Friday Five: 10/13/17

  1. I have never met a child so in love with preschool. Most days, before I even get a chance to ask her, she says ‘Mom! Do you want to know how my day at preschool was? It was GOOOOD!!!’. Love her and her fun personality. She sure does get a lot out of 3 hours a day at school! She’s especially fond of the songs, playing with the ‘unicorns’ at center time (AKA My Little Ponies), being the line leader, riding the bus home, and the ‘silent cheer’ they do on Fridays, which is so cute. I hope she continues to have a love of learning past the days of center play and dot markers!


2. Although Ruth’s birthday has now come and gone and we have a 1 year old terrorizing running around the house again, I wanted to show her birthday cake. Truth be told I am no good at birthday cakes. Not. At. All. I scoured google for easy ideas and this is what I came up with. Sprinkles make everything look good 😉


3. I have pushed a baby or toddler in a jogging stroller for 8 years now. How did I miss the memo on the magic of the weather shield?? Awesome idea for 13 bucks. And thank you Amazon for prompt 2 day delivery as always 😉 I’m hoping to prolong my outdoor running another 6 weeks or so until I’m banished to the basement and the Airdyne bike for the remainder of the winter. *sigh* Ruth hasn’t complained about the temp or misty/rainy weather yet, but I’m thinking this will keep her even more comfortable. YAY! Winterized and ready to go!


4. Another recent discovery of mine is the allure of the podcast. Yeah, yeah, I know this is old news. I need to get with the modern-tech program. But really! Listening to something of use and thought-provoking while loading the dishwasher at nap time or driving home from work?! Mind blowing! The epitomy of multi-tasking!! My favorites so far have been on the topics of Catholic moms stuff (big surprise here, I know), helping children develop healthy body images, simplicity/organization, family/household logistics and interviews with people. I’ve listened to bloggers, podcasters, through a Motherhood Matters Online Conference, and others that have come recommended. Love me a good podcast!

5. BOOKS. Of course.

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Little Heathens was my most recent finish. The story of a young girl growing up on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression. It seems so much of what was used and learned during that time of history is gone. Like how to waste nothing in terms of food or goods. How to live off the land. Home remedies that were often as effective as medications. A fascinating read and literally so close to home.

Still Growing: An Autobiography

Still Growing is an autobiography written by Kirk Cameron himself. I love biographies to start with, but this was an interesting read about his journey into being a child TV-star on Growing Pains and 100’s of other things he was casted for. It is also his conversion from atheism to Christianity. I watched Growing Pains frequently as a kid.Well written and easy to read.

The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis

This will probably not be of interest to anyone who is not Catholic, but this entire book is an interview with Pope Francis by an Italian journalist. They covered various topics and I found it interesting. Not something I would want to read all the time, but good nonetheless.

That’s all I got for today! Happy Friday!