to weed the garden!  The kids capped off the day with playing in the pool and falling asleep at the dinner table. No, really. Amelia actually fell asleep while chewing her sandwich.  Amelia looked like this this morning. Her hair kills me!!


Yay for the beginning of summer!


Well, that went quick



Walking to school for the last time this year *sniff sniff*

So, the school year is done. Over. Complete. One of the many many things I love about our school is their traditions; I went to the annual end of year flag lowering and school-wide picnic today.  We now have a 1st grader and kindergartener, and one very anxious 2.5 yr old who insists on wearing a backpack with her extra underwear in it. I can’t believe another year has passed!

My big kids had an AMAZING year at school. They learned and grew so much! They loved their teachers and I never heard complaints about going to school. We had an awesome experience and great communication, and they had such good times!  We couldn’t have asked for a better fit this year.


Making slime during the last week of school!

Lucy graduated from preschool last night.  She was so excited and had been counting for days.  They sang songs, got a special book that their teachers will write in every year, got a diploma, and of course there were snacks. Her final portfolio was very impressive, she’s a smart cookie, that’s for sure.  I didn’t cry, so that was a win.😉

Gabriel came home from his last day of kindergarten and while the girls were napping, raked up half of the neighbor’s grass clippings from their yard and put them in cans so he can ‘burn them later’.  Yeah, we are going to need to keep him busy this summer!!!

On to summer!