‘Everything is awesome!’

Now don’t be mistaken. Everything in the House of Costellos is not ‘awesome’. However, this past weekend we took the kids, along with Aunt Mel and Uncle Cam to see the LEGO movie.  It.was.AWESOME!  If you have a kid, know of a kid, or once were a kid, go see this movie. You will not regret it! The theme song of the movie is ‘Everything is awesome!’ and it’s a very catchy little tune. Look for it on your iTunes 😉 I was at a loss for a blog title and this song is still stuck in my head, so thus is the title. Start singing:

‘Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Everything is awesome! When you’re livin’ the dream!’

So here’s the latest with us:

Amelia and I have been dairy free for 17 days. At first, I wanted the switch to dairy free to ‘work’; get rid of all our sleeping issues. Then about a week in I changed my tune and did NOT want it to work. All I wanted was some cheese, dang it! Everything I looked at had dairy, and I was sick of eating the same things every day while my kids got to have all the yummy yogurt that I was accustomed to downing. And I was HUNGRY!! Now, 17 days in, I think it’s working. It doesn’t really matter how I feel about the dairy issue, or the science (or lack of) behind it, there has been a clear change. Amelia is only waking 1 or maybe 2 times a night. She is sleeping from 9:30pm to 4am most days which means I have the possibility to get 6 hours of sleep in a row! (if I get my butt to bed early enough).  She is no longer waking due to belly pain, it’s usually just from hunger. She still does want to sleep right next to me from 4am on, however, which I am fine with. She still spits up a lot some days, and does better other days. She is still a gassy fool. As much as I would really like to go back to eating all that delicious dairy, I think Amelia is definitely benefiting from it. We are all happier and better rested. In my quest for dairy free foods, I have had to try some new things that I now find very tasty! Vanilla almond milk and strawberry almond yogurt are 2 of my new favs. I have been forced to eat the healthiest that I think I ever have. With the exception of oreos, the least healthy thing I have been able to eat is unsweetened cocoa powder in some of my recipes. Whah! I overall feel good and have more energy and my pants are getting looser so I guess I’ll put up with it 🙂



Gabriel and Lucy as of today are registered for preschool for the 2014-15 school year. Gabriel will go 5 mornings a week and Lucy will go 2. Lucy can hardly wait. She is all about school and tells me daily about how she will go to preschool next year, where her classroom is, and how she will just love it. We may have to talk about how many accessories she is allowed to wear to school, however.  I am so glad that she is excited for school, but yet I feel sad that another of my offspring will be old enough to venture into the world. She has recently declared that her future area of study will include being a butterfly, a midwife, and a princess, in that order. I love our preschool so much that I am ok with her going. Lucy could probably go to school right now, if they offered a 2-year-old-going-on-14-class. Ahem…..

Gabriel at his Valentine's party at school

Gabriel at his Valentine’s party at school

"Hello? Cinderella? You comin' over? Don't cry. You sick? Ok. I come to yours castle. Bye"

“Hello? Cinderella? You comin’ over? Should we meet at the park? Don’t cry. Are you sick? Ok. I come to yours castle. Bye”

I’m back to work, and honestly, I love it. Part time is a perfect blend for me.  It has been so nice to go back to see all these welcoming faces. Everyone wants to know about ‘the baby’ and wants to know how G and L are taking to her. And I have gotten to hear some funny stories about how people were reacting to my very sudden induction of labor. I have had a very full schedule since I returned, with 2-5 *new* patients every day, (on top of the regular load) which is a lot and makes for a ton of paperwork!

As I mentioned above, we went and saw the LEGO movie. I’d say Frozen was better, but I am a girl 😉 After the credits were done rolling, Gabriel promptly announced that ‘I need more LEGOs!!! Mom! Dad!  Can we stop and get more LEGOs on the way home?! I NEED MORE LEGOS!’  Yes, Gabriel, in order to build a city the size of the one in the movie, you may need some more LEGOs. So we worked out a deal. Gabriel will do some chores around the house in the form of putting silverware away, bringing down dirty clothes hampers, mopping or vacuuming the floor, taking out the recycle, etc in order to earn a star. He does these things here and there already, and does very well with them.  When he has 20 stars, we will see about getting some more LEGOs to add to the collection, and then we’ll make a new chart. It’s a win-win in my eyes. 3 days in and he has 4 stars. 🙂

For the 2nd time in 5 years 8 years a long time, we booked a spring break trip.  Yay!! We are going for a long weekend to the Wisconsin Dells to the Chula Vista resort to swim and slide away all our winter blahs. There is a huge indoor waterpark and outdoor hot springs. The kids are stoked. We are going with some family and a little cousin who is Lucy’s age so it will be perfect and they’ll all get along great and not fight at all….. right?!  Now I’m on the hunt for that elusive flattering swimsuit that does not exist…..

Family pic we just got back from before Christmas. A is so little!!

Family pic we just got back from before Christmas. A is so little!!

Jeremiah’s 1967 F-100 truck (dubbed the ‘Fun-hundy’) returned to our garage this Saturday after a nice cozy winter in my dad’s heated and very spacious shop. If you don’t know the back story on the truck, here it is in 3 sentences: 1. Every male in my family is a severe car nut enthusiast, including my in-laws. 2. The truck endured a motor fire when Gabriel was about a year old. 3. The truck has been in restoration mode for the past 3 1/2 years.  So it’s back.  This scenario can now be summed up in these 4 sentences: 1. One of us now has to park our everyday driver outside and scrape windows. 2. I park inside. 3. We are worth more in cars than anything else.  4. My children will drive very, very, very old cars to high school some day. 🙂

Hair rollers and muscles for the start of the Olympic games

Hair rollers and muscles for the start of the Olympic games

Have a great week, make it awesome! 😉

-The {growing} Costellos